NFL Rushing Yards per Game Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Y/G Year Tm
1O.J. Simpson+ (26)143.11973BUF
2Jim Brown+ (27)133.11963CLE
3Walter Payton+ (23)132.31977CHI
4Eric Dickerson+ (24)131.61984RAM
5Adrian Peterson (27)131.12012MIN
6O.J. Simpson+ (28)129.81975BUF
7Jamal Lewis (24)129.12003BAL
8Earl Campbell+ (25)128.91980HOU
9Barry Sanders+ (29)128.31997DET
10Jim Brown+ (22)127.31958CLE
11Terrell Davis+ (25)125.51998DEN
12Chris Johnson (23)125.42009TEN
13Clinton Portis (22)122.42003DEN
14Ahman Green (26)117.72003GNB
Barry Sanders+ (26)117.71994DET
16Shaun Alexander (28)117.52005SEA
17Terrell Davis+ (24)116.71997DEN
18Tiki Barber (30)116.32005NYG
19Ricky Williams (25)115.82002MIA
20Jamal Anderson (25)115.41998ATL
Priest Holmes (28)115.42002KAN
22DeMarco Murray (26)115.32014DAL
23Eric Dickerson+ (26)113.81986RAM
24LaDainian Tomlinson+ (27)113.42006SDG
25Eric Dickerson+ (23)113.01983RAM
26Eric Dickerson+ (27)112.31987IND
27Larry Johnson (26)111.82006KAN
28Priest Holmes (30)111.52004KAN
29Jerome Bettis+ (25)111.01997PIT
30Emmitt Smith+ (26)110.81995DAL
Jim Brown+ (23)110.81959CLE
32Jim Brown+ (29)110.31965CLE
33Adrian Peterson (23)110.02008MIN
34Marcus Allen+ (25)109.91985RAI
35Larry Johnson (25)109.42005KAN
36Corey Dillon (29)109.02004NWE
37Ezekiel Elliott (21)108.72016DAL
38Fred Taylor (24)107.62000JAX
39Gerald Riggs (24)107.41985ATL
O.J. Simpson+ (29)107.41976BUF
41Emmitt Smith+ (23)107.11992DAL
42Edgerrin James (22)106.82000IND
43Michael Turner (26)106.22008ATL
44Emmitt Smith+ (24)106.11993DAL
Earl Campbell+ (24)106.11979HOU
Curtis Martin+ (31)106.12004NYJ
47Shaun Alexander (27)106.02004SEA
48Frank Gore (23)105.92006SFO
49Le'Veon Bell (24)105.72016PIT
50Barry Foster (23)105.61992PIT
51Jim Taylor+ (26)105.31962GNB
Walter Payton+ (30)105.31984CHI
53LaDainian Tomlinson+ (23)105.22002SDG
54Jim Brown+ (24)104.81960CLE
55George Rogers (22)104.61981NOR
56Jim Nance (23)104.11966BOS
57Tiki Barber (31)103.92006NYG
58Eric Dickerson+ (28)103.71988IND
59Jim Brown+ (28)103.31964CLE
60Barry Sanders+ (23)103.21991DET
61Stephen Davis (29)103.12003CAR
62Tony Dorsett+ (27)102.91981DAL
63LaDainian Tomlinson+ (24)102.82003SDG
64Billy Sims (25)102.61981DET
Deuce McAllister (24)102.62003NOR
66Julius Jones (23)102.42004DAL
67Spec Sanders (29)102.31947NYY
68Barry Sanders+ (25)101.41993DET
69Larry Brown (24)101.31972WAS
70Joe Morris (25)101.11986NYG
71Arian Foster (24)101.02010HOU
72Alfred Morris (23)100.82012WAS
73Walter Payton+ (25)100.61979CHI
Jim Brown+ (25)100.61961CLE
75Otis Armstrong (23)100.51974DEN
76LeSean McCoy (25)100.42013PHI
Edgerrin James (27)100.42005IND
Maurice Jones-Drew (26)100.42011JAX
Stephen Davis (25)100.41999WAS
80Ottis Anderson (22)100.31979STL
81Ricky Williams (23)100.02000NOR
82Marshawn Lynch (26)99.42012SEA
