NFL Rushing Attempts Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Att Year Tm
1Larry Johnson (26)4162006KAN
2Jamal Anderson (25)4101998ATL
3James Wilder (26)4071984TAM
4Eric Dickerson+ (26)4041986RAM
5Eddie George (26)4032000TEN
6Gerald Riggs (24)3971985ATL
7Terrell Davis+ (25)3921998DEN
DeMarco Murray (26)3922014DAL
Ricky Williams (26)3922003MIA
10Eric Dickerson+ (23)3901983RAM
Barry Foster (23)3901992PIT
12Eric Dickerson+ (28)3881988IND
13Edgerrin James (22)3872000IND
Jamal Lewis (24)3872003BAL
15Ricky Williams (25)3832002MIA
16Walter Payton+ (30)3811984CHI
17Marcus Allen+ (25)3801985RAI
18Eric Dickerson+ (24)3791984RAM
19George Rogers (22)3781981NOR
20Emmitt Smith+ (26)3771995DAL
21Michael Turner (26)3762008ATL
22Jerome Bettis+ (25)3751997PIT
John Riggins+ (34)3751983WAS
24Earl Campbell+ (25)3731980HOU
Emmitt Smith+ (23)3731992DAL
26LaDainian Tomlinson+ (23)3722002SDG
27Curtis Martin+ (31)3712004NYJ
28Shaun Alexander (28)3702005SEA
Christian Okoye (28)3701989KAN
30Terrell Davis+ (24)3691997DEN
Edgerrin James (21)3691999IND
Curtis Martin+ (25)3691998NYJ
Walter Payton+ (25)3691979CHI
34Earl Campbell+ (24)3681979HOU
Curtis Martin+ (22)3681995NWE
Emmitt Smith+ (25)3681994DAL
37Curtis Martin+ (26)3671999NYJ
38Emmitt Smith+ (22)3651991DAL
James Wilder (27)3651985TAM
40Adrian Peterson (23)3632008MIN
41Earl Campbell+ (26)3611981HOU
Rudi Johnson (24)3612004CIN
Herschel Walker (26)3611988DAL
44Edgerrin James (27)3602005IND
45Chris Johnson (23)3582009TEN
46Tiki Barber (30)3572005NYG
Eddie George (23)3571997TEN
48Stephen Davis (27)3562001WAS
49Jerome Bettis+ (28)3552000PIT
Ahman Green (26)3552003GNB
Thurman Thomas+ (27)3551993BUF
52Shaun Alexander (27)3532004SEA
Gerald Riggs (23)3531984ATL
Ricky Watters (27)3531996PHI
55Clinton Portis (24)3522005WAS
56Arian Foster (26)3512012HOU
Deuce McAllister (24)3512003NOR
58Eddie George (24)3481998TEN
Adrian Peterson (27)3482012MIN
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (27)3482006SDG
61Terry Allen (28)3471996WAS
62Steven Jackson (23)3462006STL
63Terrell Davis+ (23)3451996DEN
Corey Dillon (29)3452004NWE
Fred Taylor (27)3452003JAX
66Dalton Hilliard (25)3441989NOR
67Maurice Jones-Drew (26)3432011JAX
Eddie George (28)3432002TEN
Natrone Means (22)3431994SDG
Clinton Portis (23)3432004WAS
Gerald Riggs (25)3431986ATL
Barry Sanders+ (30)3431998DET
73Tony Dorsett+ (27)3421981DAL
Clinton Portis (27)3422008WAS
Barry Sanders+ (23)3421991DET
76Rudi Johnson (26)3412006CIN
Joe Morris (25)3411986NYG
78Corey Dillon (26)3402001CIN
79Walter Payton+ (23)3391977CHI
Walter Payton+ (27)3391981CHI
James Stewart (28)3392000DET
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (22)3392001SDG
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (25)3392004SDG
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (26)3392005SDG
85Terry Allen (27)3381995WAS
Wilbert Montgomery (24)3381979PHI
87Edgerrin James (28)3372006ARI
Rudi Johnson (25)3372005CIN
Willie Parker (25)3372006PIT
Ricky Watters (26)3371995PHI
91Larry Johnson (25)3362005KAN
92Eddie George (22)3351996HOU
Alfred Morris (23)3352012WAS
Barry Sanders+ (29)3351997DET
Curt Warner (22)3351983SEA
96Edgerrin James (26)3342004IND
Michael Turner (28)3342010ATL
98Curtis Martin+ (28)3332001NYJ
Walter Payton+ (24)3331978CHI
Chris Warren (26)3331994SEA
101Stephen Davis (26)3322000WAS
Errict Rhett (24)3321995TAM
O.J. Simpson+ (26)3321973BUF
104Ottis Anderson (22)3311979STL
William Andrews (27)3311983ATL
Travis Henry (24)3312003BUF
Thomas Jones (31)3312009NYJ
Barry Sanders+ (26)3311994DET
109Steven Jackson (27)3302010STL
110Dorsey Levens (27)3291997GNB
O.J. Simpson+ (28)3291975BUF
Emmitt Smith+ (30)3291999DAL
113Ottis Anderson (24)3281981STL
114Tiki Barber (31)3272006NYG
Arian Foster (24)3272010HOU
Rodney Hampton (25)3271994NYG
Priest Holmes (27)3272001KAN
Adrian Peterson (30)3272015MIN
John Riggins+ (35)3271984WAS
Emmitt Smith+ (27)3271996DAL
121Shaun Alexander (26)3262003SEA
122Ottis Anderson (32)3251989NYG
Travis Henry (23)3252002BUF
Deuce McAllister (23)3252002NOR
