NFL Sacked % Year-by-Year Leaders

Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.


  • + indicates Hall of Famer
Leaders Table
Year Player Sk% Tm
2016Derek Carr (25)2.78%OAK
2015Ryan Fitzpatrick (32)3.27%NYJ
2014Peyton Manning (38)2.77%DEN
2013Peyton Manning (37)2.66%DEN
2012Eli Manning (31)3.42%NYG
2011Drew Brees (32)3.52%NOR
2010Peyton Manning (34)2.30%IND
2009Peyton Manning (33)1.72%IND
2008Jay Cutler (25)1.75%DEN
2007Drew Brees (28)2.40%NOR
2006Peyton Manning (30)2.45%IND
2005Carson Palmer (25)3.60%CIN
2004Brett Favre+ (34)2.17%GNB
2003Joey Harrington (24)1.60%DET
2002Joey Harrington (23)1.83%DET
2001Jim Miller (30)2.71%CHI
2000Vinny Testaverde (36)2.16%NYJ
1999Dan Marino+ (37)2.38%MIA
1998Troy Aikman+ (31)2.78%DAL
1997Dan Marino+ (35)3.52%MIA
1996Dave Krieg (37)3.58%CHI
1995Erik Kramer (30)2.79%CHI
1994Dan Marino+ (32)2.84%MIA
1993Scott Mitchell (25)2.92%MIA
1992Bobby Hebert (32)3.43%NOR
1991Steve Walsh (24)1.16%NOR
1990Mark Rypien (27)1.94%WAS
1989Dan Marino+ (27)1.79%MIA
1988Dan Marino+ (26)0.98%MIA
1987Dan Marino+ (25)1.99%MIA
1986Dan Marino+ (24)2.66%MIA
1985Dan Marino+ (23)3.08%MIA
1984Dan Marino+ (22)2.25%MIA
1983Dan Marino+ (21)3.27%MIA
1982Vince Ferragamo (28)3.24%RAM
1981Joe Ferguson (31)2.92%BUF
1980Joe Ferguson (30)2.88%BUF
1979Doug Williams (24)1.73%TAM
1978Dan Pastorini (29)3.92%HOU
1977Jim Hart (33)3.53%STL
1976Jim Hart (32)4.20%STL
1975Jim Hart (31)1.71%STL
1974Joe Gilliam (23)3.20%PIT
1973John Brodie (38)2.02%SFO
1972Norm Snead (33)2.40%NYG
1971John Brodie (36)2.76%SFO
1970John Brodie (35)2.07%SFO
1969Daryle Lamonica (28)2.52%OAK
1969Roman Gabriel (29)3.39%RAM
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