Vegas Lines

Vegas Lines Table
G# Opp Spread Over/Under Result vs. Line OU Result
1@CLE-10.047.0W, 21-18LostUnder
2MIN-8.543.0W, 26-9WonUnder
3@CHI-7.043.5L, 17-23LostUnder
4@BAL-3.542.0W, 26-9WonUnder
5JAX-7.541.0L, 9-30LostUnder
6@KAN3.546.0W, 19-13WonUnder
7CIN-4.040.0W, 29-14WonOver
8@DET-3.044.5W, 20-15WonUnder
9@IND-10.547.0W, 20-17LostUnder
10TEN-7.044.5W, 40-17WonOver
11GNB-14.042.5W, 31-28LostOver
12@CIN-4.542.5W, 23-20LostOver
13BAL-6.043.0W, 39-38LostOver
14NWE2.552.5L, 24-27LostUnder
15@HOU-8.045.5W, 34-6WonUnder
16CLE-5.038.5W, 28-24LostOver
17JAX-7.040.5L, 42-45LostOver

Results vs. Line: 7-10-0
As Underdog vs. Line: 1-1-0
Favored vs. Line: 6-9-0
Over: 7 Under: 10 Push: 0

For entertainment purposes only. Everyone knows the house always wins.

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