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In 2009, any team vs. any team, in the regular season, play type is rush, gain of at least 25 yards, sorted by yards descending

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Individual Plays

Individual Plays Table
Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2009-09-20TitansTexans310:06310OTI 930-24Chris Johnson middle for 91 yards, touchdown91-1.4207.0008.42
2009-11-01TitansJaguars415:0034OTI 1129-13Chris Johnson middle for 89 yards, touchdown89-0.7207.0007.72
2009-11-29TitansCardinals33:50210OTI 1512-3Chris Johnson left tackle for 85 yards, touchdown85-0.7107.0007.71
2009-11-01JaguarsTitans25:50110JAX 2013-6Maurice Jones-Drew left end for 80 yards, touchdown800.2807.0006.72
2009-09-2049ersSeahawks315:00110SFO 2019-10Frank Gore middle for 80 yards, touchdown800.2807.0006.72
2009-11-01JaguarsTitans314:53110JAX 2113-13Maurice Jones-Drew middle for 79 yards, touchdown790.3407.0006.66
2009-09-2049ersSeahawks12:48110SFO 219-0Frank Gore middle for 79 yards, touchdown790.3407.0006.66
2009-10-18RedskinsChiefs37:04110WAS 123-3Clinton Portis left end for 78 yards (tackle by Mike Brown)78-0.3504.9105.26
2009-11-01PanthersCardinals10:43110CAR 137-7DeAngelo Williams middle for 77 yards (tackle by Antrel Rolle)77-0.3204.9105.23
2010-01-03RavensRaiders24:08110RAV 233-13Willis McGahee middle for 77 yards, touchdown770.4807.0006.52
2009-12-13ChiefsBills33:04110KAN 249-13Jamaal Charles left tackle for 76 yards, touchdown760.5407.0006.46
2009-11-22BearsEagles211:57210CHI 183-10Kahlil Bell left guard for 72 yards (tackle by Asante Samuel)72-0.4904.9105.40
2009-10-18JetsBills27:40114NYJ 2912-3Thomas Jones left guard for 71 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Terrence McGee: Horse Collar, 15 yards710.8707.0006.13
2009-12-20BrownsChiefs313:27110CLE 2924-26Jerome Harrison middle for 71 yards, touchdown710.8707.0006.13
2009-10-25DolphinsSaints14:58115MIA 3213-3Ricky Williams left end for 68 yards, touchdown681.0707.0005.93
2009-10-26EaglesRedskins113:17110PHI 330-6DeSean Jackson left end for 67 yards, touchdown671.1407.0005.86
2010-01-03PanthersSaints114:2029CAR 336-0Jonathan Stewart right tackle for 67 yards, touchdown670.6607.0006.34
2009-11-01EaglesGiants414:3431PHI 3439-17LeSean McCoy middle for 66 yards, touchdown660.5607.0006.44
2009-11-08PanthersSaints114:1121CAR 340-6DeAngelo Williams right guard for 66 yards, touchdown661.2807.0005.72
2009-11-26CowboysRaiders13:31110DAL 230-0Tashard Choice middle for 66 yards (tackle by Nnamdi Asomugha)660.4804.8404.36
2009-12-20LionsCardinals35:21110DET 3613-17Maurice Morris left end for 64 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Gabe Watson: Defensive Holding (Declined)641.3307.0005.67
2009-11-0149ersColts111:2824SFO 360-6Frank Gore middle for 64 yards, touchdown641.2007.0005.80
2009-09-13VikingsBrowns46:11110MIN 3613-33Adrian Peterson left tackle for 64 yards, touchdown641.3307.0005.67
2009-10-18JetsBills212:26110NYJ 93-3Thomas Jones right tackle for 64 yards (tackle by Terrence McGee)64-0.3803.7804.16
2009-12-13PackersBears113:23110GNB 380-6Ryan Grant left tackle for 62 yards, touchdown621.4707.0005.53
2009-09-13SeahawksRams33:52110SEA 3827-0Julius Jones left tackle for 62 yards, touchdown621.4707.0005.53
2009-11-22BengalsRaiders39:54210CIN 2010-14Bernard Scott left end for 61 yards (tackle by Michael Huff)61-0.2704.3104.58
2009-10-04BearsLions110:1323CHI 340-7Matt Forte left guard for 61 yards (tackle by Louis Delmas)611.1406.0604.92
2009-09-27JaguarsTexans23:56110JAX 3914-16Maurice Jones-Drew middle for 61 yards, touchdown611.5307.0005.47
2009-12-06SteelersRaiders14:1024PIT 263-3Rashard Mendenhall right guard for 60 yards (tackle by Chris Johnson)600.5404.6504.11
2009-11-15RaidersChiefs114:1924RAI 360-0Michael Bush left tackle for 60 yards (tackle by Brandon Carr)601.2006.2805.08
2009-12-13RavensLions23:43110RAV 4116-3Ray Rice left tackle for 59 yards, touchdown591.6607.0005.34
2009-10-18VikingsRavens48:31110MIN 2727-17Adrian Peterson left guard for 58 yards (tackle by Tavares Gooden)580.7404.5803.84
2009-09-20RamsRedskins27:48210RAM 166-0Steven Jackson right tackle for 58 yards (tackle by Carlos Rogers). Penalty on Donnie Avery: Illegal Block Above the , 10 yards58-0.6603.1803.84
2009-11-08FalconsRedskins411:36110ATL 4230-17Michael Turner left tackle for 58 yards, touchdown581.7307.0005.27
2009-09-20TitansTexans18:41319OTI 436-0Chris Johnson left end for 57 yards, touchdown57-0.0307.0007.03
2010-01-03JetsBengals112:1637NYJ 420-0Brad Smith right tackle for 57 yards (tackle by Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph)570.7006.9706.27
2010-01-03ChiefsBroncos46:3624KAN 4424-43Jamaal Charles middle for 56 yards, touchdown561.7307.0005.27
2009-12-27PackersSeahawks25:46110GNB 4420-3Ryan Grant left tackle for 56 yards, touchdown561.8607.0005.14
2009-09-20CowboysGiants36:00210DAL 1717-20Felix Jones left tackle for 56 yards (tackle by Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster)56-0.5803.7804.36
