NFC Playoff Standings

NFC Playoff Standings Table
Seed Tm W L T W-L% SRS Why Reason
1New Orleans Saints1330.81310.07South Championhead-to-head record over Los Angeles Rams
2Los Angeles Rams1330.8138.49West Champion
3Chicago Bears1240.7506.28North Champion
4Dallas Cowboys1060.6251.09East Champion
5Seattle Seahawks1060.6254.51Wild Card #1
6Philadelphia Eagles970.5631.74Wild Card #2
Minnesota Vikings871.5310.59
Atlanta Falcons790.438-0.11head-to-head record over Washington Commanders
Washington Redskins790.438-4.95head-to-head record over Carolina Panthers
Carolina Panthers790.4380.93
Green Bay Packers691.406-2.74
Detroit Lions6100.375-3.01
New York Giants5110.313-2.17head-to-head record over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers5110.313-2.56
San Francisco 49ers4120.250-5.54
Arizona Cardinals3130.188-11.50

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AFC Playoff Standings

AFC Playoff Standings Table
Seed Tm W L T W-L% SRS Why Reason
1Kansas City Chiefs1240.7508.89West Championdivision win percentage over Los Angeles Chargers
2New England Patriots1150.6885.18East Championhead-to-head record over Houston Texans
3Houston Texans1150.6883.85South Champion
4Baltimore Ravens1060.6257.02North Champion
5Los Angeles Chargers1240.7505.95Wild Card #1
6Indianapolis Colts1060.6253.36Wild Card #2
Pittsburgh Steelers961.5945.57
Tennessee Titans970.5630.23
Cleveland Browns781.469-0.33
Miami Dolphins790.438-8.83
Denver Broncos6100.375-0.51strength of victory over Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals6100.375-3.41win percentage in common games over Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills6100.375-6.91
Jacksonville Jaguars5110.313-4.02
New York Jets4120.250-7.84strength of victory over Las Vegas Raiders
Oakland Raiders4120.250-9.31

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