NFL Pass Completion % Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Cmp% Year Tm
1Drew Brees (39)74.4%2018NOR
2Drew Brees (38)72.0%2017NOR
3Sam Bradford (28)71.6%2016MIN
4Drew Brees (32)71.2%2011NOR
5Derek Carr (28)70.8%2019OAK
6Drew Brees (30)70.6%2009NOR
Ken Anderson (33)70.6%1982CIN
8Sammy Baugh+ (31)70.3%1945WAS
Steve Young+ (32)70.3%1994SFO
10Joe Montana+ (33)70.2%1989SFO
Deshaun Watson (23)70.2%2019HOU
12Kirk Cousins (30)70.1%2018MIN
13Drew Brees (37)70.0%2016NOR
14Tony Romo (34)69.9%2014DAL
Matt Ryan (31)69.9%2016ATL
16Kirk Cousins (27)69.8%2015WAS
17Carson Wentz (25)69.6%2018PHI
18Philip Rivers (31)69.5%2013SDG
19Matt Ryan (33)69.4%2018ATL
Matt Ryan (34)69.4%2019ATL
21Brian Griese (29)69.3%2004TAM
22Drew Brees (35)69.2%2014NOR
Daunte Culpepper (27)69.2%2004MIN
24Troy Aikman+ (26)69.1%1993DAL
Kirk Cousins (31)69.1%2019MIN
26Chad Pennington (26)68.9%2002NYJ
Derek Carr (27)68.9%2018OAK
Marcus Mariota (24)68.9%2018TEN
Tom Brady (30)68.9%2007NWE
30Chad Pennington (31)68.8%2007NYJ
Peyton Manning (33)68.8%2009IND
32Kurt Warner+ (30)68.7%2001STL
33Matt Ryan (27)68.6%2012ATL
Drew Brees (34)68.6%2013NOR
Peyton Manning (36)68.6%2012DEN
36Russell Wilson (30)68.5%2019SEA
37Brett Favre+ (39)68.4%2009MIN
38Dak Prescott (26)68.3%2019DAL
Aaron Rodgers (27)68.3%2011GNB
David Carr (27)68.3%2006HOU
Deshaun Watson (22)68.3%2018HOU
Philip Rivers (36)68.3%2018LAC
Peyton Manning (37)68.3%2013DEN
Drew Brees (36)68.3%2015NOR
45Russell Wilson (26)68.1%2015SEA
Drew Brees (31)68.1%2010NOR
47Ben Roethlisberger (33)68.0%2015PIT
Steve Young+ (31)68.0%1993SFO
49Cam Newton (29)67.9%2018CAR
Matt Schaub (28)67.9%2009HOU
51Carson Palmer (25)67.8%2005CIN
Dak Prescott (23)67.8%2016DAL
53Kurt Warner+ (29)67.7%2000STL
Steve Young+ (34)67.7%1996SFO
Steve Young+ (35)67.7%1997SFO
Dak Prescott (25)67.7%2018DAL
57Jimmy Garoppolo (27)67.6%2019SFO
Rich Gannon (36)67.6%2002OAK
Peyton Manning (28)67.6%2004IND
Case Keenum (29)67.6%2017MIN
61Alex Smith (33)67.5%2017KAN
Drew Brees (28)67.5%2007NOR
63Chad Pennington (32)67.4%2008MIA
Matt Ryan (28)67.4%2013ATL
Kelly Holcomb (32)67.4%2005BUF
Tom Brady (39)67.4%2016NWE
67Peyton Manning (29)67.3%2005IND
Andrew Luck (28)67.3%2018IND
Steve Bartkowski (31)67.3%1984ATL
Josh McCown (38)67.3%2017NYJ
71Matthew Stafford (27)67.2%2015DET
Aaron Rodgers (28)67.2%2012GNB
73Ben Roethlisberger (32)67.1%2014PIT
Ryan Tannehill (28)67.1%2016MIA
Alex Smith (32)67.1%2016KAN
Kurt Warner+ (37)67.1%2008ARI
77Kirk Cousins (28)67.0%2016WAS
Ben Roethlisberger (36)67.0%2018PIT
Peyton Manning (27)67.0%2003IND
80Marc Bulger (28)66.9%2005STL
Steve Young+ (33)66.9%1995SFO
82Peyton Manning (32)66.8%2008IND
Joe Montana+ (31)66.8%1987SFO
