NFL Receptions Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Rec Year Tm
1Michael Thomas (26)1492019NOR
2Marvin Harrison+ (30)1432002IND
3Antonio Brown (27)1362015PIT
Julio Jones (26)1362015ATL
5Antonio Brown (26)1292014PIT
6Michael Thomas (25)1252018NOR
7Herman Moore (25)1231995DET
Wes Welker (28)1232009NWE
9Cris Carter+ (28)1221994MIN
Cris Carter+ (29)1221995MIN
Calvin Johnson (26)1222012DET
Jerry Rice+ (32)1221995SFO
Wes Welker (30)1222011NWE
14Isaac Bruce (22)1191995STL
15Brandon Marshall (28)1182012CHI
Wes Welker (31)1182012NWE
17Torry Holt (27)1172003STL
18Zach Ertz (27)1162018PHI
Christian McCaffrey (23)1162019CAR
Jimmy Smith (30)1161999JAX
21Marvin Harrison+ (27)1151999IND
DeAndre Hopkins (26)1152018HOU
Andre Johnson (27)1152008HOU
Roddy White (28)1152010ATL
25Pierre Garcon (27)1132013WAS
Julio Jones (29)1132018ATL
Rod Smith (31)1132001DEN
Adam Thielen (28)1132018MIN
29T.J. Houshmandzadeh (29)1122007CIN
Andre Johnson (31)1122012HOU
Jarvis Landry (24)1122017MIA
Jerry Rice+ (31)1121994SFO
Sterling Sharpe (28)1121993GNB
Jimmy Smith (32)1122001JAX
Hines Ward (26)1122002PIT
Wes Welker (26)1122007NWE
37Davante Adams (25)1112018GNB
DeAndre Hopkins (23)1112015HOU
Michael Irvin+ (29)1111995DAL
Terance Mathis (27)1111994ATL
Randy Moss+ (26)1112003MIN
JuJu Smith-Schuster (21)1112018PIT
Demaryius Thomas (26)1112014DEN
Reggie Wayne (31)1112010IND
Wes Welker (27)1112008NWE
46Antonio Brown (25)1102013PIT
Jarvis Landry (22)1102015MIA
Jason Witten (30)1102012DAL
49Larry Fitzgerald (32)1092015ARI
Larry Fitzgerald (34)1092017ARI
Marvin Harrison+ (29)1092001IND
Andre Johnson (32)1092013HOU
Brandon Marshall (31)1092015NYJ
54Brett Perriman (29)1081995DET
Jerry Rice+ (33)1081996SFO
Sterling Sharpe (27)1081992GNB
57Larry Fitzgerald (33)1072016ARI
Christian McCaffrey (22)1072018CAR
Steve Smith (24)1072009NYG
60Antonio Brown (28)1062016PIT
Keyshawn Johnson (29)1062001TAM
Art Monk+ (26)1061984WAS
Herman Moore (26)1061996DET
Randy Moss+ (25)1062002MIN
Reggie Wayne (33)1062012IND
66Julian Edelman (27)1052013NWE
Demaryius Thomas (27)1052015DEN
68Keenan Allen (27)1042019LAC
Antonio Brown (30)1042018PIT
Tim Brown+ (31)1041997OAK
DeAndre Hopkins (27)1042019HOU
Julio Jones (25)1042014ATL
Brandon Marshall (24)1042008DEN
Eric Metcalf (27)1041995ATL
Herman Moore (27)1041997DET
Michael Thomas (24)1042017NOR
Reggie Wayne (28)1042007IND
78Larry Fitzgerald (22)1032005ARI
Andre Johnson (25)1032006HOU
Travis Kelce (28)1032018KAN
Derrick Mason (33)1032007BAL
Steve Smith (26)1032005CAR
83Keenan Allen (25)1022017LAC
Anquan Boldin (24)1022005ARI
Robert Brooks (25)1021995GNB
Stefon Diggs (24)1022018MIN
Matt Forte (28)1022014CHI
Tony Gonzalez+ (28)1022004KAN
Marvin Harrison+ (28)1022000IND
Torry Holt (29)1022005STL
Brandon Marshall (23)1022007DEN
Muhsin Muhammad (27)1022000CAR
93Odell Beckham (23)1012016NYG
Anquan Boldin (22)1012003ARI
Antonio Brown (29)1012017PIT
Troy Brown (30)1012001NWE
Larry Centers (27)1011995ARI
Charley Hennigan (29)1011964HOU
Andre Johnson (28)1012009HOU
Brandon Marshall (25)1012009DEN
Ed McCaffrey (32)1012000DEN
Emmanuel Sanders (27)1012014DEN
103Marty Booker (25)1002001CHI
Dallas Clark (30)1002009IND
Julian Edelman (33)1002019NWE
Larry Fitzgerald (24)1002007ARI
Haywood Jeffires (26)1001991HOU
Brandon Marshall (29)1002013CHI
Eric Moulds (29)1002002BUF
Terrell Owens+ (28)1002002SFO
Carl Pickens (26)1001996CIN
Jerry Rice+ (27)1001990SFO
Rod Smith (30)1002000DEN
Lionel Taylor (26)1001961DEN
LaDainian Tomlinson+ (24)1002003SDG
Reggie Wayne (30)1002009IND
Roddy White (29)1002011ATL
118Larry Centers (28)991996ARI
Tony Gonzalez+ (31)992007KAN
Jimmy Graham (24)992011NOR
Julio Jones (30)992019ATL
Carl Pickens (25)991995CIN
Golden Tate (26)992014DET
124David Boston (23)982001ARI
Marques Colston (24)982007NOR
Julian Edelman (30)982016NWE
Mike Furrey (29)982006DET
