NFL Interceptions Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Int Year Tm
1Night Train Lane+ (24)141952RAM
2Lester Hayes (25)131980OAK
Dan Sandifer (21)131948WAS
Spec Sanders (32)131950NYY
5Jack Christiansen+ (24)121953DET
Don Doll (24)121950DET
Fred Glick (26)121963HOU
Paul Krause+ (22)121964WAS
Woodley Lewis (25)121950RAM
Bob Nussbaumer (25)121949CRD
Dainard Paulson (27)121964NYJ
Mike Reinfeldt (26)121979HOU
Emmitt Thomas+ (31)121974KAN
14Sammy Baugh+ (29)111943WAS
Mel Blount+ (27)111975PIT
Bill Bradley (24)111971PHI
Lindon Crow (23)111956CRD
Don Doll (23)111949DET
Goose Gonsoulin (22)111960DEN
Ron Hall (27)111964BOS
Tom Keane (27)111953BAL
Jimmy Patton (24)111958NYG
Lee Riley (30)111962NYT
Otto Schnellbacher (25)111948NYY
Otto Schnellbacher (28)111951NYG
Will Sherman (27)111955RAM
Everson Walls (21)111981DAL
28Billy Atkins (26)101961BUF
Champ Bailey+ (28)102006DEN
Dave Baker (23)101960SFO
Gary Barbaro (26)101980KAN
Ronde Barber (26)102001TAM
Lem Barney+ (21)101967DET
Lyle Blackwood (26)101977BAL
Jack Butler+ (29)101957PIT
Mark Carrier (22)101990CHI
Scott Case (26)101988ATL
Jack Christiansen+ (28)101957DET
Tom Colella (28)101946CLE
Irv Comp (24)101943GNB
Antonio Cromartie (23)102007SDG
Thom Darden (28)101978CLE
Milt Davis (28)101957BAL
Don Doll (27)101953WAS
Bill Dudley+ (24)101946PIT
Kenny Easley+ (25)101984SEA
Miller Farr (24)101967HOU
Pat Fischer (24)101964STL
Dave Grayson (29)101968OAK
John Harris (25)101981SEA
Howard Hartley (26)101951PIT
Anthony Henry (24)102001CLE
Bobby Hunt (26)101966KAN
Monte Jackson (23)101976RAM
Tom Janik (27)101967BUF
Tom Keane (26)101952DTX
Paul Krause+ (33)101975MIN
Night Train Lane+ (26)101954CRD
Ty Law+ (31)102005NYJ
Ronnie Lott+ (27)101986SFO
Tommy Morrow (24)101962OAK
Jerry Norton (29)101960STL
Deltha O'Neal (28)102005CIN
Ray Ramsey (32)101953CRD
Frank Reagan (28)101947NYG
Mel Renfro+ (27)101969DAL
Johnny Robinson+ (27)101966KAN
Johnny Robinson+ (32)101970KAN
Asante Samuel (25)102006NWE
Frank Seno (26)101947BOS
Emlen Tunnell+ (24)101949NYG
Dick Westmoreland (26)101967MIA
Dave Whitsell (31)101967NOR
Willie Williams (25)101968NYG
Larry Wilson+ (28)101966STL
76Dick Alban (25)91954WAS
Kermit Alexander (27)91968SFO
Jimmy Allen (29)91981DET
Bibbles Bawel (24)91955PHI
Bobby Boyd (26)91964BAL
Bobby Boyd (27)91965BAL
Bill Bradley (25)91972PHI
Tyrone Braxton (31)91996DEN
Cedric Brown (27)91981TAM
Willie Brown+ (23)91964DEN
Willie Buchanon (27)91978GNB
Don Burroughs (24)91955RAM
Don Burroughs (29)91960PHI
Jack Butler+ (25)91953PIT
Jack Butler+ (30)91958PIT
Jairus Byrd (22)92009BUF
Jim Cason (22)91949SFO
