NFL Yards per Punt Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Y/P Year Tm
1Sammy Baugh+ (26)51.41940WAS
2Shane Lechler (33)51.12009OAK
3Andy Lee (29)50.92011SFO
4Shane Lechler (35)50.82011OAK
5Brandon Fields (28)50.22012MIA
6Thomas Morstead (26)50.12012NOR
7Donnie Jones (28)50.02008STL
8Tress Way (29)49.92019WAS
9Brett Kern (31)49.72017TEN
10Pat McAfee (29)49.32016IND
11Andy Lee (34)49.12016CAR
Shane Lechler (31)49.12007OAK
Glenn Dobbs (28)49.11948LAD
14Shane Lechler (41)49.02017HOU
Mat McBriar (29)49.02008DAL
16Yale Lary+ (32)48.91963DET
Marquette King (24)48.92013OAK
18Brandon Fields (27)48.82011MIA
Brandon Fields (29)48.82013MIA
Shane Lechler (32)48.82008OAK
21Sammy Baugh+ (27)48.71941WAS
22Marquette King (27)48.62016OAK
Andy Lee (36)48.62018ARI
24Sam Martin (26)48.52016DET
Chas Henry (23)48.52012PHI
26Yale Lary+ (30)48.41961DET
27Thomas Morstead (25)48.32011NOR
Mike Scifres (31)48.32012SDG
Thomas Morstead (30)48.32016NOR
30Sammy Baugh+ (28)48.21942WAS
Frankie Albert (29)48.21949SFO
Brian Moorman (35)48.22011BUF
Michael Dickson (22)48.22018SEA
Mat McBriar (27)48.22006DAL
Andy Lee (31)48.22013SFO
36Andy Lee (30)48.12012SFO
Cameron Johnston (26)48.12018PHI
Andy Lee (37)48.12019ARI
Drew Kaser (24)48.12017LAC
40Pat McAfee (25)47.92012IND
Johnny Hekker (25)47.92015STL
Mat McBriar (31)47.92010DAL
Johnny Hekker (27)47.92017LAR
44Bryan Anger (23)47.82012JAX
Glenn Dobbs (26)47.81946BDA
Andy Lee (26)47.82008SFO
Brad Nortman (23)47.82013CAR
Johnny Hekker (26)47.82016LAR
49Pat McAfee (28)47.72015IND
Glenn Pakulak (28)47.72008NOR
51Britton Colquitt (32)47.62017CLE
Matt Darr (23)47.62015MIA
Shane Lechler (37)47.62013HOU
Brett Kern (26)47.62012TEN
Andy Lee (27)47.62009SFO
Chris Kluwe (26)47.62008MIN
Dean McAdams (23)47.61941BKN
58Shane Lechler (40)47.52016HOU
Steve Weatherford (29)47.52012NYG
Shane Lechler (30)47.52006OAK
Mike Scifres (30)47.52011SDG
Tress Way (24)47.52014WAS
Todd Sauerbrun (28)47.52001CAR
Bryan Anger (25)47.52014JAX
Matthew Bosher (24)47.52012ATL
Kay Eakin (24)47.51941NYG
67Brett Kern (29)47.42015TEN
Ty Long (26)47.42019LAC
Johnny Hekker (29)47.42019LAR
Marquette King (28)47.42017OAK
Brett Kern (33)47.42019TEN
Sam Koch (36)47.42018BAL
Britton Colquitt (26)47.42011DEN
Sam Koch (32)47.42014BAL
75Shane Lechler (39)47.32015HOU
Andy Lee (25)47.32007SFO
Joe Muha (27)47.31948PHI
Andy Lee (35)47.32017ARI
79Shane Lechler (36)47.22012OAK
Donnie Jones (27)47.22007STL
Craig Hentrich (27)47.21998TEN
Sam Martin (23)47.22013DET
George Gulyanics (28)47.21949CHI
Donnie Jones (32)47.22012HOU
Matthew Bosher (27)47.22015ATL
86Mat McBriar (28)47.12007DAL
Yale Lary+ (28)47.11959DET
