NFL QBR Single-Season Leaders

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Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. QBR data courtesy of ESPN (What is QBR?.


  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player QBR Year Tm
1Tom Brady (30)88.502007NWE
2Peyton Manning (30)87.402006IND
3Aaron Rodgers (27)84.502011GNB
4Drew Brees (30)83.402009NOR
David Garrard (29)83.402007JAX
6Drew Brees (32)83.002011NOR
7Peyton Manning (33)81.302009IND
8Peyton Manning (37)80.902013DEN
9Drew Brees (39)80.402018NOR
Patrick Mahomes (22)80.402018KAN
11Tony Romo (34)79.702014DAL
12Peyton Manning (36)79.602012DEN
13Matt Ryan (31)79.402016ATL
14Tom Brady (39)79.102016NWE
15Dak Prescott (23)78.802016DAL
16Tony Romo (27)78.602007DAL
17Tom Brady (33)78.302010NWE
Peyton Manning (32)78.302008IND
Aaron Rodgers (30)78.302014GNB
20Lamar Jackson (22)78.202019BAL
21Carson Wentz (24)77.202017PHI
22Carson Palmer (35)77.102015ARI
23Philip Rivers (27)76.902009SDG
24Patrick Mahomes (23)76.502019KAN
Peyton Manning (31)76.502007IND
26Tom Brady (37)76.202014NWE
27Tom Brady (35)76.102012NWE
28Kurt Warner+ (36)75.802007ARI
29Peyton Manning (34)75.702010IND
30Brett Favre+ (39)75.602009MIN
31Philip Rivers (31)75.302013SDG
32Tom Brady (34)75.202011NWE
33Ben Roethlisberger (25)75.102007PIT
34Drew Brees (35)74.802014NOR
35Case Keenum (29)74.302017MIN
36Aaron Rodgers (32)73.802016GNB
Matt Schaub (28)73.802009HOU
38Dak Prescott (26)73.402019DAL
39Tom Brady (32)73.202009NWE
Tom Brady (40)73.202017NWE
41Matthew Stafford (31)73.102019DET
42Drew Brees (40)73.002019NOR
43Matt Schaub (30)72.902011HOU
44Russell Wilson (23)72.702012SEA
45Peyton Manning (38)72.002014DEN
46Kirk Cousins (27)71.702015WAS
Deshaun Watson (23)71.702019HOU
48Matt Ryan (27)71.602012ATL
49Nick Foles (24)71.502013PHI
Russell Wilson (25)71.502014SEA
51Jeff Garcia (38)71.302008TAM
Ben Roethlisberger (30)71.302012PIT
53Aaron Rodgers (28)71.202012GNB
54Ben Roethlisberger (33)71.102015PIT
55Ben Roethlisberger (36)71.002018PIT
56Jay Cutler (30)70.902013CHI
57Mitchell Trubisky (24)70.802018CHI
58Aaron Rodgers (25)70.702009GNB
59Drew Brees (31)70.602010NOR
Brett Favre+ (37)70.602007GNB
61Drew Brees (36)70.402015NOR
62Josh Freeman (22)70.302010TAM
63Andy Dalton (27)70.002015CIN
64Eli Manning (28)69.802009NYG
Matt Ryan (25)69.802010ATL
Kurt Warner+ (37)69.802008ARI
Russell Wilson (30)69.802019SEA
68Chad Pennington (32)69.702008MIA
Jameis Winston (24)69.702018TAM
70Matt Ryan (30)69.602015ATL
71Drew Brees (27)69.502006NOR
Dak Prescott (24)69.502017DAL
Tony Romo (31)69.502011DAL
Vince Young (26)69.502009TEN
75Robert Griffin (22)69.402012WAS
Andrew Luck (28)69.402018IND
77Drew Brees (34)69.202013NOR
Aaron Rodgers (26)69.202010GNB
79Philip Rivers (36)69.102018LAC
Matt Ryan (26)69.102011ATL