Deron Cherry (26)91986KAN
Jerry Davis (26)91950CRD
Bobby Dillon+ (23)91953GNB
Bobby Dillon+ (25)91955GNB
Bobby Dillon+ (27)91957GNB
Tom Flynn (22)91984GNB
Bob Forte (25)91947GNB
Tony Greene (25)91974BUF
Tony Greene (28)91977BUF
Dwight Hicks (25)91981SFO
W.K. Hicks (23)91965HOU
Ken Houston+ (26)91971HOU
Tommy James (26)91950CLE
Tim Jennings (28)92012CHI
Kwamie Lassiter (31)92001ARI
Rolland Lawrence (24)91975ATL
Ty Law+ (24)91998NWE
Dick LeBeau+ (33)91970DET
Mark Lee (28)91986GNB
Cliff Lewis (25)91948CLE
Howie Livingston (22)91944NYG
Keith Lyle (24)91996STL
Dick Lynch (25)91961NYG
Dick Lynch (27)91963NYG
Eddie Macon (33)91960OAK
Charlie McNeil (25)91961SDG
Ryan McNeil (26)91997STL
Tommy Morrow (25)91963OAK
Mark Murphy (28)91983WAS
Jim Norton (22)91961HOU
Nate Odomes (28)91993BUF
Deltha O'Neal (24)92001DEN
Lemar Parrish (31)91979WAS
Tony Parrish (27)92003SFO
Frank Reagan (29)91948NYG
Ed Reed+ (25)92004BAL
Ed Reed+ (29)92008BAL
Ken Riley (29)91976CIN
Eugene Robinson (30)91993SEA
Brian Russell (25)92003MIN
Asante Samuel (28)92009PHI
Darren Sharper (24)92000GNB
Darren Sharper (29)92005MIN
Darren Sharper (33)92009NOR
George Sims (21)91949RAM
Bob Smith (24)91949DET
Bob Smith (27)91952DET
Ken Stone (27)91978STL
John Symank (22)91957GNB
Rosey Taylor (26)91963CHI
Emmitt Thomas+ (26)91969KAN
Orlando Thomas (22)91995MIN
Dennis Thurman (25)91981DAL
Emlen Tunnell+ (26)91951NYG
Eric Turner (25)91994CLE
Lowell Wagner (28)91951SFO
Everson Walls (25)91985DAL
Dave Waymer (28)91986NOR
Barry Wilburn (23)91987WAS
Aeneas Williams+ (26)91994ARI
Charles Woodson (32)92009GNB
Willie Wood+ (25)91962GNB
Felix Wright (30)91989CLE
156Eric Allen (23)81989PHI
Ashley Ambrose (25)81996CIN
Dick Anderson (22)81968MIA
Dick Anderson (24)81970MIA
Dick Anderson (27)81973MIA
Nnamdi Asomugha (25)82006OAK
O.J. Atogwe (26)82007STL
Champ Bailey+ (27)82005DEN
Bill Baird (25)81964NYJ
Tony Banfield (23)81961HOU
Gary Barbaro (23)81977KAN
Lem Barney+ (23)81969DET
Mike Bass (26)81971WAS
Bibbles Bawel (21)81952PHI
Don Bishop (27)81961DAL
Bobby Boyd (30)81968BAL
Tom Brookshier (21)81953PHI
Dave Brown (31)81984SEA
Ray Brown (21)81958BAL
Ray Brown (25)81974ATL
Stevie Brown (25)82012NYG
Bobby Bryant (25)81969MIN
Ray Buchanan (22)81994IND
Terrell Buckley (27)81998MIA
Kevin Byard (24)82017TEN
Ken Casanega (25)81946SFO
Jim Cason (24)81951SFO
Corey Chavous (27)82003MIN
Jack Christiansen+ (25)81954DET
Jack Christiansen+ (27)81956DET
Willie Clay (25)81995DET
Red Cochran (25)81947CRD
Nolan Cromwell (25)81980RAM
Eugene Daniel (24)81985IND
Thom Darden (24)81974CLE
Ben Davis (22)81968CLE
Doug Evans (31)82001CAR