2009-11-15SaintsRams36:3627NOR 2317-21Reggie Bush right tackle for 55 yards (tackle by O.J. Atogwe)550.1404.1103.97
2009-12-27PatriotsJaguars27:0131NWE 3414-0Sammy Morris right guard for 55 yards (tackle by Reggie Nelson)550.5604.8404.28
2010-01-03BearsLions43:4824CHI 3023-27Matt Forte left tackle for 53 yards (tackle by Will Peterson)530.8104.4403.63
2009-12-27PanthersGiants410:46110CAR 479-34Jonathan Stewart right tackle for 52 yards (tackle by Michael Boley)522.0606.9704.91
2010-01-03ChiefsBroncos15:0038KAN 130-7Jamaal Charles middle for 52 yards (tackle by Andre' Goodman)52-1.1903.2504.44
2009-12-13RavensLions112:31110RAV 340-0Ray Rice left tackle for 52 yards (tackle by Will Peterson)521.2004.6503.45
2009-11-01TitansJaguars311:10110OTI 4819-13Chris Johnson right tackle for 52 yards, touchdown522.1307.0004.87
2009-12-13RamsTitans30:0346RAM 3633-0Kenneth Darby middle for 51 yards (tackle by Donnie Nickey and Michael Griffin)51-0.9804.7105.69
2009-11-22CardinalsRams14:23110CRD 273-0Tim Hightower middle for 50 yards (tackle by O.J. Atogwe)500.7404.0403.30
2009-11-19PanthersDolphins312:52211CAR 193-14DeAngelo Williams left guard for 50 yards (tackle by Yeremiah Bell)50-0.4603.5103.97
2009-10-04RavensPatriots31:25120RAV 2324-14Ray Rice middle for 50 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather)500.4803.7803.30
2010-01-03CowboysEagles35:56110PHI 4923-0Felix Jones left end for 49 yards, touchdown492.3207.0004.68
2009-10-18TitansPatriots39:38210OTI 3552-0Chris Johnson right guard for 48 yards (tackle by Tully Banta-Cain)480.7204.4403.72
2009-11-22RamsCardinals32:05110RAM 483-21Steven Jackson right end for 48 yards (tackle by Michael Adams and Adrian Wilson)482.1306.2804.15
2009-12-13BillsChiefs13:54110BUF 80-0Marshawn Lynch right end for 47 yards (tackle by Mike Brown)47-0.3802.5902.97
2009-12-20ChiefsBrowns24:19110CLE 4716-13Jamaal Charles left end for 47 yards, touchdown472.4607.0004.54
2009-11-19DolphinsPanthers44:07110CAR 4614-23Ricky Williams middle for 46 yards, touchdown462.5207.0004.48
2009-11-26CowboysRaiders210:58110RAI 469-0Felix Jones middle for 46 yards, touchdown462.5207.0004.48
2009-11-15PanthersFalcons42:1534ATL 4527-19Jonathan Stewart left end for 45 yards, touchdown451.7507.0005.25
2009-10-25ColtsRams14:40110CLT 333-7Donald Brown left tackle for 45 yards (tackle by O.J. Atogwe)451.1404.1102.97
2009-10-18PatriotsTitans16:0023OTI 456-0Laurence Maroney middle for 45 yards, touchdown452.5307.0004.47
2009-11-15DolphinsBuccaneers19:0725MIA 390-3Ronnie Brown left guard for 45 yards (tackle by Aqib Talib)451.3304.5103.18
2009-09-20BroncosBrowns48:35110CLE 4526-6Correll Buckhalter right tackle for 45 yards, touchdown452.5907.0004.41
2009-11-15ChiefsRaiders212:3741RAI 4410-9Jamaal Charles left end for 44 yards, touchdown440.3307.0006.67
2009-12-13TitansRams28:15110OTI 2614-0Vince Young middle for 44 yards (tackle by James Butler)440.6703.5802.91
2009-09-20BillsBuccaneers44:3927BUF 4630-20Fred Jackson right guard for 43 yards (tackle by Barrett Ruud)431.6604.8403.18
2009-11-15VikingsLions22:1921MIN 3910-0Adrian Peterson middle for 43 yards (tackle by Phillip Buchanon). Adrian Peterson fumbles (forced by Phillip Buchanon), recovered by Jason Hunter at DET-0431.610-0.280-1.89
2009-12-13BengalsVikings31:0626CIN 3823-7Cedric Benson left guard for 42 yards (tackle by Cedric Griffin and Jamarca Sanford)421.2004.2403.04
2009-11-2249ersPackers110:07210SFO 203-0Frank Gore middle for 42 yards (tackle by Nick Collins)42-0.2703.0503.32
2009-12-27ChiefsBengals11:36110KAN 290-0Jamaal Charles for 42 yards (tackle by Nedu Ndukwe). Penalty on Branden Albert: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)420.8700.110-0.76
2009-11-01EaglesGiants113:3527NYG 416-0Leonard Weaver middle for 41 yards, touchdown412.5207.0004.48
2009-11-08Titans49ers410:42210OTI 1920-17Chris Johnson for 41 yards (tackle by Michael Lewis)41-0.3902.9203.31
2009-11-15SaintsRams29:17110NOR 287-7Robert Meachem left end for 41 yards (tackle by James Butler)410.8103.5102.70
2009-12-20RaidersBroncos33:00110RAI 2916-13Michael Bush left tackle for 40 yards (tackle by Brian Dawkins)400.8703.5102.64
2009-09-28CowboysPanthers312:2826 500-7Felix Jones left end for 40 yards (tackle by Quinton Teal)401.9904.9102.92
2009-11-15FalconsPanthers112:5723ATL 380-0Michael Turner right end for 40 yards (tackle by Landon Johnson)401.4104.1102.70
2009-09-20SteelersBears36:04110CHI 417-7Rashard Mendenhall right tackle for 39 yards (tackle by Kevin Payne)392.8506.7403.89
2009-12-13TitansRams13:17110RAM 396-0Chris Johnson right end for 39 yards, touchdown392.9807.0004.02
2009-09-13JetsTexans46:3929NYJ 137-24Thomas Jones right tackle for 39 yards (tackle by Dominique Barber)39-0.7002.3903.09
2009-10-04DolphinsBills26:45110BUF 4410-3Ronnie Brown middle for 38 yards (tackle by Terrence McGee and Drayton Florence)382.6505.8303.18
