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Leaders Table
Rank Player Solo Year Tm
1Hardy Nickerson (28)2141993TAM
2Jessie Tuggle (26)2071991ATL
3Jessie Tuggle (25)2011990ATL
4Kyle Clifton (28)1991990NYJ
5Jessie Tuggle (27)1931992ATL
6Dante Jones (28)1891993CHI
7Jessie Tuggle (28)1851993ATL
8Byron Evans (25)1841989PHI
9Jessie Tuggle (24)1831989ATL
10Mike Johnson (30)1811993CLE
11Mike Johnson (29)1761992CLE
12Michael Brooks (26)1751990DEN
Byron Evans (28)1751992PHI
14Kyle Clifton (24)1741986NYJ
Broderick Thomas (24)1741991TAM
16Steve Atwater (23)1731990DEN
17Ray Childress (23)1721986HOU
18Kurt Gouveia (28)1711993WAS
19Michael Brooks (28)1701992DEN
Scott Case (28)1701990ATL
21Jack Del Rio (30)1691993MIN
Kurt Gouveia (27)1691992WAS
23Brad Edwards (26)1681992WAS
24Scott Case (29)1621991ATL
Kyle Clifton (26)1621988NYJ
Kyle Clifton (27)1621989NYJ
27Mike Johnson (27)1611990CLE
28Kyle Clifton (23)1601985NYJ
Jeff Herrod (25)1601991IND
30Ken Norton (26)1591993DAL
Eric Turner (24)1591993CLE
32Vincent Brown (28)1581993NWE
Mo Lewis (23)1581993NYJ
34Ray Lewis+ (22)1561997BAL
Andre Waters (29)1561991PHI
36Jeff Herrod (24)1551990IND
Tim McDonald (24)1551989PHO
Stevon Moore (26)1551993CLE
Darren Woodson (24)1551993DAL
40Jeff Herrod (23)1541989IND
Andre Waters (26)1541988PHI
42Michael Brooks (27)1531991DEN
Jack Del Rio (29)1531992MIN
Chris Spielman (22)1531988DET
45Tony Casillas (25)1521989ATL
Tim Krumrie (28)1521988CIN
47Steve Atwater (25)1511992DEN
Andre Collins (23)1511991WAS
49Steve Atwater (24)1501991DEN
Quentin Coryatt (23)1501993IND
Brad Edwards (27)1501993WAS
52Chris Spielman (27)1481993DET
53Jesse Solomon (28)1471992ATL
54Kyle Clifton (29)1461991NYJ
Gary Plummer (29)1461989SDG
Al Smith (26)1461991HOU
Chris Spielman (26)1461992DET
58Mo Lewis (22)1451992NYJ
59Duane Bickett (23)1441986IND
60Kyle Clifton (31)1431993NYJ
Karl Mecklenburg (29)1431989DEN
62Jeff Herrod (27)1421993IND
63Steve Atwater (26)1411993DEN
Duane Bickett (22)1411985IND
Tony Woods (22)1411988SEA
66Greg Kragen (26)1401988DEN
67Kyle Clifton (30)1381992NYJ
Jeff Herrod (26)1381992IND
Wilber Marshall (30)1381992WAS
70Fred Strickland (27)1371993MIN
Andre Waters (27)1371989PHI
72Carlton Bailey (28)1361993NYG
Seth Joyner (23)1361988PHI
Darryl Talley (33)1361993BUF
75Ray Childress (22)1351985HOU
Brad Edwards (25)1351991WAS
Wilber Marshall (29)1351991WAS
Clyde Simmons (25)1351989PHI
Patrick Willis (22)1352007SFO
80Darion Conner (22)1331990ATL
Mike Johnson (26)1331989CLE
Wilber Marshall (26)1331988WAS
Reggie White+ (26)1331988PHI
David Wyman (29)1331993DEN
85Mike Johnson (25)1321988CLE
Seth Joyner (25)1321990PHI
87Ray Lewis+ (24)1311999BAL
88Marty Carter (23)1301993TAM
Jack Del Rio (28)1301991DAL
Karl Mecklenburg (31)1301991DEN
Sam Mills (33)1301992NOR
92Steve Atwater (22)1291989DEN
Junior Seau+ (22)1291991SDG
Junior Seau+ (24)1291993SDG
Andre Waters (24)1291986PHI
96Moe Gardner (25)1281993ATL
Clay Matthews (25)1281981CLE
Jesse Solomon (27)1281991TAM
99Jason Belser (23)1271993IND
Bryan Cox (24)1271992MIA
Karl Mecklenburg (26)1271986DEN
102Duane Bickett (25)1261988IND
Keith Brooking (27)1262003ATL
Richard Brown (25)1261991CLE
Clay Matthews (28)1261984CLE
Jesse Solomon (23)1261987MIN
Chris Spielman (25)1261991DET
108Duane Bickett (28)1251991IND
Derrick Brooks+ (27)1252000TAM
Shaun Gayle (28)1251990CHI
Rickey Jackson+ (23)1251981NOR
Rich Miano (30)1251992PHI
DeMeco Ryans (22)1252006HOU
Chris Spielman (23)1251989DET
115Bill Bates (27)1241988DAL
Shaun Gayle (31)1241993CHI
Rickey Jackson+ (26)1241984NOR
