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Cincinnati Bengals 42 at Philadelphia Eagles 44

Sunday, November 30, 1997
Cincinnati Bengals (7-9-0)14072142
Philadelphia Eagles (6-9-1)717101044

Game Info
Stadium Veterans Stadium
Start Time (ET) 1:00pm
Roof outdoors
Surface astroturf
Weather 46 degrees relative humidity 80%, wind 5 mph
Vegas Line Philadelphia Eagles -5.0
Over/Under 39.0 (over)

Expected Points Summary

Expected points are an estimate of points per play based on down, distance, and yard line. Points given for offense and defense are offensive/defensive plays + penalties on which there was no play (eg, a false start). Special teams are all kicking + punting plays. Points are zeroed out at the end of halves.


Team Stats

Passing, Rushing, & Receiving

Defense & Returns

Kicking & Punting

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End of Regulation0
Scoring plays are highlighted in green and accepted penalties are highlighted in gray, while changes of possession are denoted by a bold line. Expected points before and after are relative to the team possessing the ball at the start of the play (though kickoffs are assumed to be in possession of the receiving team).