2009-09-27GiantsBuccaneers12:0831TAM 470-7Ahmad Bradshaw right tackle for 38 yards (tackle by Tim Crowder)381.8205.1403.32
2009-09-13JetsTexans410:17115HTX 387-23Thomas Jones right guard for 38 yards, touchdown383.0507.0003.95
2009-11-02FalconsSaints29:2527ATL 4114-14Michael Turner right end for 37 yards (tackle by Darren Sharper)371.3304.1102.78
2009-12-2049ersEagles32:50110SFO 2020-13Frank Gore middle for 37 yards (tackle by Sheldon Brown)370.2802.7202.44
2009-12-10BrownsSteelers23:3133CLE 336-0Josh Cribbs left tackle for 37 yards (tackle by LaMarr Woodley)370.3703.5803.21
2009-10-25PackersBrowns410:19110CLE 423-24Ryan Grant right tackle for 37 yards (tackle by Abram Elam)372.7906.0603.27
2009-10-04BearsLions46:55210DET 3740-24Matt Forte left end for 37 yards, touchdown372.5707.0004.43
2009-10-25ChargersChiefs112:32110SDG 200-0LaDainian Tomlinson middle for 36 yards (tackle by Mike Brown)360.2802.6502.37
2009-12-1449ersCardinals16:3232SFO 270-0Frank Gore right guard for 36 yards (tackle by Karlos Dansby)36-0.0303.1203.15
2009-11-09SteelersBroncos45:18218PIT 1810-21Rashard Mendenhall left guard for 36 yards (tackle by Champ Bailey)36-1.0502.5203.57
2009-11-23TitansTexans22:00110OTI 3914-7Chris Johnson right tackle for 36 yards (tackle by Eugene Wilson)361.5303.9102.38
2009-11-01BearsBrowns41:0625CLE 4930-6Garrett Wolfe left guard for 36 yards (tackle by Brodney Pool)362.1304.7102.58
2009-10-11CowboysChiefs32:36110KAN 3613-9Tashard Choice middle for 36 yards, touchdown363.1807.0003.82
2009-11-22BroncosChargers312:5831DEN 450-13Knowshon Moreno left tackle for 36 yards (tackle by Eric Weddle)361.2904.3103.02
2010-01-03SteelersDolphins35:46110MIA 4210-17Rashard Mendenhall right guard for 36 yards (tackle by Gibril Wilson)362.7905.8303.04
2009-09-20JaguarsCardinals17:54210JAX 260-7Maurice Jones-Drew middle for 36 yards (tackle by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie)360.1303.0502.92
2010-01-03RavensRaiders42:4334RAV 1513-21Willis McGahee left end for 36 yards (tackle by Hiram Eugene)36-0.7202.3203.04
2009-12-20RamsTexans210:0522RAM 450-3Steven Jackson right end for 35 yards (tackle by Bernard Pollard)351.9404.2402.30
2009-10-25SaintsDolphins35:53110NOR 1827-17Mike Bell right tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Yeremiah Bell)350.0402.4602.42
2009-12-20SeahawksBuccaneers110:45210SEA 360-0Justin Forsett middle for 35 yards (tackle by Sabby Piscitelli)350.7903.6402.85
2009-10-25RaidersJets213:46110RAI 100-14Justin Fargas middle for 35 yards (tackle by Dwight Lowery)35-0.3801.9302.31
2009-11-01PackersVikings411:3724 5020-31Aaron Rodgers for 35 yards (tackle by Karl Paymah)352.1304.5802.45
2009-09-27Vikings49ers19:45110MIN 310-0Adrian Peterson right tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Dashon Goldson)351.0003.3102.31
2009-09-20CowboysGiants44:3727NYG 4224-30Marion Barber left tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Bruce Johnson)352.4505.6003.15
2009-12-03BillsJets211:1626 503-6Marshawn Lynch left tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Bryan Thomas and Darrelle Revis)351.9904.5802.59
2009-11-29VikingsBears212:12110MIN 207-7Percy Harvin right end for 35 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning)350.2802.5902.31
2009-09-13BuccaneersCowboys212:18210DAL 400-6Cadillac Williams right tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Gerald Sensabaugh)352.3706.0603.69
2009-11-22EaglesBears113:3431PHI 340-0Michael Vick right tackle for 34 yards (tackle by Charles Tillman)340.5603.4502.89
2010-01-0349ersRams310:14110SFO 463-0Frank Gore right guard for 34 yards (tackle by Ronald Bartell)341.9904.2402.25
2009-11-22RedskinsCowboys27:31110WAS 140-3Rock Cartwright for 34 yards (tackle by Keith Brooking)34-0.2802.1302.41
2009-09-13RedskinsGiants17:32110WAS 293-0Clinton Portis left guard for 34 yards (tackle by Michael Johnson)340.8703.1202.25
2010-01-03SteelersDolphins42:00110MIA 4224-27Willie Parker right tackle for 34 yards (tackle by Jason Allen)342.7905.3702.58
2009-09-27RavensBrowns39:26110RAV 4720-0Willis McGahee right end for 34 yards (tackle by Brandon McDonald)342.0604.3102.25
2009-09-27BroncosRaiders26:31110DEN 213-10Correll Buckhalter left guard for 34 yards (tackle by Michael Huff)340.3402.5902.25
2009-09-27SaintsBills49:55110BUF 347-16Pierre Thomas left tackle for 34 yards, touchdown343.3107.0003.69
2009-11-08DolphinsPatriots28:2328MIA 2210-3Pat White left end for 33 yards (tackle by Jerod Mayo and Tully Banta-Cain)330.0002.5902.59
2009-10-25JetsRaiders46:3938RAI 330-37Shonn Greene middle for 33 yards, touchdown332.2807.0004.72
2009-10-18JetsBills513:32110NYJ 3813-13Leon Washington right end for 33 yards (tackle by Keith Ellison)331.4703.6402.17
2009-10-11Falcons49ers26:51110SFO 3810-21Michael Turner left end for 33 yards (tackle by Michael Lewis)333.0506.0603.01
2009-10-18RavensVikings43:44110MIN 3330-30Ray Rice left tackle for 33 yards, touchdown333.3807.0003.62
