NFL Year-by-Year Kick Returns for Touchdown Leaders

For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer
Leaders Table
Year Player TD Tm
2016Marqise Lee (24)1JAX
2016Jordan Todman (26)1IND
2016Wendell Smallwood (22)1PHI
2016Cordarrelle Patterson (25)1MIN
2016Tyreek Hill (22)1KAN
2016Josh Huff (24)12TM
2016Kenyan Drake (22)1MIA
2015Cordarrelle Patterson (24)2MIN
2014Jacoby Jones (30)1BAL
2014Chris Polk (24)1PHI
2014C.J. Spiller (27)1BUF
2014Josh Huff (22)1PHI
2014Chris Williams (26)1CHI
2014Knile Davis (22)1KAN
2013Cordarrelle Patterson (22)2MIN
2012Jacoby Jones (28)2BAL
2011Ted Ginn (26)1SFO
2011Devin Hester (28)1CHI
2011Joe McKnight (23)1NYJ
2011Percy Harvin (23)1MIN
2011Richard Goodman (24)1SDG
2011Kealoha Pilares (23)1CAR
2011Jacoby Ford (24)1OAK
2011Randall Cobb (21)1GNB
2011Tommie Campbell (23)1TEN
2010Jacoby Ford (23)3OAK
2010Leon Washington (28)3SEA
2009Josh Cribbs (26)3CLE
2008Justin Miller (24)22TM
2007Andre' Davis (28)3HOU
2007Leon Washington (25)3NYJ
2006Justin Miller (22)2NYJ
2006Devin Hester (23)2CHI
2005Jerome Mathis (22)2HOU
2004Terrence McGee (23)3BUF
2003Dante Hall (24)2KAN
2003Jerry Azumah (26)2CHI
2002Kevin Faulk (26)2NWE
2002Michael Lewis (30)2NOR
2002Chad Morton (25)2NYJ
2001Steve Smith (22)2CAR
2001Ronney Jenkins (24)2SDG
2000Darrick Vaughn (21)3ATL
1999Tony Horne (23)2STL
1999Michael Bates (29)2CAR
1998Terry Fair (22)2DET
1998Roell Preston (26)2GNB
1998Glyn Milburn (27)2CHI
1997Byron Hanspard (21)2ATL
1996Derrick Witherspoon (25)2PHI
1995Andre Coleman (22)2SDG
1995Tamarick Vanover (21)2KAN
1994Mel Gray (33)3DET
1993Tony Smith (23)1ATL
1993Mel Gray (32)1DET
1993Tyrone Hughes (23)1NOR
1993Robert Brooks (23)1GNB
1992Deion Sanders+ (25)2ATL
1991Alexander Wright (24)1DAL
1991Dexter Carter (23)1SFO
1991Al Edwards (24)1BUF
1991Nate Lewis (24)1SDG
1991Jon Vaughn (21)1NWE
1991Clarence Verdin (28)1IND
1991Charles Wilson (23)1GNB
1991Deion Sanders+ (24)1ATL
1990Eric Metcalf (22)2CLE
1989Joe Johnson (26)1WAS
1989James Jefferson (25)1SEA
1989Herschel Walker (27)12TM
1989Marc Logan (24)1MIA
1989Anthony Miller (24)1SDG
1989Bobby Morse (23)1NOR
1989Rod Woodson+ (24)1PIT
1989Thomas Sanders (27)1CHI
1989James Dixon (22)1DAL
1988Dwight Stone (24)1PIT
1988Anthony Miller (23)1SDG
1988Sammy Martin (23)1NWE
1988Stanford Jennings (26)1CIN
1988Lorenzo White (22)1HOU
1988Jamie Holland (24)1SDG
1988Rod Woodson+ (23)1PIT
1988Tim Brown+ (22)1RAI
1987Paul Palmer (22)2KAN
1986Gerald McNeil (24)1CLE
1986Bobby Humphery (25)1NYJ
1986Boyce Green (26)1KAN