83Walter Payton+ (22)99.31976CHI
84Gerald Riggs (23)99.11984ATL
85Emmitt Smith+ (25)98.91994DAL
86Marshall Faulk+ (28)98.72001STL
Christian Okoye (28)98.71989KAN
88Ezekiel Elliott (22)98.32017DAL
Fred Taylor (27)98.32003JAX
90Garrison Hearst (27)98.11998SFO
91Barry Sanders+ (21)98.01989DET
92William Andrews (27)97.91983ATL
93Emmitt Smith+ (22)97.71991DAL
94Jerome Bettis+ (29)97.52001PIT
95Priest Holmes (27)97.22001KAN
96Marshall Faulk+ (27)97.12000STL
Edgerrin James (21)97.11999IND
Barry Sanders+ (28)97.11996DET
99Chris Brown (23)97.02004TEN
100Walter Payton+ (31)96.91985CHI
101Edgerrin James (25)96.82003IND
Don Woods (23)96.81974SDG
Edgerrin James (26)96.82004IND
104Earl Campbell+ (23)96.71978HOU
105Olandis Gary (24)96.61999DEN
Chris Warren (26)96.61994SEA
107James Wilder (26)96.51984TAM
108Cedric Benson (26)96.22009CIN
109Terrell Davis+ (23)96.11996DEN
110Arian Foster (28)95.82014HOU
Adrian Peterson (22)95.82007MIN
112Ezekiel Elliott (23)95.62018DAL
113Steven Jackson (23)95.52006STL
Steve Van Buren+ (28)95.51949PHI
115Gale Sayers+ (25)95.11968CHI
Freeman McNeil (26)95.11985NYJ
Robert Smith (28)95.12000MIN
118Tiki Barber (29)94.92004NYG
119Clinton Portis (24)94.82005WAS
120DeAngelo Williams (25)94.72008CAR
121Herschel Walker (26)94.61988DAL
Maurice Jones-Drew (25)94.62010JAX
Curtis Martin+ (28)94.62001NYJ
124Wilbert Montgomery (24)94.51979PHI
125Steven Jackson (26)94.42009STL
126Jamaal Charles (25)94.32012KAN
Eddie George (26)94.32000TEN
Clinton Portis (21)94.32002DEN
129Arian Foster (25)94.22011HOU
130Roger Craig (28)93.91988SFO
131Rick Casares (25)93.81956CHI
Thurman Thomas+ (25)93.81991BUF
Barry Sanders+ (27)93.81995DET
134Wilbert Montgomery (26)93.51981PHI
135Fred Jackson (30)93.42011BUF
Willie Parker (25)93.42006PIT
Jim Taylor+ (25)93.41961GNB
138Barry Sanders+ (30)93.21998DET
139Emmitt Smith+ (30)93.11999DAL
140Mike Anderson (26)92.92000DEN
Curtis Martin+ (22)92.91995NWE
Clinton Portis (27)92.92008WAS
Thurman Thomas+ (26)92.91992BUF
Earl Campbell+ (28)92.91983HOU
145Adrian Peterson (30)92.82015MIN
146Curt Warner (25)92.61986SEA
147Delvin Williams (25)92.51976SFO
Deuce McAllister (23)92.52002NOR
149LaDainian Tomlinson+ (28)92.12007SDG
150Jim Taylor+ (24)91.81960GNB
151Brandon Jacobs (25)91.72007NYG
Jamaal Charles (23)91.72010KAN
153Charles White (29)91.61987RAM
154Curtis Martin+ (26)91.51999NYJ
155Lawrence McCutcheon (23)91.41973RAM
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (26)91.42005SDG
157Beattie Feathers (25)91.31934CHI
Walter Payton+ (26)91.31980CHI
159Rudi Johnson (25)91.12005CIN
160Mark van Eeghen (25)90.91977OAK
Rudi Johnson (24)90.92004CIN
Doug Martin (23)90.92012TAM
163Curt Warner (22)90.61983SEA
164Joe Cribbs (24)90.41982BUF
Adrian Peterson (28)90.42013MIN
Robert Smith (25)90.41997MIN
