NFL Fourth Quarter Comebacks Year-by-Year Leaders (since 1960)

For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player 4QC Tm Link
2017Marcus Mariota (23)4TENView Comebacks
2016Matthew Stafford (28)8DETView Comebacks
2015Derek Carr (24)4OAKView Comebacks
2015Jay Cutler (32)4CHIView Comebacks
2015Peyton Manning (39)4DENView Comebacks
2015Matt Ryan (30)4ATLView Comebacks
2014Matthew Stafford (26)5DETView Comebacks
2013Tom Brady (36)5NWEView Comebacks
2012Tony Romo (32)5DALView Comebacks
2012Matt Ryan (27)5ATLView Comebacks
2011Eli Manning (30)7NYGView Comebacks
2010Josh Freeman (22)5TAMView Comebacks
2010Matt Ryan (25)5ATLView Comebacks
2009Peyton Manning (33)7INDView Comebacks
2008Ben Roethlisberger (26)5PITView Comebacks
2007Eli Manning (26)5NYGView Comebacks
2006Matt Hasselbeck (30)4SEAView Comebacks
2006Peyton Manning (30)4INDView Comebacks
2006Philip Rivers (24)4SDGView Comebacks
2006Vince Young (23)4TENView Comebacks
2005Drew Bledsoe (33)4DALView Comebacks
2004Ben Roethlisberger (22)5PITView Comebacks
2003Jake Delhomme (28)5CARView Comebacks
2002Kerry Collins (29)5NYGView Comebacks
2001Vinny Testaverde (37)5NYJView Comebacks
2000Vinny Testaverde (36)4NYJView Comebacks
1999Peyton Manning (23)6INDView Comebacks
1998Jake Plummer (23)5ARIView Comebacks
1997Kordell Stewart (24)4PITView Comebacks
1996Mark Brunell (25)4JAXView Comebacks
1996John Elway+ (36)4DENView Comebacks
1995Troy Aikman+ (28)3DALView Comebacks
1995Steve Bono (33)3KANView Comebacks
1995Jim Harbaugh (31)3INDView Comebacks
1995Dave Krieg (36)3ARIView Comebacks
1995Neil O'Donnell (29)3PITView Comebacks
1995Rodney Peete (29)3PHIView Comebacks
1994Stan Humphries (29)5SDGView Comebacks
1993Brett Favre+ (23)4GNBView Comebacks
1993Jim Kelly+ (33)4BUFView Comebacks
1992Dan Marino+ (30)6MIAView Comebacks
1991Chris Miller (26)4ATLView Comebacks
1991Warren Moon+ (34)4HOUView Comebacks
1990Troy Aikman+ (23)4DALView Comebacks
1990Dave Krieg (31)4SEAView Comebacks
1990Dan Marino+ (28)4MIAView Comebacks
1989Jim Everett (26)5RAMView Comebacks
1989Don Majkowski (25)5GNBView Comebacks
1988Randall Cunningham (25)3PHIView Comebacks
1988Steve DeBerg (34)3KANView Comebacks
1988Boomer Esiason (27)3CINView Comebacks
1988Jim Kelly+ (28)3BUFView Comebacks
1988Bernie Kosar (24)3CLEView Comebacks
1988Joe Montana+ (32)3SFOView Comebacks
1988Doug Williams (33)3WASView Comebacks
1987John Elway+ (27)3DENView Comebacks
1987Boomer Esiason (26)3CINView Comebacks
1987Bobby Hebert (27)3NORView Comebacks
1987Mark Malone (28)3PITView Comebacks
1987Jim McMahon (28)3CHIView Comebacks
1987Joe Montana+ (31)3SFOView Comebacks
1987Warren Moon+ (30)3HOUView Comebacks
1987Danny White (35)3DALView Comebacks
1986Bernie Kosar (22)5CLEView Comebacks
1985John Elway+ (25)6DENView Comebacks
1984Richard Todd (30)5NORView Comebacks
1983Steve Bartkowski (30)3ATLView Comebacks
1983Steve DeBerg (29)3DENView Comebacks
1983Lynn Dickey (33)3GNBView Comebacks
1983Joe Ferguson (33)3BUFView Comebacks
1983Vince Ferragamo (29)3RAMView Comebacks
1983Joe Montana+ (27)3SFOView Comebacks
1983Mike Pagel (22)3BALView Comebacks
1983Jim Plunkett (35)3RAIView Comebacks