Ross Fichtner (27)81966CLE
Pat Fischer (23)81963STL
Bobby Franklin (23)81960CLE
David Fulcher (24)81989CIN
Claude Gibson (23)81962SDG
Dave Grayson (30)81969OAK
Jerry Gray (23)81986RAM
Tom Harmon (27)81947RAM
Dick Harris (26)81963SDG
Dwight Harrison (26)81975BUF
Walt Harris (32)82006SFO
Mike Haynes+ (23)81976NWE
Norb Hecker (29)81956WAS
W.K. Hicks (28)81970NYJ
Terry Hoage (26)81988PHI
Issiac Holt (23)81986MIN
Mike Howell (23)81966CLE
Bob Hudson (24)81954PHI
Bobby Hunt (22)81962DTX
Don Hutson+ (30)81943GNB
Vestee Jackson (25)81988CHI
Tory James (31)82004CIN
Tom Janik (26)81966BUF
Pete Jaquess (23)81964HOU
Bob Jeter (30)81967GNB
Richard Johnson (26)81990HOU
Henry Jones (24)81992BUF
Brian Kelly (26)82002TAM
Paul Krause+ (25)81967WAS
Warren Lahr (27)81950CLE
Tom Landry+ (26)81951NYG
Tom Landry+ (27)81952NYG
Tom Landry+ (29)81954NYG
Yale Lary+ (25)81956DET
Yale Lary+ (31)81962DET
Kwamie Lassiter (28)81998ARI
Joe Lavender (27)81976WAS
Carl Lee (27)81988MIN
Albert Lewis (24)81985KAN
Ronnie Lippett (25)81986NWE
Spider Lockhart (25)81968NYG
Ronnie Lott+ (32)81991RAI
Johnny Lujack (23)81948CHI
Keith Lyle (25)81997STL
Sam Madison (24)81998MIA
Chick Maggioli (28)81950BAL
Rashean Mathis (26)82006JAX
Archie Matsos (25)81960BUF
Dexter McCleon (26)82000STL
Vann McElroy (23)81983RAI
Audray McMillian (30)81992MIN
Erik McMillan (23)81988NYJ
Mark McMillian (27)81997KAN
Ryan McNeil (30)82001SDG
Eddie Meador (30)81967RAM
Dicky Moegle (22)81957SFO
Andy Nelson (25)81958BAL
Reggie Nelson (31)82015CIN
Jim Norton (23)81962HOU
Brig Owens (25)81968WAS
Jimmy Patton (27)81961NYG
Rod Perry (22)81976RAM
Rod Perry (24)81978RAM
Marcus Peters (22)82015KAN
Richie Petitbon (25)81963CHI
Beasley Reece (29)819832TM
Ed Reed+ (31)82010BAL
Herb Rich (23)81952RAM
Ken Riley (36)81983CIN
Johnny Robinson+ (31)81969KAN
Johnny Sample (25)81961PIT
Joe Scarpati (23)81966PHI
Otto Schnellbacher (27)81950NYG
Ken Schroy (27)81980NYJ
Jake Scott (29)81974MIA
Mike Sensibaugh (23)81972KAN
Richard Sherman (24)82012SEA
Richard Sherman (25)82013SEA
Jim Shofner (24)81960CLE
Darius Slay (26)82017DET
Charlie Stukes (27)81971BAL
Joe Sutton (26)81950PHI
Clendon Thomas (27)81963PIT
Emmitt Thomas+ (28)81971KAN
Pat Thomas (24)81978RAM
Emlen Tunnell+ (29)81954NYG
Bulldog Turner+ (23)81942CHI
Nathan Vasher (23)82005CHI
Mike Wagner (24)81973PIT
Lionel Washington (22)81983STL
Willie West (28)81966MIA
Stan White (25)81975BAL
Clancy Williams (23)81966RAM
Darryl Williams (27)81997SEA
Fred Williamson (25)81962OAK
Charles Woodson (29)82006GNB
Rod Woodson+ (28)81993PIT
Rod Woodson+ (37)82002OAK
Bob Zeman (24)81961SDG