81Ben Roethlisberger (27)69.002009PIT
82Drew Brees (33)68.702012NOR
Ben Roethlisberger (32)68.702014PIT
84Drew Brees (28)68.602007NOR
85Matt Ryan (23)68.502008ATL
Matt Ryan (33)68.502018ATL
87Matt Ryan (29)68.402014ATL
88Matt Ryan (32)68.302017ATL
89Joe Flacco (29)68.202014BAL
Ben Roethlisberger (28)68.202010PIT
91Philip Rivers (28)68.102010SDG
Kurt Warner+ (38)68.102009ARI
93Tom Brady (38)68.002015NWE
94Tony Romo (26)67.902006DAL
95Philip Rivers (24)67.602006SDG
96Russell Wilson (26)67.302015SEA
97Tom Brady (29)67.202006NWE
Matt Schaub (26)67.202007HOU
99David Garrard (32)67.002010JAX
Eli Manning (31)67.002012NYG
Cam Newton (26)67.002015CAR
Alex Smith (33)67.002017KAN
103Derek Anderson (24)66.902007CLE
Steve McNair (33)66.902006BAL
105Russell Wilson (24)66.802013SEA
106Tom Brady (41)66.602018NWE
107Matthew Stafford (28)66.502016DET
108Carson Palmer (26)66.402006CIN
109Ben Roethlisberger (35)66.302017PIT
110Kirk Cousins (28)66.102016WAS
111Drew Brees (29)65.902008NOR
Andrew Luck (26)65.902016IND
113Jay Cutler (25)65.702008DEN
Colin Kaepernick (25)65.702013SFO
115Andrew Luck (22)65.602012IND
116Donovan McNabb (29)65.502006PHI
117Tony Romo (32)65.402012DAL
118Matt Cassel (26)65.302008NWE
Matthew Stafford (29)65.302017DET
Tyrod Taylor (26)65.302015BUF
121Drew Brees (37)65.102016NOR
122Ben Roethlisberger (29)65.002011PIT
Matt Ryan (28)65.002013ATL
Michael Vick (30)65.002010PHI
125Matt Ryan (24)64.902009ATL
126Matt Schaub (27)64.802008HOU
127Drew Brees (38)64.602017NOR
128Tony Romo (29)64.502009DAL
129Aaron Rodgers (24)64.402008GNB
Aaron Rodgers (33)64.402017GNB
131Cam Newton (24)64.302013CAR
132Nick Foles (25)64.102014PHI
Philip Rivers (29)64.102011SDG
Philip Rivers (35)64.102017LAC
135Eli Manning (30)64.002011NYG
Carson Palmer (27)64.002007CIN
137Carson Wentz (26)63.902019PHI
138Jay Cutler (24)63.802007DEN
139Andrew Luck (23)63.702013IND
140Jay Cutler (28)63.602011CHI
Philip Rivers (26)63.602008SDG
Philip Rivers (32)63.602014SDG
143Ryan Fitzpatrick (32)63.502015NYJ
144Eli Manning (27)63.202008NYG
145Jeff Garcia (37)63.102007TAM
David Garrard (28)63.102006JAX
Jared Goff (23)63.102018LAR
148Matt Schaub (29)62.902010HOU
149Russell Wilson (29)62.802018SEA
150Jason Campbell (25)62.602007WAS
Andrew Luck (24)62.602014IND
Carson Wentz (25)62.602018PHI
153Kirk Cousins (31)62.502019MIN
Joe Flacco (26)62.502011BAL
Eli Manning (33)62.502014NYG
156Andy Dalton (30)62.302018CIN
Chad Pennington (30)62.302006NYJ
158Tom Brady (36)62.102013NWE
Ryan Fitzpatrick (35)62.102018TAM
160Derek Carr (28)62.002019OAK
Tony Romo (33)62.002013DAL
162Jimmy Garoppolo (27)61.802019SFO
Ben Roethlisberger (34)61.802016PIT
164Russell Wilson (28)61.702017SEA
165Matthew Stafford (23)61.602011DET
166Shaun Hill (28)61.502008SFO
167Tyrod Taylor (27)61.402016BUF