84Brian Griese (27)66.7%2002DEN
Ken Anderson (34)66.7%1983CIN
Ryan Fitzpatrick (35)66.7%2018TAM
Ken Stabler+ (30)66.7%1976OAK
Steve Young+ (30)66.7%1992SFO
89Ben Roethlisberger (27)66.6%2009PIT
Mitchell Trubisky (24)66.6%2018CHI
Aaron Rodgers (29)66.6%2013GNB
92Brett Favre+ (37)66.5%2007GNB
Josh McCown (34)66.5%2013CHI
Philip Rivers (32)66.5%2014SDG
95Ben Roethlisberger (22)66.4%2004PIT
Ryan Tannehill (26)66.4%2014MIA
Matt Schaub (26)66.4%2007HOU
Len Dawson+ (40)66.4%1975KAN
Trent Green (34)66.4%2004KAN
100Peyton Manning (26)66.3%2002IND
Patrick Mahomes (23)66.3%2019KAN
Matt Ryan (30)66.3%2015ATL
Tony Romo (31)66.3%2011DAL
Peyton Manning (34)66.3%2010IND
Tom Brady (40)66.3%2017NWE
106Marc Bulger (27)66.2%2004STL
Peyton Manning (38)66.2%2014DEN
108Matthew Stafford (30)66.1%2018DET
Philip Rivers (33)66.1%2015SDG
Matt Ryan (29)66.1%2014ATL
Kurt Warner+ (38)66.1%2009ARI
Andy Dalton (27)66.1%2015CIN
Matt Schaub (27)66.1%2008HOU
114Patrick Mahomes (22)66.0%2018KAN
Philip Rivers (28)66.0%2010SDG
Eli Manning (37)66.0%2018NYG
Jay Cutler (31)66.0%2014CHI
118Philip Rivers (37)65.9%2019LAC
Lamar Jackson (22)65.9%2019BAL
Tom Brady (33)65.9%2010NWE
121Tom Brady (41)65.8%2018NWE
Rich Gannon (35)65.8%2001OAK
123Aaron Rodgers (32)65.7%2016GNB
Jon Kitna (37)65.7%2010DAL
Brett Favre+ (38)65.7%2008NYJ
Aaron Rodgers (26)65.7%2010GNB
Tom Brady (32)65.7%2009NWE
Matthew Stafford (29)65.7%2017DET
129Robert Griffin (22)65.6%2012WAS
Cody Carlson (28)65.6%1992HOU
Tom Brady (34)65.6%2011NWE
Dave Krieg (32)65.6%1991SEA
Tony Romo (32)65.6%2012DAL
Aaron Rodgers (30)65.6%2014GNB
Russell Wilson (29)65.6%2018SEA
136Trent Edwards (24)65.5%2008BUF
Drew Brees (25)65.5%2004SDG
Matt Hasselbeck (29)65.5%2005SEA
139Peyton Manning (31)65.4%2007IND
Chad Pennington (28)65.4%2004NYJ
Brett Favre+ (33)65.4%2003GNB
142Ben Roethlisberger (25)65.3%2007PIT
Teddy Bridgewater (22)65.3%2015MIN
Matthew Stafford (28)65.3%2016DET
Alex Smith (31)65.3%2015KAN
Alex Smith (30)65.3%2014KAN
Troy Aikman+ (24)65.3%1991DAL
Tony Romo (26)65.3%2006DAL
Philip Rivers (26)65.3%2008SDG
Joe Flacco (34)65.3%2019DEN
151Philip Rivers (27)65.2%2009SDG
152Kurt Warner+ (28)65.1%1999STL
153Drew Brees (29)65.0%2008NOR
Sam Bradford (27)65.0%2015PHI
Peyton Manning (30)65.0%2006IND
Daunte Culpepper (26)65.0%2003MIN
157Ken Anderson (25)64.9%1974CIN
Jeff Garcia (38)64.9%2008TAM
Jared Goff (23)64.9%2018LAR
Joe Flacco (31)64.9%2016BAL
Carson Palmer (27)64.9%2007CIN
162Aaron Rodgers (35)64.8%2019GNB
Jacoby Brissett (26)64.8%2019IND
Troy Aikman+ (28)64.8%1995DAL
Tom Brady (42)64.8%2019NWE
166Warren Moon+ (35)64.7%1992HOU
Otto Graham+ (31)64.7%1953CLE
Aaron Rodgers (33)64.7%2017GNB
Aaron Rodgers (25)64.7%2009GNB