A.J. Green (25)982013CIN
Randy Moss+ (30)982007NWE
Jordy Nelson (29)982014GNB
Jerry Rice+ (30)981993SFO
Allen Robinson (26)982019CHI
133Keenan Allen (26)972018LAC
Marty Booker (26)972002CHI
Troy Brown (31)972002NWE
Larry Fitzgerald (26)972009ARI
A.J. Green (24)972012CIN
Chad Johnson (27)972005CIN
Travis Kelce (29)972019KAN
Rob Moore (28)971997ARI
Jordy Nelson (31)972016GNB
Terrell Owens+ (26)972000SFO
143Odell Beckham (22)962015NYG
Cris Carter+ (30)961996MIN
Cris Carter+ (34)962000MIN
Ben Coates (25)961994NWE
Mike Evans (23)962016TAM
Larry Fitzgerald (25)962008ARI
Tony Gonzalez+ (32)962008KAN
DeAndre Hopkins (25)962017HOU
Calvin Johnson (25)962011DET
Derrick Mason (30)962004TEN
Muhsin Muhammad (26)961999CAR
Jason Witten (25)962007DAL
155Todd Christensen (30)951986RAI
Marvin Harrison+ (34)952006IND
Chad Johnson (26)952004CIN
Derrick Mason (29)952003TEN
Hines Ward (27)952003PIT
Hines Ward (33)952009PIT
161Doug Baldwin (27)942016SEA
Bobby Engram (34)942007SEA
Marvin Harrison+ (31)942003IND
Torry Holt (28)942004STL
Joe Horn (28)942000NOR
Joe Horn (32)942004NOR
Cooper Kupp (26)942019LAR
Jarvis Landry (23)942016MIA
Keenan McCardell (30)942000JAX
Eric Moulds (27)942000BUF
Brett Perriman (30)941996DET
Peerless Price (25)942002BUF
Sterling Sharpe (29)941994GNB
Demaryius Thomas (24)942012DEN
Delanie Walker (31)942015TEN
Hines Ward (25)942001PIT
Jason Witten (27)942009DAL
Jason Witten (28)942010DAL
Kendall Wright (23)942013TEN
180Dez Bryant (24)932013DAL
Tony Gonzalez+ (24)932000KAN
Tony Gonzalez+ (36)932012ATL
Torry Holt (30)932006STL
Torry Holt (31)932007STL
Michael Irvin+ (25)931991DAL
Chad Johnson (29)932007CIN
Keenan McCardell (31)932001JAX
Johnny Morris (28)931964CHI
Santana Moss (31)932010WAS
Muhsin Muhammad (31)932004CAR
Terrell Owens+ (27)932001SFO
Andre Rison (25)931992ATL
Al Toon (25)931988NYJ
194Dez Bryant (23)922012DAL
Todd Christensen (27)921983RAI
Roger Craig (25)921985SFO
Donald Driver (31)922006GNB
Julian Edelman (28)922014NWE
Austin Ekeler (24)922019LAC
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (30)922008CIN
Jerry Rice+ (39)922002OAK
Golden Tate (29)922017DET
Lionel Taylor (25)921960DEN
Demaryius Thomas (25)922013DEN
Michael Thomas (23)922016NOR
Roddy White (30)922012ATL
207Saquon Barkley (21)912018NYG
Odell Beckham (21)912014NYG
Tim Brown+ (35)912001OAK
Randall Cobb (24)912014GNB
Laveranues Coles (28)912006NYJ
Charlie Garner (30)912002OAK
T.Y. Hilton (26)912016IND
Torry Holt (26)912002STL
Art Monk+ (27)911985WAS
Eddie Royal (22)912008DEN
Jimmy Smith (31)912000JAX
J.T. Smith (31)911987STL
Golden Tate (28)912016DET
Adam Thielen (27)912017MIN
221Martellus Bennett (27)902014CHI
Tyler Boyd (24)902019CIN
Tim Brown+ (30)901996OAK
Tim Brown+ (33)901999OAK
Cris Carter+ (33)901999MIN
Laveranues Coles (26)902004WAS
Larry Fitzgerald (27)902010ARI
Terry Glenn (22)901996NWE
Rob Gronkowski (22)902011NWE
Drew Hill (34)901991HOU
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (28)902006CIN
Steven Jackson (23)902006STL
Haywood Jeffires (27)901992HOU
Chad Johnson (25)902003CIN
Tony Martin (30)901995SDG
O.J. McDuffie (28)901998MIA
Andre Reed+ (30)901994BUF
Sterling Sharpe (24)901989GNB
Golden Tate (27)902015DET
Demaryius Thomas (28)902016DEN
Darren Waller (26)902019OAK
Brian Westbrook (28)902007PHI
Robert Woods (27)902019LAR
244Anquan Boldin (27)892008ARI
Tim Brown+ (28)891994RAI
Tim Brown+ (29)891995OAK
Isaac Bruce (31)892004STL
Cris Carter+ (31)891997MIN
Laveranues Coles (24)892002NYJ
Michael Crabtree (28)892016OAK
Antonio Gates (25)892005SDG
Alshon Jeffery (23)892013CHI
Keyshawn Johnson (27)891999NYJ
Ozzie Newsome+ (27)891983CLE
Ozzie Newsome+ (28)891984CLE
Frank Sanders (25)891998ARI
Rod Smith (32)892002DEN
Javon Walker (25)892004GNB
Kellen Winslow+ (22)891980SDG
Kellen Winslow (23)892006CLE
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