168Matt Schaub (31)61.302012HOU
169Ryan Fitzpatrick (31)61.102014HOU
Eli Manning (29)61.102010NYG
Jameis Winston (21)61.102015TAM
172Colin Kaepernick (26)60.902014SFO
Michael Vick (31)60.902011PHI
174Deshaun Watson (22)60.702018HOU
175Aaron Rodgers (29)60.602013GNB
176Eli Manning (34)60.502015NYG
177Aaron Rodgers (31)60.302015GNB
178Matt Cassel (28)60.102010KAN
Joe Flacco (25)60.102010BAL
Matt Hasselbeck (31)60.102007SEA
181Josh McCown (38)60.002017NYJ
Tyrod Taylor (28)60.002017BUF
183Jay Cutler (32)59.902015CHI
Ryan Fitzpatrick (36)59.902019MIA
Seneca Wallace (28)59.902008SEA
186Joe Flacco (24)59.802009BAL
187Jameis Winston (22)59.702016TAM
188Vince Young (23)59.602006TEN
189Carson Palmer (29)59.502009CIN
190Kerry Collins (37)59.402010TEN
Marcus Mariota (22)59.402016TEN
192Ryan Tannehill (26)59.302014MIA
193Blake Bortles (25)59.202017JAX
194Sam Bradford (25)58.802013STL
Marcus Mariota (23)58.802017TEN
196Kerry Collins (35)58.502008TEN
David Garrard (30)58.502008JAX
Matt Ryan (34)58.502019ATL
Matthew Stafford (27)58.502015DET
200Alex Smith (31)58.402015KAN
201Cam Newton (23)58.302012CAR
202Kirk Cousins (30)58.202018MIN
203Cam Newton (22)58.102011CAR
Ben Roethlisberger (31)58.102013PIT
205Alex Smith (32)58.002016KAN
206Kyle Orton (26)57.702009DEN
207Teddy Bridgewater (22)57.502015MIN
Philip Rivers (34)57.502016SDG
Mark Sanchez (27)57.502014PHI
210Sam Bradford (28)57.302016MIN
Marc Bulger (29)57.302006STL
Cam Newton (25)57.302014CAR
213Ryan Fitzpatrick (30)57.202013TEN
Matt Moore (27)57.202011MIA
215Terrelle Pryor (24)57.102013OAK
216Donovan McNabb (32)57.002009PHI
217Matt Leinart (23)56.802006ARI
Aaron Rodgers (35)56.802019GNB
Russell Wilson (27)56.802016SEA
220Kyler Murray (22)56.602019ARI
221Joe Flacco (33)56.302018BAL
Donovan McNabb (30)56.302007PHI
Tony Romo (28)56.302008DAL
224Jake Delhomme (33)56.202008CAR
Dak Prescott (25)56.202018DAL
Matthew Stafford (25)56.202013DET
227Brian Hoyer (29)56.102015HOU
Matthew Stafford (24)56.102012DET
229Jason Campbell (26)55.802008WAS
230Jon Kitna (37)55.702010DAL
Carson Palmer (31)55.702011OAK
Philip Rivers (33)55.702015SDG
Jameis Winston (25)55.702019TAM
234David Garrard (31)55.502009JAX
Ben Roethlisberger (24)55.502006PIT
236Andy Dalton (25)55.102013CIN
237Cam Newton (29)55.002018CAR
238Jason Campbell (27)54.702009WAS
Matt Cassel (29)54.702011KAN
240Derek Carr (25)54.602016OAK
Eli Manning (26)54.602007NYG
Carson Palmer (30)54.602010CIN
243Carson Palmer (36)54.502016ARI
244Teddy Bridgewater (21)54.402014MIN
Aaron Rodgers (34)54.402018GNB
246Kirk Cousins (29)54.202017WAS
247Matt Hasselbeck (30)54.102006SEA
248Jacoby Brissett (26)54.002019IND
Jameis Winston (23)54.002017TAM
250Kyle Boller (26)53.802007BAL
Nick Mullens (23)53.802018SFO
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