1982Jim Plunkett (34)5RAIView Comebacks
1981Dan Fouts+ (30)4SDGView Comebacks
1981Marc Wilson (24)4OAKView Comebacks
1980Doug Williams (25)5TAMView Comebacks
1979Steve Bartkowski (26)5ATLView Comebacks
1979Terry Bradshaw+ (31)5PITView Comebacks
1979Brian Sipe (30)5CLEView Comebacks
1978Dan Pastorini (29)6HOUView Comebacks
1977Bob Avellini (24)3CHIView Comebacks
1976Ken Stabler+ (30)4OAKView Comebacks
1975Jim Hart (31)4STLView Comebacks
1974Joe Ferguson (24)3BUFView Comebacks
1974Bill Munson (33)3DETView Comebacks
1974Joe Namath+ (31)3NYJView Comebacks
1974Ken Stabler+ (28)3OAKView Comebacks
1973Mike Phipps (25)4CLEView Comebacks
1972Mike Phipps (24)4CLEView Comebacks
1972Fran Tarkenton+ (32)4MINView Comebacks
1971Terry Bradshaw+ (23)3PITView Comebacks
1971Len Dawson+ (36)3KANView Comebacks
1971Bob Griese+ (26)3MIAView Comebacks
1970Daryle Lamonica (29)3OAKView Comebacks
1970Dennis Shaw (23)3BUFView Comebacks
1970Johnny Unitas+ (37)3BALView Comebacks
1969Fran Tarkenton+ (29)4NYGView Comebacks
1969Daryle Lamonica (28)3OAKView Comebacks
1968Joe Namath+ (25)4NYJView Comebacks
1968Roman Gabriel (28)2RAMView Comebacks
1968Jim Hart (24)2STLView Comebacks
1968Charley Johnson (29)2STLView Comebacks
1967Sonny Jurgensen+ (33)4WASView Comebacks
1967Johnny Unitas+ (34)4BALView Comebacks
1967John Hadl (27)3SDGView Comebacks
1966Charley Johnson (27)4STLView Comebacks
1966Joe Namath+ (23)4NYJView Comebacks
1965John Brodie (30)3SFOView Comebacks
1965Babe Parilli (35)3BOSView Comebacks
1965Frank Ryan (29)3CLEView Comebacks
1965Johnny Unitas+ (32)3BALView Comebacks
1964Tom Flores (27)3OAKView Comebacks
1964Daryle Lamonica (23)3BUFView Comebacks
1964Babe Parilli (34)3BOSView Comebacks
1964Fran Tarkenton+ (24)3MINView Comebacks
1963Ed Brown (34)6PITView Comebacks
1963Cotton Davidson (31)2OAKView Comebacks
1963John McCormick (26)2DENView Comebacks
1962George Blanda+ (34)3HOUView Comebacks
1962Norm Snead (23)3WASView Comebacks
1962Bart Starr+ (28)3GNBView Comebacks
1962Frank Tripucka (34)3DENView Comebacks
1962Johnny Unitas+ (29)3BALView Comebacks
1962Billy Wade (31)3CHIView Comebacks
1961Sonny Jurgensen+ (27)3PHIView Comebacks
1961Eddie LeBaron (31)3DALView Comebacks
1961Bart Starr+ (27)3GNBView Comebacks
1961Johnny Unitas+ (28)3BALView Comebacks
1961Billy Wade (30)3CHIView Comebacks
1961Babe Parilli (31)2BOSView Comebacks
1961Butch Songin (37)2BOSView Comebacks
1960Norm Van Brocklin+ (34)6PHIView Comebacks
1960Jack Kemp (25)4LACView Comebacks
1959Bobby Layne+ (32)3PITView Comebacks
1959Johnny Unitas+ (26)3BALView Comebacks
1958Johnny Unitas+ (25)4BALView Comebacks
1957Y.A. Tittle+ (30)5SFOView Comebacks
1956Y.A. Tittle+ (29)4SFOView Comebacks
1955Norm Van Brocklin+ (29)4RAMView Comebacks
1954George Blanda+ (26)3CHIView Comebacks
1954Bobby Layne+ (27)3DETView Comebacks
1953Jim Finks+ (26)3PITView Comebacks
1953Bobby Layne+ (26)3DETView Comebacks
1953Eddie LeBaron (23)3WASView Comebacks
1952Eddie LeBaron (22)2WASView Comebacks
1951Bob Celeri (24)3NYYView Comebacks
1950Charlie Conerly (28)3NYGView Comebacks
1950Otto Graham+ (28)3CLEView Comebacks
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