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Pro Bowlers

  • % indicates player did not play, + indicates player was a replacement selection
Pro Bowlers Table
Pos Player Conf Tm Age Yrs G GS Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD Solo Sk Int All-pro teams
QBPeyton ManningAFCIND331116163935714500331619-13000000.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
QBDrew BreesNFCNOR308151536351443883411223321-4000.00AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
QBPhilip RiversAFCSDG285161631748642542892650100000.00PFF: 1st Tm
QBTom BradyAFCNWE3291616371565439828132944100000.00
QBBrett FavreNFCMIN4018161636353142023379701-2010.00
QBDavid Garrard+AFCJAX31716163145163597151077323300020.00
QBDonovan McNabb+NFCPHI331014142674433553221037140211010.00
QBAaron RodgersNFCGNB2641616350541443430758316500010.00
QBTony Romo+NFCDAL2951616347550448326935105100020.00
QBMatt Schaub+AFCHOU2851616396583477029154857000010.00
QBVince Young+AFCTEN2631210152259187910755281200020.00
RBChris JohnsonAFCTEN24116160100035820061450503230.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
RBAdrian PetersonNFCMIN24216150000031413831843436000.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
RBMaurice Jones-DrewAFCJAX24316160000031213911553374160.00PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
RBSteven JacksonNFCSTL2651515000003241416451322010.00AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
RBRay RiceAFCBAL2211615010002541339778702130.00AP: 2nd Tm
RBFrank Gore+NFCSFO26414140000022911201052406300.00
RBDeAngelo WilliamsNFCCAR2631313000002161117729252010.00
FBLeonard WeaverNFCPHI2741680000070323215140230.00AP: 1st Tm
FBLe'Ron McClainAFCBAL25216140000046180221141000.00AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm
WRAndre JohnsonAFCHOU28616160000021001011569940.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
WRWes WelkerAFCNWE28514130000053601231348430.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm
WRReggie WayneAFCIND31816160100100010012641050.00AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
WRLarry FitzgeraldNFCARI2651616000000009710921360.00AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
WRVincent Jackson+AFCSDG2641515000003110681167910.00PFF: 1st Tm
WRBrandon MarshallAFCDEN253151300000739010111201020.00SN: 2nd Tm
WRSidney RiceNFCMIN232161401000000831312810.00PFF: 2nd Tm
WRMiles AustinNFCDAL253169000002-208113201130.00
WRChad Johnson+AFCCIN3181615000003320721047910.00
WRSteve Smith+NFCNYG2421615000000001071220710.00
WRRoddy White+NFCATL2841616000001208511531130.00
TEDallas ClarkAFCIND306161600000211010011061040.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
TEJason WittenNFCDAL276161600000000941030220.00PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
TEAntonio GatesAFCSDG296161600000000791157810.00AP: 2nd Tm
TEVernon DavisNFCSFO253161600000000789651300.00
TEHeath Miller+AFCPIT27416160000000076789640.00
TJoe ThomasAFCCLE25216160000000000030.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
TRyan CladyAFCDEN23116160000000000000.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
TJake LongAFCMIA24116160000000000000.00AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
TDavid Diehl+NFCNYG29616160000000000010.00
TD'Brickashaw Ferguson+AFCNYJ26316160000000000000.00
TBryant McKinnieNFCMIN30716160000000000000.00
TJason PetersNFCPHI27515150000000000030.00
TJon StinchcombNFCNOR30616160000000000000.00
GJahri EvansNFCNOR26316160000000000030.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
GSteve HutchinsonNFCMIN32816160000000000010.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
GLogan MankinsAFCNWE27416160000000000010.00AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
GKris DielmanAFCSDG28616160000000000010.00AP: 2nd Tm
GChris Snee+NFCNYG27516160000000000010.00SN: 2nd Tm
GLeonard DavisNFCDAL31816160000000000010.00
GAlan FanecaAFCNYJ331116160000000000000.00
CNick MangoldAFCNYJ25316160000000000020.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
CAndre GurodeNFCDAL31716160000000000010.00AP: 2nd Tm
CRyan Kalil+NFCCAR24216160000000000000.00PFF: 2nd Tm
CJeff SaturdayAFCIND341016160000000000000.00SN: 2nd Tm
CJonathan Goodwin+NFCNOR31716160000000000000.00
CKevin Mawae+AFCTEN381516160000000000020.00
CShaun O'HaraNFCNYG32916160000000000030.00
DEDwight FreeneyAFCIND297149000000000001913.50AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