1986Mel Gray (25)1NOR
1986Jo-Jo Townsell (25)1NYJ
1986Dennis Gentry (27)1CHI
1986Lew Barnes (23)1CHI
1985Ron Brown (24)3RAM
1984Phil Smith (24)1IND
1984Del Rodgers (24)1GNB
1984Andre Waters (22)1PHI
1984Bobby Humphery (23)1NYJ
1984Mike Guman (26)1RAM
1983Zachary Dixon (27)12TM
1983Steve Brown (23)1HOU
1983Carl Roaches (29)1HOU
1982Alvin Hall (24)1DET
1982Ricky Smith (22)1NWE
1981Willie Tullis (23)1HOU
1981Fulton Walker (23)1MIA
1981Amos Lawrence (23)1SFO
1981Carl Roaches (27)1HOU
1981Eddie Payton (30)1MIN
1980Keith Nord (23)1MIN
1980Horace Ivory (26)1NWE
1980Drew Hill (23)1RAM
1980Derrick Jensen (24)1OAK
1980Dave Williams (26)1CHI
1980Arthur Whittington (25)1OAK
1980Ray Williams (21)1DET
1980James Owens (25)1SFO
1979Rickey Watts (22)1CHI
1979Roy Green (22)1STL
1979Ira Matthews (22)1OAK
1979James Owens (24)1SFO
1979Aundra Thompson (26)1GNB
1979Billy Campfield (23)1PHI
1978Steve Odom (26)1GNB
1978Dave Williams (24)1SFO
1978Joe Washington (24)1BAL
1978Dennis Pearson (23)1ATL
1978Tony Green (21)1WAS
1978Curtis Brown (23)1BUF
1978Larry Anderson (21)1PIT
1977Raymond Clayborn (22)3NWE
1976Willie Shelby (23)1CIN
1976Cullen Bryant (25)1RAM
1975Terry Metcalf (23)1STL
1975Billy Johnson (23)1HOU
1975Steve Odom (23)1GNB
1975Thomas Henderson (22)1DAL
1975Allen Carter (22)1NWE
1975Mike Collier (21)1PIT
1975Harold Hart (23)1OAK
1974Terry Metcalf (22)1STL
1974Larry Jones (23)1WAS
1974Cullen Bryant (23)1RAM
1974Greg Pruitt (23)1CLE
1973Wallace Francis (21)2BUF
1972Ron Smith (29)1CHI
1972Earl Thomas (23)1CHI
1972Vic Washington (26)1SFO
1972Rocky Thompson (24)1NYG
1972Randy Montgomery (25)1DEN
1972Don McCauley (23)1BAL
1971Ike Thomas (23)2DAL
1971Ron Jessie (23)2DET
1970Cecil Turner (26)4CHI
1969Don McCall (24)1PIT
1969Dave Hampton (22)1GNB
1969Mercury Morris (22)1MIA
1969Mal Snider (22)1ATL
1969Bobby Bell+ (29)1KAN
1969Bobby Williams (27)1DET
1969Travis Williams (23)1GNB
1969Jim Duncan (23)1BAL
1969John Gilliam (24)1STL
1968Preston Pearson (23)2BAL
1968Max Anderson (23)1BUF
1967Travis Williams (21)4GNB
1967Zeke Moore (23)1HOU
1967Noland Smith (23)1KAN
1966Goldie Sellers (24)2DEN
1966Gale Sayers+ (23)2CHI
1966Timmy Brown (29)2PHI
1965Charley Warner (25)2BUF
1965Mel Renfro+ (23)1DAL
1965Gale Sayers+ (22)1CHI
1965Lance Rentzel (21)1MIN
1964Clarence Childs (26)1NYG
1964Andy Livingston (19)1CHI
1964Ode Burrell (24)1HOU
1963Abe Woodson (29)3SFO
1963Dave Grayson (24)1KAN
1963Charley Mitchell (23)1DEN
1962Larry Garron (25)1BOS
1962Elbert Dubenion (29)1BUF
1962Keith Lincoln (23)1SDG