2009-12-27BroncosEagles36:37322DEN 1127-10Correll Buckhalter for 33 yards33-2.8201.8604.68
2009-11-15JaguarsJets112:0532NYJ 330-6Maurice Jones-Drew left tackle for 33 yards, touchdown332.6807.0004.32
2009-12-20CardinalsLions43:02110DET 4524-24Beanie Wells left tackle for 33 yards (tackle by Louis Delmas)332.5904.7802.19
2009-11-01VikingsPackers29:09110GNB 493-14Adrian Peterson left end for 33 yards (tackle by Al Harris)332.3204.5102.19
2009-11-08FalconsRedskins112:22211WAS 500-0Michael Turner left end for 33 yards (tackle by LaRon Landry)331.6504.4402.79
2010-01-03ChiefsBroncos28:5731KAN 297-7Jamaal Charles left tackle for 33 yards (tackle by Brian Dawkins). Penalty on Renaldo Hill: Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards330.2304.0403.81
2009-12-13JetsBuccaneers23:2831TAM 330-15Thomas Jones right guard for 33 yards, touchdown332.7407.0004.26
2009-09-10TitansSteelers18:20110OTI 110-0Chris Johnson right end for 32 yards (tackle by Troy Polamalu). Penalty on Troy Polamalu: Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards32-0.3702.7903.16
2009-10-04TexansRaiders210:46210RAI 3212-3Steve Slaton left guard for 32 yards, touchdown322.9007.0004.10
2009-12-06CardinalsVikings46:3226MIN 3627-10Tim Hightower right end for 32 yards (tackle by Madieu Williams)322.9106.2803.37
2010-01-03CowboysEagles114:2825DAL 250-0Marion Barber right tackle for 32 yards (tackle by Victor Harris)320.4102.7202.31
2009-11-22ChargersBroncos412:45110DEN 393-23Mike Tolbert middle for 32 yards (tackle by Champ Bailey)322.9805.6002.62
2009-10-18TitansPatriots49:49110OTI 1859-0Javon Ringer left guard for 32 yards (tackle by Patrick Chung)320.0402.2602.22
2010-01-03JetsBengals26:47211CIN 3216-0Brad Smith right end for 32 yards, touchdown322.8307.0004.17
2009-12-27BengalsChiefs314:54110CIN 233-3Cedric Benson right guard for 32 yards (tackle by Brandon Flowers)320.4802.5902.11
2009-10-11LionsSteelers112:48311DET 210-0Daunte Culpepper right end for 32 yards (tackle by Ryan Clark)32-0.9602.4603.42
2009-10-04SteelersChargers410:22110PIT 4128-14Rashard Mendenhall right guard for 32 yards (tackle by Clinton Hart)321.6603.7802.12
2009-11-26CowboysRaiders47:2631DAL 2024-7Marion Barber right tackle for 32 yards (tackle by Trevor Scott)32-0.3702.3902.76
2009-11-15TitansBills212:0132OTI 4414-7Chris Johnson right end for 32 yards (tackle by Paul Posluszny)321.1603.9702.81
2009-11-29SteelersRavens15:2633PIT 457-0Dennis Dixon middle for 31 yards (tackle by Lardarius Webb). Penalty on Justin Hartwig: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)311.160-0.160-1.32
2009-10-11BrownsBills29:4132BUF 460-0Josh Cribbs left end for 31 yards (tackle by Jairus Byrd and Reggie Corner)311.8204.5802.76
2009-12-1449ersCardinals212:21115SFO 710-0Frank Gore middle for 31 yards (tackle by Bryant McFadden)31-0.5701.4702.04
2009-10-25ColtsRams42:37110RAM 316-41Chad Simpson left end for 31 yards, touchdown313.5107.0003.49
2009-12-21GiantsRedskins413:43110NYG 4412-38Ahmad Bradshaw right tackle for 31 yards (tackle by Reed Doughty)311.8603.9102.05
2009-11-29ChiefsChargers211:58110KAN 437-0Jamaal Charles right end for 31 yards (tackle by Antoine Cason and Jacques Cesaire). Penalty on Antoine Cason: Face Mask (15 Yards), 13 yards311.8004.7102.91
2009-10-25Texans49ers42:51110HTX 3124-21Steve Slaton right end for 31 yards (tackle by Patrick Willis)311.0003.0502.05
2009-09-20GiantsCowboys314:0821NYG 2717-20Brandon Jacobs right end for 31 yards (tackle by Gerald Sensabaugh)310.8202.7901.97
2009-10-25FalconsCowboys37:5929ATL 3817-7Jason Snelling right end for 31 yards (tackle by Mike Jenkins)310.9903.5102.52
2009-11-08LionsSeahawks410:03110DET 3125-17Kevin Smith left tackle for 31 yards (tackle by LeRoy Hill)311.0003.0502.05
2009-10-18TitansPatriots215:0033OTI 2710-0Chris Johnson left guard for 31 yards (tackle by Brandon McGowan). Penalty on Kenny Britt: Illegal Block Above the , 10 yards31-0.0302.1302.16
2009-11-29BillsDolphins25:32211MIA 316-7Ryan Fitzpatrick right tackle for 31 yards, touchdown312.9007.0004.10
2009-12-13FalconsSaints14:40110ATL 393-3Eric Weems right end for 31 yards (tackle by Troy Evans)311.5303.5802.05
2009-11-15RamsSaints114:3125RAM 180-0Steven Jackson right tackle for 30 yards (tackle by Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita)30-0.1402.1302.27
2010-01-03JaguarsBrowns413:23110JAX 3520-3Maurice Jones-Drew right tackle for 30 yards (tackle by Abram Elam). Maurice Jones-Drew fumbles (forced by Abram Elam), recovered by Mike Thomas at CLE-35301.2703.2501.98
2009-11-02SaintsFalcons26:5923NOR 3114-14Pierre Thomas left end for 30 yards (tackle by Brent Grimes)300.9402.9802.04
2009-11-08FalconsRedskins23:44110WAS 3020-3Michael Turner left end for 30 yards, touchdown303.5807.0003.42
2009-12-27PanthersGiants313:39210CAR 430-24Jonathan Stewart left end for 30 yards (tackle by Michael Boley)301.2503.7802.53
2010-01-03ChiefsBroncos414:30110KAN 4224-27Jamaal Charles right end for 30 yards (tackle by D.J. Williams)301.7303.7101.98