DEJared AllenNFCMIN2751616000000000004314.51AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
DETrent ColeNFCPHI2741616000000000004812.50AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
DEJulius PeppersNFCCAR2971614000000000003610.52AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
DERobert MathisAFCIND28614900000000000249.50PFF: 2nd Tm
DEShaun Ellis+AFCNYJ329151500000000000356.50
DEKyle Vanden Bosch+AFCTEN318161600000000000323.00
DEMario WilliamsAFCHOU243161600000000000389.00
DTKevin WilliamsNFCMIN296161600000000000226.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
DTHaloti NgataAFCBAL253141300000000000251.50AP: 2nd Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
DTDarnell DockettNFCARI285161600000000000427.01SN: 1st Tm, AP: 2nd Tm
DTJay RatliffNFCDAL284161600000000000296.00AP: 1st Tm
DTJustin Smith+NFCSFO308161600000000000406.00PFF: 1st Tm
DTVince WilforkAFCNWE285131300000000000310.00SN: 2nd Tm
DTCasey HamptonAFCPIT328161600000000000232.50
OLBDeMarcus WareNFCDAL2741615000000000004511.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
OLBElvis DumervilAFCDEN2531614000000000004217.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
OLBLaMarr Woodley+AFCPIT2521616000000000005013.50PFF: 1st Tm, AP: 2nd Tm
OLBJames HarrisonAFCPIT3171616000000000006010.00AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
OLBLance BriggsNFCCHI296151500000000000932.51AP: 2nd Tm
OLBBrian CushingAFCHOU22Rook161600000000000864.04SN: 2nd Tm
OLBClay Matthews+NFCGNB23Rook1613000000000003610.00
OLBBrian OrakpoNFCWAS23Rook1616000000000003811.00
MLBPatrick WillisNFCSFO2421616000000000001144.03AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
MLBRay LewisAFCBAL3413161600000000000953.00AP: 1st Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm
MLBJon Beason+NFCCAR2421616000000000001113.03AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
MLBLondon Fletcher+NFCWAS3411161600000000000952.01
MLBDeMeco RyansAFCHOU253161600000000000931.00
MLBJonathan VilmaNFCNOR275151500000000000872.03
CBDarrelle RevisAFCNYJ242161600000000000470.06AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
CBCharles WoodsonNFCGNB3311161600000000000662.09AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
CBNnamdi AsomughaAFCOAK286161600000000000300.01AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
CBAsante SamuelNFCPHI286161600000000000390.09AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
CBDominique Rodgers-CromartieNFCARI231161600000000000490.06PFF: 2nd Tm
CBChamp BaileyAFCDEN3110161600000000000630.03
CBMike Jenkins+NFCDAL241161500000000000450.05
CBTerence Newman+NFCDAL316161600000000000520.03
CBAntoine Winfield+NFCMIN321010900000000000531.01
SSAdrian WilsonNFCARI308161600000000000612.05AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm
SSBrian DawkinsAFCDEN3613161600000000000950.02AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
SSYeremiah Bell+AFCMIA315161500000000000921.53
SSRoman Harper+NFCNOR273161600000000000841.50
SSQuintin Mikell+NFCPHI296161600000000000690.02
FSDarren SharperNFCNOR3412141400000000000510.59AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
FSEd ReedAFCBAL317121200000000000420.03AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
FSNick CollinsNFCGNB264161600000000000441.06AP: 2nd Tm, PFF: 2nd Tm
FSJairus ByrdAFCBUF23Rook141100000000000300.09SN: 2nd Tm
FSAntoine Bethea+AFCIND253161600000000000700.04
FSBrandon Meriweather+AFCNWE252161600000000000530.05
FSAntrel Rolle+NFCARI274151500000190000611.54
LSJon CondoAFCOAK2841600000000000000.00
LSJon DorenbosNFCPHI2961600000000000000.00
KNate KaedingAFCSDG2751600000000000020.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
KDavid AkersNFCPHI35111600000000000020.00AP: 2nd Tm, SN: 1st Tm
KDan Carpenter+AFCMIA2411600000000000010.00
PShane LechlerAFCOAK3391600000000000000.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
PAndy LeeNFCSFO2751600000000000000.00AP: 2nd Tm
KRJosh CribbsAFCCLE264161214180155381120135180.00AP: 1st Tm, FW: 1st Tm, PFF: 1st Tm, SN: 2nd Tm
KRDeSean JacksonNFCPHI231151500000111371621156920.00AP: 2nd Tm, FW: 1st Tm, SN: 1st Tm
KRPercy Harvin+NFCMIN21Rook1580000015135060790610.00SN: 1st Tm
KRJohnny Knox+NFCCHI23Rook1500000000045527540.00
SPKassim OsgoodAFCSDG296160000000001170130.00FW: 1st Tm
SPHeath FarwellNFCMIN28416000000000000180.00
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