Sam Koch (30)47.12012BAL
Brett Kern (32)47.12018TEN
Larry Barnes (25)47.11957SFO
91Ben Graham (35)47.02009ARI
Thomas Morstead (31)47.02017NOR
Riley Dixon (26)47.02019NYG
Bobby Joe Green (25)47.01961PIT
Shane Lechler (34)47.02010OAK
Pat O'Donnell (26)47.02017CHI
Donnie Jones (35)47.02015PHI
98Steve Weatherford (30)46.92013NYG
Greg Montgomery (27)46.91992HOU
Tom Rouen (30)46.91998DEN
Cameron Johnston (27)46.92019PHI
Shane Lechler (27)46.92003OAK
Pat Brady (27)46.91953PIT
Thomas Morstead (27)46.92013NOR
105Kevin Huber (29)46.82014CIN
Dustin Colquitt (30)46.82012KAN
Matthew Bosher (28)46.82016ATL
Todd Sauerbrun (34)46.82007DEN
Donnie Jones (29)46.82009STL
Brett Kern (28)46.82014TEN
Sam Koch (37)46.82019BAL
Andy Lee (32)46.82014SFO
113Brett Kern (22)46.72008DEN
Mike Scifres (29)46.72010SDG
Andy Lee (33)46.72015CLE
Shane Lechler (28)46.72004OAK
Gary Collins (25)46.71965CLE
Pat McAfee (27)46.72014IND
Sam Koch (33)46.72015BAL
120Jon Ryan (29)46.62011SEA
Don Chandler (25)46.61959NYG
Pat McAfee (24)46.62011IND
Brad Nortman (26)46.62016JAX
Kevin Huber (32)46.62017CIN
Kevin Huber (27)46.62012CIN
Brian Moorman (33)46.62009BUF
Lac Edwards (25)46.62017NYJ
Matthew Bosher (25)46.62013ATL
129Mat McBriar (33)46.52012PHI
Tom Rouen (31)46.51999DEN
Johnny Hekker (24)46.52014STL
Dave Zastudil (33)46.52012ARI
Sam Koch (29)46.52011BAL
Bobby Joe Green (27)46.51963CHI
Zoltan Mesko (25)46.52011NWE
136Thomas Morstead (32)46.42018NOR
Bryan Anger (30)46.42019HOU
Bobby Walden (26)46.41964MIN
Jamie Gillan (22)46.42019CLE
Thomas Morstead (28)46.42014NOR
Colton Schmidt (24)46.42015BUF
Ryan Allen (24)46.42014NWE
143Brandon Fields (30)46.32014MIA
Johnny Hekker (28)46.32018LAR
Shane Lechler (38)46.32014HOU
Kevin Huber (31)46.32016CIN
John Kidd (35)46.31996MIA
Brandon Fields (25)46.32009MIA
Drew Kaser (23)46.32016SDG
Johnny Hekker (23)46.32013STL
Britton Colquitt (27)46.32012DEN
Yale Lary+ (33)46.31964DET
Bryan Anger (26)46.32015JAX
Robert Malone (25)46.32013NYJ
155Shane Lechler (25)46.22001OAK
Jon Ryan (27)46.22009SEA
Dave Lewis (24)46.21970CIN
Brad Wing (25)46.22016NYG
A.J. Cole (23)46.22019OAK
Andy Lee (28)46.22010SFO
Darren Bennett (35)46.22000SDG
Brandon Fields (26)46.22010MIA
163Sam Martin (24)46.12014DET
Rigoberto Sanchez (23)46.12018IND
Daniel Sepulveda (27)46.12011PIT
Mike Scifres (26)46.12007SDG
Shawn Powell (24)46.12013BUF
Jordan Berry (28)46.12019PIT
Tress Way (25)46.12015WAS
170Michael Palardy (25)46.02017CAR
Pat McAfee (26)46.02013IND
Dustin Colquitt (31)46.02013KAN
Ryan Allen (25)46.02015NWE
Sam Martin (25)46.02015DET
Lac Edwards (27)46.02019NYJ
Sam Koch (31)46.02013BAL
177Rohn Stark (26)45.91985IND