2009-12-06BrownsChargers413:45110CLE 327-27Josh Cribbs for 30 yards (tackle by Kevin Ellison)301.0703.0501.98
2009-09-27TitansJets411:30110OTI 2324-17Chris Johnson right end for 30 yards (tackle by Vernon Gholston)300.4802.4601.98
2009-12-25TitansChargers48:1127SDG 3016-42Chris Johnson right end for 30 yards, touchdown303.2407.0003.76
2009-09-27JaguarsTexans19:43110JAX 290-0David Garrard for 30 yards (tackle by DelJuan Robinson)300.8702.8501.98
2009-10-18BearsFalcons49:48110CHI 814-7Jay Cutler right end for 30 yards (tackle by John Abraham)30-0.3801.4701.85
2009-11-15PatriotsColts13:07110NWE 297-7Kevin Faulk middle for 29 yards (tackle by Robert Mathis and Antoine Bethea)290.8702.7901.92
2009-11-15CardinalsSeahawks48:1121CRD 4724-20Beanie Wells middle for 29 yards (tackle by Jordan Babineaux)292.1403.9701.83
2009-10-18PatriotsTitans414:18110OTI 4359-0BenJarvus Green-Ellis left guard for 29 yards (tackle by Chris Hope)292.7204.6501.93
2009-12-19SaintsCowboys15:15110NOR 200-14Reggie Bush left tackle for 29 yards (tackle by Mike Jenkins)290.2802.1901.91
2009-12-27PanthersGiants210:5123NYG 290-9Jonathan Stewart right guard for 29 yards, touchdown293.5807.0003.42
2009-12-06GiantsCowboys49:11110DAL 3821-17Ahmad Bradshaw left tackle for 29 yards (tackle by Alan Ball)293.0505.1402.09
2009-12-03JetsBills41:5727NYJ 4213-19Thomas Jones middle for 29 yards (tackle by Drayton Florence)291.3903.6402.25
2009-12-27JetsColts47:2022CLT 3015-21Thomas Jones right end for 29 yards (tackle by Jamie Silva)293.5906.9703.38
2009-11-01BillsTexans12:40110HTX 296-0Terrell Owens left end for 29 yards, touchdown293.6407.0003.36
2009-10-11BuccaneersEagles411:1132TAM 3431-7Josh Johnson left end for 29 yards (tackle by Victor Harris). Penalty on Darren Howard: Defensive Offside (Declined)290.5003.1202.62
2009-10-04DolphinsBills44:07110MIA 4231-10Ricky Williams right guard for 28 yards (tackle by Terrence McGee)281.7303.5801.85
2009-11-22SaintsBuccaneers36:16110TAM 377-24Mike Bell middle for 28 yards (tackle by Sabby Piscitelli). Penalty on Mike Bell: Taunting, 15 yards283.1203.970.85
2009-11-15BroncosRedskins114:53110DEN 330-0Knowshon Moreno right end for 28 yards (tackle by Carlos Rogers and Andre Carter)281.1402.9801.84
2009-10-11BengalsRavens31:01110RAV 287-9Cedric Benson left end for 28 yards, touchdown283.7107.0003.29
2009-11-15TitansBills14:14110BUF 286-7Chris Johnson right tackle for 28 yards, touchdown283.7107.0003.29
2009-11-09SteelersBroncos36:05110PIT 2010-14Rashard Mendenhall right tackle for 28 yards (tackle by Wesley Woodyard)280.2802.1301.85
2009-11-08JaguarsChiefs14:4124KAN 286-3Rashad Jennings left end for 28 yards, touchdown283.5807.0003.42
2009-12-20RaidersBroncos32:12110DEN 3116-13Darren McFadden left end for 28 yards (tackle by Andre' Goodman)283.5106.5103.00
2009-11-15PanthersFalcons213:46110ATL 337-3DeAngelo Williams middle for 28 yards (tackle by Thomas DeCoud)283.3806.0602.68
2009-12-20BrownsChiefs40:5231KAN 2834-40Jerome Harrison right end for 28 yards, touchdown283.0707.0003.93
2009-12-20RavensBears14:59110RAV 347-0Ray Rice left end for 28 yards (tackle by Kevin Payne and Alex Brown)281.2003.0501.85
2009-10-11BuccaneersEagles21:10315TAM 1921-7Derrick Ward right end for 28 yards (tackle by Asante Samuel). Penalty on Asante Samuel: Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards28-1.4303.0504.48
2009-12-20RavensBears113:0531CHI 430-0Ray Rice left end for 28 yards (tackle by Al Afalava)282.0804.5802.50
2009-09-20PanthersFalcons213:0229ATL 317-3Jonathan Stewart right end for 28 yards (tackle by Erik Coleman)283.0406.5103.47
2010-01-03RavensRaiders15:55210RAV 400-0Ray Rice left end for 27 yards (tackle by Stanford Routt)271.0503.3802.33
2009-11-15VikingsLions314:40110DET 2810-3Adrian Peterson right tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Julian Peterson)273.7106.9703.26
2009-12-20BengalsChargers22:00110CIN 2914-10Larry Johnson right end for 27 yards (tackle by Eric Weddle)270.8702.6501.78
2009-09-20VikingsLions37:54110DET 2710-16Adrian Peterson left tackle for 27 yards, touchdown273.7807.0003.22
2009-12-27EaglesBroncos44:55325PHI 1527-27Donovan McNabb for 27 yards27-2.8401.7304.57
2009-09-20CowboysGiants15:28110NYG 400-3Marion Barber left end for 27 yards (tackle by Kenny Phillips)272.9204.7101.79
2009-10-11SteelersLions18:0821PIT 453-0Rashard Mendenhall left tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Marquand Manuel)272.0103.7101.70
2009-11-15DolphinsBuccaneers40:23210TAM 3422-23Ricky Williams right tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Geno Hayes)272.7705.6002.83
2009-11-08PackersBuccaneers30:3028TAM 4417-21Ahman Green for 26 yards (tackle by Barrett Ruud)262.2504.3702.12
2009-10-04DolphinsBills43:57110BUF 3031-10Ronnie Brown right tackle for 26 yards (tackle by John Wendling)263.5806.2802.70
2009-10-25JetsRaiders30:13110RAI 490-31Thomas Jones right guard for 26 yards (tackle by Chris Johnson)262.3204.0401.72
