Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks

  • * indicate playoff appearances
Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks Table
Points Top Players Off Rank Def Rank Overall Rank Simple Rating System
Year Lg Tm W L T Div. Finish Playoffs PF PA PD Coaches AV Passer Rusher Receiver Pts Yds Pts Yds T/G Pts± Yds± out of MoV SoS SRS OSRS DSRS
1950NFLBaltimore Colts11107th of 7213462-249CroweTittleMutrynSalata11913139131313-20.81.0-19.7-4.9-14.8
1949AAFCBaltimore Colts11107th of 7172341-169Driskill,IsbellTittleWedemeyerStone74767757-14.11.8-12.3-6.1-6.2
1948AAFCBaltimore Colts*7701st of 4Lost Div3333276IsbellTittleMertesHillenbrand445543480.4-
1947AAFCBaltimore Colts21114th of 4167377-210IsbellSchwenkMertesHillenbrand87766868-15.01.9-13.1-8.6-4.5