Junior Seau+ (25)1241994SDG
Jesse Solomon (24)1241988MIN
Chris Spielman (28)1241994DET
Jonathan Vilma (23)1242005NYJ
122Derrick Brooks+ (25)1231998TAM
Michael Brooks (25)1231989DEN
Scott Case (31)1231993ATL
Victor Green (26)1231996NYJ
Seth Joyner (24)1231989PHI
Ronnie Lott+ (34)1231993NYJ
Darryl Talley (30)1231990BUF
Dave Whitmore (23)1231990NYG
Reggie White+ (27)1231989PHI
Darryl Williams (23)1231993CIN
132Mark Carrier (22)1221990CHI
Shane Conlan (27)1221991BUF
Donnie Edwards (30)1222003SDG
Paul Posluszny (28)1222013JAX
Al Smith (27)1221992HOU
138Seth Joyner (27)1211992PHI
DeAndre Levy (27)1212014DET
Mike Pitts (27)1211988PHI
142NaVorro Bowman (25)1202013SFO
Ken Harvey (24)1201989PHO
Ray Lewis+ (28)1202003BAL
Ken Norton (25)1201992DAL
Dennis Smith (33)1201992DEN
Zach Thomas (23)1201996MIA
148Ronald McKinnon (26)1192000ARI
Ken Norton (23)1191990DAL
Anthony Simmons (24)1192000SEA
Eric Turner (23)1191992CLE
154Eddie Anderson (28)1181991RAI
Derrick Brooks+ (26)1181999TAM
Marty Carter (22)1181992TAM
Monte Coleman (22)1181980WAS
Gary Plummer (28)1181988SDG
Scott Radecic (29)1181991IND
162Duane Bickett (27)1171990IND
Chad Brown (28)1171998SEA
Vincent Brown (26)1171991NWE
James Laurinaitis (25)1172012STL
Darryl Talley (31)1171991BUF
168NaVorro Bowman (27)1162015SFO
Andre Collins (24)1161992WAS
Darion Conner (24)1161992ATL
Dennis Gibson (24)1161988DET
D'Qwell Jackson (27)1162011CLE
Lamar Lathon (23)1161991HOU
Karl Mecklenburg (30)1161990DEN
Karl Mecklenburg (32)1161992DEN
Darryl Talley (26)1161986BUF
Winfred Tubbs (26)1161997NOR
178Greg Biekert (29)1151998OAK
Vontaze Burfict (22)1152013CIN
Simon Fletcher (26)1151988DEN
Pepper Johnson (26)1151990NYG
Pepper Johnson (28)1151992NYG
Tim McDonald (23)1151988PHO
Sam Mills (35)1151994NOR
Marvcus Patton (31)1151998WAS
Eugene Robinson (25)1151988SEA
Clyde Simmons (27)1151991PHI
Ken Tippins (26)1151992ATL
Brian Urlacher+ (24)1152002CHI
190Monte Coleman (23)1141981WAS
Shane Conlan (23)1141987BUF
Karlos Dansby (31)1142013ARI
Donnie Edwards (27)1142000KAN
Rickey Jackson+ (28)1141986NOR
Vaughan Johnson (26)1141988NOR
Jerod Mayo (24)1142010NWE
Tim McDonald (25)1141990PHO
Hardy Nickerson (27)1141992PIT
Dennis Smith (24)1141983DEN
Patrick Willis (24)1142009SFO
Terry Wooden (28)1141995SEA
202Carl Banks (24)1131986NYG
Duane Bickett (24)1131987IND
Kyle Clifton (22)1131984NYJ
Chris Doleman+ (23)1131985MIN
Tim Krumrie (26)1131986CIN
Clay Matthews (33)1131989CLE
Mike Prior (26)1131990IND
Broderick Thomas (25)1131992TAM
James Washington (26)1131991DAL
212Lavonte David (22)1122012TAM
Donnie Edwards (32)1122005SDG
Byron Evans (26)1121990PHI
Terry Hoage (24)1121986PHI
Ray Lewis+ (26)1122001BAL
Rich Miano (26)1121988NYJ
Sam Mills (31)1121990NOR
David Thornton (24)1122003IND
Andre Waters (25)1121987PHI
223Jon Beason (24)1112009CAR
Tony Bennett (24)1111991GNB
NaVorro Bowman (23)1112011SFO
Tyrone Braxton (24)1111989DEN
Tony Casillas (22)1111986ATL
Tony Casillas (24)1111988ATL
Byron Evans (27)1111991PHI
Darius Leonard (23)1112018IND
Gary Plummer (30)1111990SDG
Gary Plummer (31)1111991SDG
Kevin Ross (23)1111985KAN
Junior Seau+ (26)1111995SDG
Chris Spielman (30)1111996BUF
Jessie Tuggle (30)1111995ATL
Stephen Tulloch (25)1112010TEN
Lonnie Young (27)1111990PHO
245Jon Beason (23)1102008CAR
Keith Brooking (26)1102002ATL
Tim Harris (23)1101988GNB
Derrick Johnson (29)1102012KAN
Mike Pitts (28)1101989PHI
Junior Seau+ (27)1101996SDG
Dennis Smith (31)1101990DEN
Takeo Spikes (23)1102000CIN
Keith Taylor (25)1101990IND

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