NFL Yards per Punt Year-by-Year Playoffs Leaders

Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player Y/P Tm
2016Matt Darr (24)51.0MIA
2015Tress Way (25)50.6WAS
2014Sam Koch (32)50.0BAL
2013Pat McAfee (26)51.7IND
2012Chris Kluwe (30)49.6MIN
2011Kevin Huber (26)48.3CIN
2010Dustin Colquitt (28)51.0KAN
2009Saverio Rocca (35)50.6PHI
2008Craig Hentrich (37)53.3TEN
2007Adam Podlesh (24)50.0JAX
2006Dustin Colquitt (24)52.3KAN
2005Tom Rouen (37)45.5SEA
2004Ken Walter (32)44.3SEA
2003Hunter Smith (26)55.0IND
2002Bill LaFleur (26)40.5SFO
2002Lee Johnson (40)40.5PHI
2001Matt Turk (33)47.4MIA
2000Shane Lechler (24)45.8OAK
1999Hunter Smith (22)48.6IND
1998Sean Landeta (36)50.5GNB
1997Louie Aguiar (31)46.4KAN
1996John Jett (27)49.0DAL
1995Darren Bennett (30)54.5SDG
1994John Kidd (33)44.5MIA
1993Greg Montgomery (28)48.6HOU
1992Klaus Wilmsmeyer (24)45.7SFO
1991Tommy Barnhardt (28)54.0NOR
1990Reggie Roby (29)49.8MIA
1989Greg Montgomery (24)44.0HOU
1988Dale Hatcher (25)48.2RAM
1987Lee Johnson (25)44.3CLE
1987Ruben Rodriguez (22)44.3SEA
1986Rich Camarillo (26)50.2NWE
1985Mike Saxon (23)46.9DAL
1984Craig Colquitt (30)43.2PIT
1983Luke Prestridge (26)47.8DEN
1982Steve Cox (24)48.5CLE
1981Dave Jennings (29)43.6NYG
1980Ray Guy+ (30)46.2OAK
1979Luke Prestridge (22)44.3DEN
1978George Roberts (23)48.6MIA
1977Ray Guy+ (27)42.6OAK
1976Mike Patrick (24)44.0NWE
1975Jeff West (22)42.7STL
1974Mike Bragg (27)45.2WAS
1973Ray Guy+ (23)45.0OAK
1972Bobby Walden (34)49.4PIT
1971Jerrel Wilson (29)51.0KAN
1970Herman Weaver (21)48.9DET
1969Mike Eischeid (28)45.5OAK
1968Jerrel Wilson (26)47.0KAN
1967Mike Eischeid (26)44.1OAK
1966Jerrel Wilson (24)43.9KAN
1965John Hadl (25)51.4SDG
1964Paul Maguire (26)46.8BUF
1963Paul Maguire (25)43.5SDG
1962Don Chandler (28)41.9NYG
1961Boyd Dowler (23)42.0GNB
1960Max McGee (28)45.2GNB
1959Don Chandler (25)47.8NYG
1958Ray Brown (21)50.8BAL
1957Yale Lary+ (26)39.8DET
1956Ed Brown (27)42.5CHI
1955Norm Van Brocklin+ (29)45.0RAM
1954Horace Gillom (33)43.0CLE
1953Yale Lary+ (22)49.3DET
1952Horace Gillom (31)43.3CLE
1951Bob Waterfield+ (31)43.4RAM
1950Bob Waterfield+ (30)45.5RAM
1949Tom Landry+ (24)55.0NYY
1948Jim Still (24)42.5BUF
1947Horace Gillom (26)45.0CLE
1946Spec Sanders (28)45.0NYY
1945Bob Waterfield+ (25)37.9RAM
1944Len Younce (27)41.0NYG
1943George Cafego (28)44.8WAS
1942Sammy Baugh+ (28)52.5WAS
1941George McAfee+ (23)61.0CHI
1940Roy Zimmerman (22)61.0WAS
1939Clarke Hinkle+ (30)57.0GNB
1938Johnny Gildea (28)59.0NYG
1937Sam Francis (23)62.0CHI
1936Riley Smith (25)42.5BOS
1935Ed Danowski (23)61.0NYG
1934Ken Strong+ (28)45.7NYG
1933Keith Molesworth (27)39.8CHI
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