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12 Best Right Tackles of All Time

19th April 2024

In the gladiator arena of the NFL, the quarterback reigns supreme. But without his loyal guardian on the right side, his reign can be short-lived. Enter the offensive right tackle, a stalwart warrior tasked with a singular mission: protecting the quarterback’s blindside.  These titans of the offensive line excel in the trenches, wielding their strength, technique, and unwavering focus to neutralize some of the league’s most ferocious pass rushers.

Today, we embark on a journey through gridiron history, unveiling the legendary right tackles who kept quarterbacks upright and paved the way for offensive dominance.  From the immovable mountains who anchored rushing attacks to the nimble technicians who neutralized elite speed rushers, get ready to be introduced to the pantheon of the NFL’s most dominant right tackles.  Who will claim the top spot?  Let the debate begin!

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