Andy Dalton (28)64.7%2016CIN
Russell Wilson (27)64.7%2016SEA
Matt Ryan (32)64.7%2017ATL
173Drew Brees (26)64.6%2005SDG
Joe Montana+ (28)64.6%1984SFO
Jameis Winston (24)64.6%2018TAM
176Troy Aikman+ (27)64.5%1994DAL
Chad Pennington (30)64.5%2006NYJ
Kurt Warner+ (34)64.5%2005ARI
Steve Young+ (29)64.5%1991SFO
Jason Campbell (27)64.5%2009WAS
David Garrard (32)64.5%2010JAX
Joe Montana+ (24)64.5%1980SFO
Joe Montana+ (27)64.5%1983SFO
184Ben Roethlisberger (34)64.4%2016PIT
Teddy Bridgewater (21)64.4%2014MIN
Tom Brady (38)64.4%2015NWE
Tony Romo (27)64.4%2007DAL
Joe Flacco (30)64.4%2015BAL
Jay Cutler (32)64.4%2015CHI
190Matt Schaub (31)64.3%2012HOU
Brian Griese (25)64.3%2000DEN
Matthew Stafford (31)64.3%2019DET
Drew Brees (27)64.3%2006NOR
Kirk Cousins (29)64.3%2017WAS
195Andy Dalton (26)64.2%2014CIN
Fran Tarkenton+ (35)64.2%1975MIN
Nick Mullens (23)64.2%2018SFO
Ryan Tannehill (30)64.2%2018MIA
Ben Roethlisberger (31)64.2%2013PIT
Daunte Culpepper (24)64.2%2001MIN
Kyle Orton (31)64.2%2014BUF
Dan Marino+ (22)64.2%1984MIA
Ben Roethlisberger (35)64.2%2017PIT
Sage Rosenfels (29)64.2%2007HOU
205Philip Rivers (30)64.1%2012SDG
Jim Kelly+ (31)64.1%1991BUF
Charlie Frye (25)64.1%2006CLE
Russell Wilson (23)64.1%2012SEA
Brett Favre+ (22)64.1%1992GNB
Joe Flacco (32)64.1%2017BAL
Ken Stabler+ (34)64.1%1980HOU
Dan Marino+ (33)64.1%1995MIA
Tom Brady (37)64.1%2014NWE
Mark Sanchez (27)64.1%2014PHI
Jim Everett (31)64.1%1994NOR
Brett Favre+ (34)64.1%2004GNB
Sonny Jurgensen+ (40)64.1%1974WAS
218Nick Foles (24)64.0%2013PHI
David Garrard (29)64.0%2007JAX
Donovan McNabb (27)64.0%2004PHI
221Tony Romo (33)63.9%2013DAL
Tom Brady (24)63.9%2001NWE
Jeff Garcia (37)63.9%2007TAM
Kelly Holcomb (30)63.9%2003CLE
Kyler Murray (22)63.9%2019ARI
Joe Theismann (33)63.9%1982WAS
227Troy Aikman+ (25)63.8%1992DAL
Jameis Winston (23)63.8%2017TAM
Baker Mayfield (23)63.8%2018CLE
Derek Carr (25)63.8%2016OAK
231Bart Starr+ (34)63.7%1968GNB
Joe Montana+ (25)63.7%1981SFO
Matt Hasselbeck (26)63.7%2002SEA
Josh McCown (36)63.7%2015CLE
Jim Harbaugh (31)63.7%1995IND
Carson Palmer (35)63.7%2015ARI
Tyrod Taylor (26)63.7%2015BUF
Troy Aikman+ (29)63.7%1996DAL
239Ken Anderson (35)63.6%1984CIN
Chad Pennington (27)63.6%2003NYJ
Aaron Rodgers (24)63.6%2008GNB
Jim Kelly+ (34)63.6%1994BUF
Christian Ponder (25)63.6%2013MIN
Mitchell Trubisky (25)63.6%2019CHI
Jay Cutler (24)63.6%2007DEN
Matt Schaub (29)63.6%2010HOU
247Matthew Stafford (23)63.5%2011DET
Andrew Luck (26)63.5%2016IND
249Steve Bartkowski (30)63.4%1983ATL
Austin Davis (25)63.4%2014STL
Mark Brunell (25)63.4%1996JAX
Matt Cassel (26)63.4%2008NWE
Steve Bartkowski (29)63.4%1982ATL
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