Ryan Allen (23)45.92013NWE
Thomas Morstead (24)45.92010NOR
Bryan Anger (27)45.92016TAM
Frankie Sinkwich (22)45.91943DET
Shane Lechler (24)45.92000OAK
Sammy Baugh+ (29)45.91943WAS
Ryan Quigley (24)45.92014NYJ
Thomas Morstead (33)45.92019NOR
Lac Edwards (26)45.92018NYJ
Dustin Colquitt (29)45.92011KAN
Mark Royals (32)45.91997NOR
Chris Jones (27)45.92016DAL
190Donnie Jones (36)45.82016PHI
Kevin Huber (30)45.82015CIN
Sam Koch (34)45.82016BAL
Robert Malone (24)45.82012NYJ
Johnny Hekker (22)45.82012STL
Logan Cooke (24)45.82019JAX
Tommy Davis (30)45.81965SFO
Tom Tupa (31)45.81997NWE
198Mike Scifres (33)45.72014SDG
Jason Baker (28)45.72006CAR
Mike Scifres (27)45.72008SDG
Dave Zastudil (34)45.72013ARI
Matthew Bosher (26)45.72014ATL
Tress Way (27)45.72017WAS
Riley Dixon (23)45.72016DEN
Horace Gillom (31)45.71952CLE
Bob Reinhard (26)45.71947LAD
Chris Kluwe (29)45.72011MIN
Steve Weatherford (28)45.72011NYG
Reggie Roby (30)45.71991MIA
Bryan Anger (24)45.72013JAX
Brian Moorman (29)45.72005BUF
Chris Gardocki (26)45.71996IND
Tommy Davis (24)45.71959SFO
Shane Lechler (29)45.72005OAK
215Mark Royals (33)45.61998NOR
Bob Cifers (26)45.61946DET
Riley Dixon (24)45.62017DEN
Jon Ryan (26)45.62008SEA
Darren Bennett (31)45.61996SDG
Greg Montgomery (28)45.61993HOU
Don Chandler (30)45.61964NYG
Jordan Berry (25)45.62016PIT
Jon Ryan (30)45.62012SEA
Tommy Davis (27)45.61962SFO
David Lee (22)45.61966BAL
Josh Bidwell (29)45.62005TAM
Jerry Norton (29)45.61960STL
Tim Masthay (24)45.62011GNB
Tommy Davis (29)45.61964SFO
Thomas Morstead (29)45.62015NOR
231Chris Gardocki (30)45.52000CLE
Daniel Sepulveda (26)45.52010PIT
Todd Sauerbrun (29)45.52002CAR
Ryan Quigley (23)45.52013NYJ
Jerrel Wilson (31)45.51973KAN
Danny Villanueva (24)45.51962RAM
Harry Newsome (28)45.51991MIN
Britton Colquitt (34)45.52019MIN
Steve Weatherford (31)45.52014NYG
Dustin Colquitt (25)45.52007KAN
Horace Gillom (30)45.51951CLE
Sam Baker (29)45.51959WAS
Donnie Jones (30)45.52010STL
Jon Ryan (33)45.52015SEA
Matthew Bosher (30)45.52018ATL
Brett Kern (23)45.520092TM
Dave Zastudil (29)45.52008CLE
248Pat McInally (28)45.41981CIN
Sam Baker (28)45.41958WAS
Riley Dixon (25)45.42018NYG
Mike Horan (33)45.41992DEN
Dustin Colquitt (27)45.42009KAN
Sam Baker (32)45.41962DAL
Danny Villanueva (25)45.41963RAM
Mitch Berger (27)45.41999MIN
Jerrel Wilson (23)45.41965KAN
Britton Colquitt (33)45.42018CLE
Harry Newsome (25)45.41988PIT
Tommy Davis (26)45.41961SFO
Lee Johnson (34)45.41996CIN
Chris Jones (25)45.42014DAL
Bob Reinhard (25)45.41946LAD
Brad Nortman (25)45.42015CAR
Tommy Davis (28)45.41963SFO
Chris Gardocki (28)45.41998IND
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