2009-10-18VikingsRavens114:1227MIN 420-0Adrian Peterson middle for 26 yards (tackle by Ed Reed)261.3903.4502.06
2009-12-27SaintsBuccaneers28:3921NOR 4014-0Pierre Thomas right tackle for 26 yards (tackle by Kyle Moore). Penalty on Ronde Barber: Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, Penalty on Chris Hovan: Defensive Holding (Declined)261.6804.3102.63
2009-11-08CardinalsBears214:13110CRD 447-14Beanie Wells right guard for 26 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning)261.8603.5801.72
2009-11-08Titans49ers25:57110OTI 1410-10Chris Johnson right end for 26 yards (tackle by Patrick Willis)26-0.2801.6001.88
2009-12-20BengalsChargers414:02110SDG 3324-13Chad Johnson for 26 yards (tackle by Stephen Cooper)263.3805.6002.22
2009-10-18JaguarsRams410:1733RAM 276-10Maurice Jones-Drew middle for 26 yards (tackle by Jonathan Wade)263.0106.9703.96
2009-11-01RamsLions23:01110RAM 92-3Steven Jackson middle for 26 yards (tackle by Julian Peterson)26-0.3801.2701.65
2010-01-03ChiefsBroncos314:17212KAN 1910-10Quinten Lawrence left end for 26 yards (tackle by D.J. Williams)26-0.5301.9302.46
2009-11-29SeahawksRams411:5026RAM 4710-24Justin Forsett right end for 26 yards (tackle by O.J. Atogwe)262.1904.1701.98
2010-01-03BillsColts32:2027CLT 4327-7Fred Jackson right end for 26 yards (tackle by Kelvin Hayden)262.3804.4402.06
2009-12-13PanthersPatriots311:57110CAR 147-7DeAngelo Williams left guard for 26 yards (tackle by Shawn Springs)26-0.2801.6001.88
2009-09-13JaguarsColts211:4123CLT 470-0Maurice Jones-Drew middle for 26 yards (tackle by Gary Brackett)262.4004.1701.77
2009-10-25BengalsBears30:3528CHI 2738-3Cedric Benson middle for 26 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning)263.3706.9703.60
2009-10-12JetsDolphins15:4046NYJ 347-0Steve Weatherford for 26 yards26-1.1102.9204.03
2009-12-06BroncosChiefs211:36110DEN 203-7Correll Buckhalter left tackle for 26 yards (tackle by Mike Brown)260.2801.9901.71
2009-12-20RaidersBroncos10:35110RAI 346-0Charlie Frye left end for 26 yards (tackle by David Bruton)261.2002.9201.72
2009-10-18PanthersBuccaneers32:4431TAM 267-20Jonathan Stewart left tackle for 26 yards, touchdown263.2007.0003.80
2009-10-25JetsRaiders26:20110RAI 340-14Shonn Greene right end for 26 yards (tackle by Michael Huff)263.3105.3702.06
2009-11-22Packers49ers112:33110SFO 370-0Ryan Grant left end for 26 yards (tackle by Tarell Brown and Dashon Goldson)263.1204.8401.72
2010-01-03PanthersSaints314:01110CAR 1117-3Jonathan Stewart middle for 26 yards (tackle by Pierson Prioleau)26-0.3701.4001.77
2009-11-30SaintsPatriots10:2826NOR 453-7Pierre Thomas left guard for 26 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather and Brandon McGowan)261.6603.6401.98
2009-11-29RamsSeahawks113:14110RAM 370-0Steven Jackson left guard for 25 yards (tackle by Jordan Babineaux)251.4003.0501.65
2009-12-06PanthersBuccaneers213:18210CAR 3610-3Jonathan Stewart left end for 25 yards (tackle by Tanard Jackson)250.7902.9802.19
2009-10-25GiantsCardinals214:06110CRD 290-0Brandon Jacobs left end for 25 yards (tackle by Adrian Wilson)253.6406.2802.64
2009-12-20SeahawksBuccaneers14:30110TAM 330-0Julius Jones right tackle for 25 yards (tackle by Elbert Mack)253.3805.3701.99
2009-12-20Eagles49ers34:2432SFO 4520-13Donovan McNabb left guard for 25 yards (tackle by Dashon Goldson). Penalty on Todd Herremans: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)251.8800.560-1.32
2009-10-18JetsBills12:29210BUF 360-3Leon Washington left end for 25 yards (tackle by Keith Ellison)252.6404.8402.20
2009-12-13JetsBuccaneers310:4835NYJ 250-19Shonn Greene middle for 25 yards (tackle by Ronde Barber). Shonn Greene fumbles (forced by Ronde Barber), recovered by Aqib Talib at 50 (tackle by Shonn Greene). Penalty on Brandon Moore: Offensive Holding (Declined)25-0.300-1.930-1.63
2009-10-18SaintsGiants411:2727NOR 2341-20Pierre Thomas right guard for 25 yards (tackle by C.C. Brown and Terrell Thomas)250.1402.1301.99
2009-12-25TitansChargers111:41110OTI 200-0Chris Johnson left end for 25 yards (tackle by Quentin Jammer)250.2801.9301.65
2009-11-08CardinalsBears23:4721CHI 407-21Steve Breaston left end for 25 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning and Nathan Vasher)253.0004.5801.58
2009-09-13EaglesPanthers313:03110PHI 3110-31DeSean Jackson for 25 yards (tackle by Charles Godfrey)251.0002.6501.65
2010-01-03BrownsJaguars22:5927JAX 3110-3Josh Cribbs left end for 25 yards (tackle by Justin Durant and Derek Cox)253.1805.8302.65
2009-11-22VikingsSeahawks41:1434MIN 4535-9Chester Taylor right end for 25 yards (tackle by Aaron Curry)251.0903.5802.49
2009-12-20BuccaneersSeahawks10:1925TAM 470-0Derrick Ward left tackle for 25 yards (tackle by Lawyer Milloy)251.8603.7101.85
2009-10-18EaglesRaiders314:1624PHI 3010-6Brian Westbrook middle for 25 yards (tackle by Hiram Eugene)250.8102.5901.78
2009-11-29SeahawksRams111:27110SEA 360-0Justin Forsett for 25 yards (tackle by Ronald Bartell)251.3302.9801.65