Travis Henry (24)90.42003BUF
168Jim Taylor+ (28)89.91964GNB
Travis Henry (23)89.92002BUF
170John Riggins+ (34)89.81983WAS
Rodney Hampton (24)89.81993NYG
172Shaun Alexander (26)89.72003SEA
Corey Dillon (25)89.72000CIN
Dorsey Levens (27)89.71997GNB
175Shaun Alexander (29)89.62006SEA
176Stephen Davis (27)89.52001WAS
177Jerome Bettis+ (24)89.41996PIT
Todd Gurley (24)89.42018LAR
O.J. Simpson+ (25)89.41972BUF
180Jerome Bettis+ (21)89.31993RAM
John David Crow (25)89.31960STL
182Curtis Martin+ (24)89.21997NWE
Freeman McNeil (25)89.21984NYJ
George Rogers (23)89.21982NOR
185Arian Foster (26)89.02012HOU
Franco Harris+ (25)89.01975PIT
Thomas Jones (27)89.02005CHI
Darren McFadden (23)89.02010OAK
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (25)89.02004SDG
190Brian Westbrook (28)88.92007PHI
191Walter Payton+ (29)88.81983CHI
Priest Holmes (29)88.82003KAN
193Domanick Williams (24)88.72005HOU
194Ahman Green (25)88.62002GNB
195Warrick Dunn (30)88.52005ATL
Leroy Kelly+ (26)88.51968CLE
John Riggins+ (35)88.51984WAS
198Lawrence McCutcheon (27)88.41977RAM
199Natrone Means (26)88.31998SDG
200Ricky Watters (27)88.21996PHI
201Eric Dickerson+ (25)88.11985RAM
202George Rogers (24)88.01983NOR
203Gale Sayers+ (23)87.91966CHI
Stephen Davis (26)87.92000WAS
205Willie Parker (26)87.72007PIT
Tony Canadeo+ (30)87.71949GNB
Clinton Portis (23)87.72004WAS
208Terrell Davis+ (28)87.62001DEN
Thomas Jones (31)87.62009NYJ
Doug Martin (26)87.62015TAM
211Jordan Howard (21)87.52016CHI
Marion Butts (24)87.51990SDG
213Eddie George (23)87.41997TEN
Fred Taylor (28)87.42004JAX
Joe Perry+ (27)87.41954SFO
Cliff Battles+ (27)87.41937WAS
Eric Dickerson+ (29)87.41989IND
218Freeman McNeil (23)87.31982NYJ
LeSean McCoy (23)87.32011PHI
220Walter Payton+ (24)87.21978CHI
221Wilbert Montgomery (23)87.11978PHI
222Todd Gurley (23)87.02017LAR
Mike Rozier (26)87.01987HOU
224Maurice Jones-Drew (24)86.92009JAX
Jamal Lewis (28)86.92007CLE
Jim Nance (24)86.91967BOS
227Steven Jackson (25)86.82008STL
228Tiki Barber (27)86.72002NYG
Ahman Green (24)86.72001GNB
230Larry Brown (22)86.51970WAS
Adrian Peterson (25)86.52010MIN
Travis Henry (27)86.52006TEN
Robert Smith (24)86.51996MIN
234Adrian Peterson (24)86.42009MIN
Bo Jackson (26)86.41989RAI
236J.D. Smith (27)86.31959SFO
Marshall Faulk+ (26)86.31999STL
238Leroy Kelly+ (25)86.11967CLE
Le'Veon Bell (25)86.12017PIT
240Ottis Anderson (24)86.01981STL
Earl Campbell+ (26)86.01981HOU
242DeAngelo Williams (26)85.92009CAR
Steve Van Buren+ (27)85.91948PHI
Billy Sims (28)85.91984DET
245Hugh McElhenny+ (25)85.81954SFO
Jamaal Charles (26)85.82013KAN
Curtis Martin+ (25)85.81998NYJ
Marshawn Lynch (21)85.82007BUF
Ricky Williams (26)85.82003MIA
250Lydell Mitchell (27)85.71976BAL
Michael Turner (28)85.72010ATL
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