Willis McGahee (23)3252005BUF
Clinton Portis (26)3252007WAS
Duce Staley (24)3251999PHI
Ricky Watters (30)3251999SEA
129Marshall Faulk+ (25)3241998IND
Steven Jackson (26)3242009STL
Edgerrin James (29)3242007ARI
Rashard Mendenhall (23)3242010PIT
Walter Payton+ (31)3241985CHI
Mark van Eeghen (25)3241977OAK
Charles White (29)3241987RAM
136Curtis Martin+ (30)3232003NYJ
137Tiki Barber (29)3222004NYG
Earl Campbell+ (28)3221983HOU
Ezekiel Elliott (21)3222016DAL
140Le'Veon Bell (25)3212017PIT
Cedric Benson (27)3212010CIN
Willie Parker (26)3212007PIT
Walter Payton+ (32)3211986CHI
144Jerome Bettis+ (24)3201996PIT
Eddie George (25)3201999TEN
Priest Holmes (29)3202003KAN
147Jerome Bettis+ (22)3191994RAM
Doug Martin (23)3192012TAM
Emmitt Smith+ (29)3191998DAL
Curt Warner (25)3191986SEA
Ricky Watters (29)3191998SEA
152Stephen Davis (29)3182003CAR
153Walter Payton+ (26)3171980CHI
154Edgar Bennett (26)3161995GNB
Jerome Bettis+ (26)3161998PIT
Matt Forte (22)3162008CHI
Chris Johnson (24)3162010TEN
Curtis Martin+ (23)3161996NWE
Curtis Martin+ (27)3162000NYJ
160Corey Dillon (25)3152000CIN
Eddie George (27)3152001TEN
Marshawn Lynch (26)3152012SEA
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (28)3152007SDG
164Eric Dickerson+ (29)3141989IND
Corey Dillon (27)3142002CIN
Marshall Faulk+ (21)3141994IND
Thomas Jones (27)3142005CHI
Jamal Lewis (27)3142006BAL
LeSean McCoy (25)3142013PHI
Walter Payton+ (29)3141983CHI
Adrian Peterson (24)3142009MIN
Barry Sanders+ (27)3141995DET
173Priest Holmes (28)3132002KAN
Billy Sims (24)3131980DET
Lamar Smith (30)3132001MIA
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (24)3132003SDG
Ricky Williams (24)3132001NOR
178Maurice Jones-Drew (24)3122009JAX
Eddie George (29)3122003TEN
Frank Gore (23)3122006SFO
Ryan Grant (25)3122008GNB
LeSean McCoy (26)3122014PHI
Barry Sanders+ (24)3121992DET
Thurman Thomas+ (26)3121992BUF
185Walter Payton+ (22)3111976CHI
186Reggie Cobb (24)3101992TAM
Roger Craig (28)3101988SFO
Franco Harris+ (28)3101978PIT
Garrison Hearst (27)3101998SFO
Edgerrin James (25)3102003IND
Thomas Jones (29)3102007NYJ
Chris Warren (27)3101995SEA
193Shaun Alexander (24)3092001SEA
Reuben Droughns (27)3092005CLE
Jamal Lewis (21)3092000BAL
Lamar Smith (29)3092000MIA
197Jamal Lewis (23)3082002BAL
198Karim Abdul-Jabbar (22)3071996MIA
Joe Morris (27)3071988NYG
Ray Rice (23)3072010BAL
Barry Sanders+ (28)3071996DET
202Joe Cribbs (22)3061980BUF
Rodney Hampton (26)3061995NYG
204Jim Brown+ (25)3051961CLE
Tony Dorsett+ (31)3051985DAL
206Tiki Barber (27)3042002NYG
Ezekiel Elliott (23)3042018DAL
Ahman Green (24)3042001GNB
209Derrick Henry (25)3032019TEN
George Rogers (27)3031986WAS
Chester Taylor (26)3032006MIN
LenDale White (22)3032007TEN
213Earl Campbell+ (23)3021978HOU
Domanick Williams (23)3022004HOU
Tony Dorsett+ (30)3021984DAL
216Ottis Anderson (23)3011980STL
Cedric Benson (26)3012009CIN
Ezekiel Elliott (24)3012019DAL
Marshawn Lynch (27)3012013SEA
Lydell Mitchell (28)3011977BAL
Adrian Murrell (25)3011996NYJ
Michael Turner (29)3012011ATL
223Franco Harris+ (27)3001977PIT
Anthony Johnson (28)3001996CAR
Adrian Murrell (26)3001997NYJ
Leonard Russell (23)3001993NWE
Antowain Smith (26)3001998BUF
228Jerome Bettis+ (27)2991999PIT
LeGarrette Blount (29)2992016NWE
Maurice Jones-Drew (25)2992010JAX
Jim Nance (23)2991966BOS
232Nick Chubb (23)2982019CLE
Ron Johnson (24)2981972NYG
Jamal Lewis (28)2982007CLE
Thurman Thomas+ (23)2981989BUF
236Mike Anderson (26)2972000DEN
Earnest Byner (27)2971990WAS
John Stephens (22)2971988NWE
239Ottis Anderson (26)2961983STL
Earnest Jackson (24)2961984SDG
Thomas Jones (28)2962006CHI
Rashaan Salaam (20)2961995CHI
Billy Sims (25)2961981DET
Sammy Winder (25)2961984DEN
245Shaun Alexander (25)2952002SEA
Robert Smith (28)2952000MIN
247Jerome Bettis+ (21)2941993RAM
Bobby Humphrey (22)2941989DEN
Lawrence McCutcheon (27)2941977RAM
Willis McGahee (25)2942007BAL
Freeman McNeil (26)2941985NYJ
Joe Morris (24)2941985NYG
Emmitt Smith+ (31)2942000DAL
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