2009-11-1249ersBears412:2835CHI 397-6Frank Gore right end for 25 yards (tackle by Charles Tillman). Frank Gore fumbles (forced by Charles Tillman), recovered by Josh Morgan at CHI-6252.0805.8303.75
2009-11-01RamsLions41:44110DET 2510-16Steven Jackson right tackle for 25 yards, touchdown253.9107.0003.09
2009-12-06BuccaneersPanthers30:01210TAM 2713-6Cadillac Williams left end for 25 yards (tackle by Charles Godfrey). Penalty on Charles Godfrey: Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards250.2003.3803.18
2010-01-03BillsColts42:5227BUF 3930-7Corey McIntyre middle for 25 yards (tackle by Tim Jennings)251.2003.1801.98
2009-09-13PackersBears210:22110CHI 330-0Ryan Grant right end for 25 yards (tackle by Kevin Payne). Penalty on Jason Spitz: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)253.3802.720-0.66
2009-12-20PackersSteelers47:58110PIT 2427-27Ryan Grant left guard for 24 yards, touchdown243.9707.0003.03
2009-11-09SteelersBroncos310:29110PIT 3810-7Rashard Mendenhall right end for 24 yards (tackle by Wesley Woodyard)241.4703.0501.58
2010-01-03TexansPatriots37:36110HTX 2713-20Arian Foster right guard for 24 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather)240.7402.3201.58
2009-09-20CowboysGiants311:19110DAL 2017-20Felix Jones right tackle for 24 yards (tackle by Osi Umenyiora)240.2801.8601.58
2010-01-03SeahawksTitans210:54110OTI 320-7Justin Forsett right guard for 24 yards (tackle by Michael Griffin)243.4505.3701.92
2010-01-03CowboysEagles29:56110DAL 477-0Felix Jones left end for 24 yards (tackle by Sheldon Brown). Penalty on Deon Anderson: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)242.0601.400-0.66
2009-09-20BillsBuccaneers23:23110BUF 920-7Fred Jackson left guard for 24 yards (tackle by Barrett Ruud and Jermaine Phillips)24-0.3801.1401.52
2009-10-11GiantsRaiders313:19110NYG 4831-7Ahmad Bradshaw left end for 24 yards (tackle by Hiram Eugene and Jon Alston)242.1303.7101.58
2009-11-15SeahawksCardinals25:05216SEA 137-14Justin Forsett middle for 24 yards (tackle by Antrel Rolle)24-1.2101.4002.61
2009-10-04ChiefsGiants40:15110KAN 1816-27Jamaal Charles right end for 24 yards (tackle by Aaron Rouse)240.0401.7301.69
2009-11-02FalconsSaints410:00110NOR 3528-24Michael Turner left tackle for 24 yards (tackle by Jabari Greer)243.2504.8401.59
2009-12-20BrownsChiefs41:1931CLE 3934-34Brady Quinn right end for 24 yards (tackle by Demorrio Williams)240.8903.1202.23
2009-11-29SteelersRavens46:3235RAV 2414-16Dennis Dixon right end for 24 yards, touchdown243.0707.0003.93
2009-09-27JetsTitans44:13110NYJ 4324-17Thomas Jones right end for 24 yards (tackle by Chris Hope and Michael Griffin). Penalty on Alan Faneca: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)241.8001.140-0.66
2009-10-11CowboysChiefs510:02110DAL 2120-20Tashard Choice right end for 24 yards (tackle by Jarrad Page)240.3401.9301.59
2009-09-27SteelersBengals111:0726CIN 450-0Willie Parker left end for 24 yards (tackle by Dhani Jones)242.3204.1701.85
2009-12-13SeahawksTexans22:47110SEA 3824-0Julius Jones middle for 24 yards (tackle by Bernard Pollard)241.4703.0501.58
2009-12-07PackersRavens21:18217RAV 4810-0Aaron Rodgers right guard for 23 yards (tackle by Chris Carr)231.3603.9102.55
2009-12-20BuccaneersSeahawks48:0728TAM 87-24Cadillac Williams middle for 23 yards (tackle by Jordan Babineaux)23-0.6301.0001.63
2009-12-06Seahawks49ers23:2225SEA 3614-14Matt Hasselbeck left end for 23 yards (tackle by Shawntae Spencer). Penalty on Keith Smith: Illegal Use of Hands, 5 yards231.1403.1802.04
2010-01-03VikingsGiants11:46110NYG 457-0Adrian Peterson right guard for 23 yards (tackle by Bruce Johnson)232.5904.1101.52
2009-11-29ColtsTexans42:59213HTX 2320-34Chad Simpson middle for 23 yards, touchdown233.2907.0003.71
2009-12-1449ersCardinals413:1826SFO 3717-9Frank Gore right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Adrian Wilson). Penalty on Josh Morgan: Offensive Holding, 10 yards231.1302.2601.13
2009-09-27ColtsCardinals38:40217CRD 3710-21Donald Brown right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie)232.0904.6502.56
2009-12-20RaidersBroncos213:08110DEN 236-6Michael Bush left guard for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
2009-12-14Cardinals49ers214:22110CRD 3110-0Beanie Wells left end for 23 yards (tackle by Dashon Goldson)231.0002.5201.52
2009-09-27BengalsSteelers49:20110PIT 2315-20Cedric Benson left tackle for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
2009-09-20SaintsEagles15:11210NOR 477-7Mike Bell right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Akeem Jordan and Victor Harris)231.5203.5802.06
2009-11-15TitansBills413:5132BUF 3617-17Chris Johnson right end for 23 yards (tackle by Paul Posluszny)232.4804.7102.23
2009-12-20PanthersVikings412:18110CAR 2312-7Jonathan Stewart right end for 23 yards (tackle by Tyrell Johnson)230.4801.9901.51
2009-10-25BengalsBears113:00110CHI 340-0Cedric Benson right end for 23 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning)233.3104.8401.53