1962Bo Roberson (27)1OAK
1962Art Baker (24)1BUF
1962Timmy Brown (25)1PHI
1962Herb Adderley+ (23)1GNB
1962Bobby Mitchell+ (27)1WAS
1962Amos Marsh (23)1DAL
1962Johnny Counts (23)1NYG
1961Fred Brown (22)1BUF
1961Ron Burton (25)1BOS
1961Larry Garron (24)1BOS
1961Al Frazier (26)1DEN
1961Bobby Mitchell+ (26)1CLE
1961Jon Arnett (26)1RAM
1961Timmy Brown (24)1PHI
1961Abe Woodson (27)1SFO
1961Pat Studstill (23)1DET
1961Abner Haynes (23)1DTX
1960Leon Burton (25)2NYT
1960Lenny Lyles (24)1SFO
1960Bobby Mitchell+ (25)1CLE
1960Johnny Sample (24)1BAL
1959Abe Woodson (25)1SFO
1958Ollie Matson+ (28)2CRD
1958Lenny Lyles (22)2BAL
1957Lenny Moore+ (23)1BAL
1957Billy Wells (25)12TM
1957Jon Arnett (22)1RAM
1956Tommy Wilson (24)1RAM
1956Al Carmichael (27)1GNB
1956Don Bingham (26)1CHI
1956Ollie Matson+ (26)1CRD
1956Joe Arenas (30)1SFO
1955Joe Scudero (25)1WAS
1955Jerry Norton (24)1PHI
1955Jimmy Patton (21)1NYG
1955Al Carmichael (26)1GNB
1954Les Goble (22)2CRD
1953Buddy Young (27)1BAL
1953Lynn Chandnois (28)1PIT
1952Lynn Chandnois (27)2PIT
1952Ollie Matson+ (22)2CRD
1951Emlen Tunnell+ (26)1NYG
1951Buddy Young (25)1NYY
1950Vitamin Smith (26)3RAM
1949Buddy Young (23)1NYY
1949Dan Edwards (23)1CHH
1949Jack Salscheider (24)1NYG
1948Joe Scott (22)1NYG
1948Dan Sandifer (21)1WAS
1948Frank Minini (26)1CHI
1948Joe Perry+ (21)1SFO
1948Fred Gehrke (30)1RAM
1947Eddie Saenz (24)2WAS
1947Bruce Alford (25)1NYY
1947Spec Sanders (29)1NYY
1947Chet Mutryn (26)1BUF
1947Billy Hillenbrand (25)1BCL
1947Alex Wizbicki (25)1BUF
1947Buddy Young (21)1NYY
1946Frank Seno (25)1CRD
1946Bob Shaw (25)1RAM
1946Abe Karnofsky (23)1BOS
1946Spec Sanders (28)1NYY
1946Edgar Jones (26)1CLE
1946Elroy Hirsch+ (23)1CHR
1946Billy Hillenbrand (24)1CHR
1946Chuck Fenenbock (28)1LAD
1945Steve Van Buren+ (24)1PHI
1944Art Van Tone (25)1DET
1944Steve Van Buren+ (23)1PHI
1944Elbie Schultz (26)1CRD
1943Ned Mathews (25)1DET
1943Dante Magnani (26)1CHI
1942Andy Farkas (26)1WAS
1942Marshall Goldberg (24)1CRD
1942Andy Uram (27)1GNB
1942Bosh Pritchard (22)12TM
1942Ray Hare (24)1WAS
1942Bill Dudley+ (20)1PIT
1941George McAfee+ (23)1CHI
1941Dante Magnani (24)1RAM
1941Billy Jefferson (23)1DET
1940Bill Leckonby (22)1BKN
1940George McAfee+ (22)1CHI
1940Ray Nolting (26)1CHI
1939Andy Farkas (23)1WAS
1938Dave Smukler (24)1PHI
1937Johnny Blood+ (33)1PIT
1935Pug Rentner (24)1BOS
1935Cliff Battles+ (25)1BOS
1934Harry Newman (25)1NYG
1934Doug Russell (23)1CRD
1934Homer Griffith (22)1CRD
1932Oran Pape (28)12TM
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