2009-12-06RamsBears48:33110RAM 2417-9Steven Jackson right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Kevin Payne)230.5402.0601.52
2009-10-11GiantsRaiders11:27110NYG 614-0Ahmad Bradshaw left end for 23 yards (tackle by Greg Ellis)23-0.3800.8701.25
2009-11-22SaintsBuccaneers30:38110NOR 367-31Pierre Thomas middle for 23 yards (tackle by Ronde Barber)231.3302.8501.52
2009-12-06PanthersBuccaneers17:05110CAR 487-0Jonathan Stewart middle for 23 yards (tackle by Quincy Black and Elbert Mack)232.1303.6401.51
2009-09-13CowboysBuccaneers210:12110DAL 177-6Marion Barber middle for 23 yards (tackle by Sabby Piscitelli)23-0.0601.6001.66
2009-09-27BroncosRaiders313:1521DEN 443-13Correll Buckhalter right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Michael Huff)231.9403.3801.44
2009-12-27BuccaneersSaints413:22110NOR 2317-9Cadillac Williams left end for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
2009-11-1249ersBears48:22211SFO 1710-6Frank Gore right guard for 23 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning)23-0.6501.6002.25
2009-11-02SaintsFalcons15:3534ATL 226-7Pierre Thomas right guard for 22 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Jeremy Shockey: Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards223.2707.0003.73
2009-10-04BearsLions43:44110DET 3741-24Garrett Wolfe right tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Anthony Henry). Penalty on Anthony Henry: Horse Collar (Offsetting), Penalty on Rashied Davis: Illegal Crackback (Offsetting) (no play)223.1203.120.00
2009-09-13GiantsRedskins12:39212NYG 393-0Ahmad Bradshaw right tackle for 22 yards (tackle by LaRon Landry)220.8502.9802.13
2009-11-15VikingsLions210:53110DET 229-0Adrian Peterson left tackle for 22 yards, touchdown224.1107.0002.89
2009-10-04DolphinsBills11:03115MIA 260-0Ted Ginn left end for 22 yards (tackle by Drayton Florence)220.6702.1301.46
2009-12-13PanthersPatriots31:00110CAR 2514-7DeAngelo Williams right guard for 22 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather and James Sanders)220.6102.0601.45
2009-11-15TitansBills38:11110OTI 2317-17Chris Johnson left guard for 22 yards (tackle by Bryan Scott)220.4801.9301.45
2009-11-01TitansJaguars28:11110JAX 3510-0Chris Johnson right end for 22 yards (tackle by Clint Ingram)223.2504.7101.46
2009-11-23TitansTexans42:43115OTI 1917-17Chris Johnson middle for 22 yards (tackle by DeMeco Ryans)220.1301.6601.53
2010-01-03FalconsBuccaneers49:2624TAM 3810-10Jason Snelling middle for 22 yards (tackle by Ronde Barber)222.9204.5101.59
2009-12-27JaguarsPatriots414:48110JAX 3035-0Rashad Jennings left guard for 22 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather)220.9402.3901.45
2009-09-27ChiefsEagles32:46110KAN 2927-7Mark Bradley left end for 22 yards (tackle by Quintin Mikell)220.8702.3201.45
2009-10-1149ersFalcons45:03215SFO 3110-45Shaun Hill middle for 22 yards (tackle by Chevis Jackson)220.1202.4602.34
2009-10-18RavensVikings34:20110MIN 2217-9Ray Rice left tackle for 22 yards, touchdown224.1107.0002.89
2010-01-03BengalsJets32:26110CIN 4230-0Bernard Scott left tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Kerry Rhodes and Ryan Fowler)221.7303.1801.45
2009-10-11SeahawksJaguars38:2026JAX 4427-0Justin Forsett middle for 22 yards (tackle by Derek Landri)222.3904.1101.72
2009-11-15FalconsPanthers212:26110ATL 2014-3Michael Turner middle for 22 yards (tackle by Chris Gamble)220.2801.7301.45
2010-01-03VikingsGiants113:46110NYG 320-0Percy Harvin left end for 22 yards (tackle by Aaron Rouse)223.4504.9101.46
2009-09-13RavensChiefs48:2924KAN 2317-17Ray Rice right end for 22 yards (tackle by Mike Brown)223.9106.9703.06
2010-01-03BillsColts310:3835BUF 4724-7Fred Jackson left tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Kelvin Hayden)221.1603.5102.35
2009-09-20VikingsLions25:33110MIN 2410-0Adrian Peterson right tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Phillip Buchanon)220.5401.9901.45
2009-10-04SteelersChargers43:3725PIT 4135-28Rashard Mendenhall right guard for 22 yards (tackle by Quentin Jammer and Eric Weddle)221.4703.1201.65
2009-09-13RamsSeahawks44:17215RAM 728-0Steven Jackson left tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Aaron Curry)22-1.1500.8702.02
2009-09-13BuccaneersCowboys32:26213TAM 257-20Derrick Ward right tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Terence Newman)22-0.1402.0602.20
2009-11-26RaidersCowboys19:12110RAI 70-0Justin Fargas left end for 22 yards (tackle by Keith Brooking)22-0.3800.8701.25
2009-10-18PackersLions43:2726GNB 3226-0Ryan Grant right end for 22 yards (tackle by Cliff Avril)220.8002.5201.72
2009-09-13SaintsLions39:4831NOR 3628-17Mike Bell left tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Louis Delmas)220.7002.7902.09
2010-01-03BengalsJets37:3242NYJ 3430-0Larry Johnson left end for 22 yards (tackle by Kerry Rhodes)221.1004.7803.68
2009-11-02FalconsSaints114:1827ATL 260-0