NFL Receiving Touchdowns Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player TD Year Tm
1Randy Moss+ (30)232007NWE
2Jerry Rice+ (24)221987SFO
3Mark Clayton (23)181984MIA
Sterling Sharpe (29)181994GNB
5Cris Carter+ (29)171995MIN
Bill Groman (25)171961HOU
Rob Gronkowski (22)172011NWE
Elroy Hirsch+ (28)171951RAM
Don Hutson+ (29)171942GNB
Randy Moss+ (21)171998MIN
Randy Moss+ (26)172003MIN
Carl Pickens (25)171995CIN
Jerry Rice+ (26)171989SFO
14Dez Bryant (25)162014DAL
Braylon Edwards (24)162007CLE
Jimmy Graham (26)162013NOR
Calvin Johnson (25)162011DET
Muhsin Muhammad (31)162004CAR
Terrell Owens+ (27)162001SFO
Art Powell (26)161963OAK
21Dwayne Bowe (25)152010KAN
Cloyce Box (29)151952DET
Antonio Brown (30)152018PIT
Marvin Harrison+ (29)152001IND
Marvin Harrison+ (32)152004IND
Randy Moss+ (23)152000MIN
Jordy Nelson (26)152011GNB
Terrell Owens+ (33)152007DAL
Sonny Randle (24)151960STL
Jerry Rice+ (23)151986SFO
Jerry Rice+ (30)151993SFO
Jerry Rice+ (32)151995SFO
Andre Rison (26)151993ATL
34Lance Alworth+ (25)141965SDG
Doug Baldwin (26)142015SEA
Alyn Beals (27)141948SFO
Raymond Berry+ (26)141959BAL
Frank Clarke (28)141962DAL
Mark Clayton (27)141988MIA
Antonio Freeman (26)141998GNB
Roy Green (26)141983STL
Marvin Harrison+ (28)142000IND
Michael Jackson (27)141996BAL
James Jones (28)142012GNB
Mal Kutner (27)141948CRD
Brandon Marshall (31)142015NYJ
Tony Martin (31)141996SDG
Don Maynard+ (30)141965NYJ
Anthony Miller (30)141995DEN
Herman Moore (25)141995DET
Jordy Nelson (31)142016GNB
Terrell Owens+ (24)141998SFO
Terrell Owens+ (30)142004PHI
Art Powell (23)141960NYT
Jerry Rice+ (28)141991SFO
Allen Robinson (22)142015JAX
Demaryius Thomas (25)142013DEN
Warren Wells (26)141969OAK
59Davante Adams (25)132018GNB
Lance Alworth+ (24)131964SDG
Lance Alworth+ (26)131966SDG
Terry Barr (28)131963DET
Odell Beckham (22)132015NYG
Cliff Branch (26)131974OAK
Robert Brooks (25)131995GNB
Antonio Brown (26)132014PIT
Isaac Bruce (22)131995STL
Dez Bryant (24)132013DAL
Cris Carter+ (31)131997MIN
Cris Carter+ (33)131999MIN
Gary Collins (23)131963CLE
Vernon Davis (25)132009SFO
Vernon Davis (29)132013SFO
Eric Decker (25)132012DEN
Eric Ebron (25)132018IND
Tyler Eifert (24)132015CIN
Larry Fitzgerald (26)132009ARI
Antonio Gates (24)132004SDG
Dick Gordon (26)131970CHI
Bob Hayes+ (23)131966DAL
DeAndre Hopkins (25)132017HOU
Billy Howton (22)131952GNB
Harold Jackson (27)131973RAM
John Jefferson (22)131978SDG
John Jefferson (24)131980SDG
Alfred Jenkins (29)131981ATL
Homer Jones (26)131967NYG
Ken Kavanaugh (30)131947CHI
Tommy McDonald+ (26)131960PHI
Tommy McDonald+ (27)131961PHI
Randy Moss+ (27)132004MIN
Randy Moss+ (32)132009NWE
Jordy Nelson (29)132014GNB
Terrell Owens+ (26)132000SFO
Terrell Owens+ (28)132002SFO
Terrell Owens+ (32)132006DAL
Mike Quick (24)131983PHI
Jerry Rice+ (27)131990SFO
Jerry Rice+ (31)131994SFO
Sterling Sharpe (27)131992GNB
Daryl Turner (23)131985SEA
Steve Watson (24)131981DEN
103Davante Adams (23)122016GNB
Alyn Beals (28)121949SFO
Odell Beckham (21)122014NYG
Fred Biletnikoff+ (26)121969OAK
Cliff Branch (28)121976OAK
Antonio Brown (28)122016PIT
Isaac Bruce (26)121999STL
Dez Bryant (23)122012DAL
Chris Burford (24)121962DTX
Plaxico Burress (30)122007NYG
Cris Carter+ (32)121998MIN
Todd Christensen (27)121983RAI
Mark Clayton (30)121991MIA
Randall Cobb (24)122014GNB
Gary Collins (26)121966CLE
Curtis Conway (24)121995CHI
Eric Decker (28)122015NYJ
Buddy Dial (24)121961PIT
Mike Ditka+ (21)121961CHI
Mike Evans (21)122014TAM
Mike Evans (23)122016TAM
Larry Fitzgerald (25)122008ARI
Charley Frazier (27)121966HOU
Antonio Freeman (25)121997GNB
Joey Galloway (25)121997SEA
Gary Garrison (26)121970SDG
Antonio Gates (34)122014SDG
Roy Green (27)121984STL
Bill Groman (24)121960HOU
Rob Gronkowski (25)122014NWE
Marvin Harrison+ (27)121999IND
Marvin Harrison+ (33)122005IND
Marvin Harrison+ (34)122006IND
Leon Hart (22)121951DET
Bob Hayes+ (22)121965DAL
Charley Hennigan (26)121961HOU
Harlon Hill (22)121954CHI
Tyreek Hill (24)122018KAN
Torry Holt (27)122003STL
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (29)122007CIN
Billy Howton (26)121956GNB
Patrick Jeffers (26)121999CAR
Greg Jennings (23)122007GNB
Greg Jennings (26)122010GNB
James Jett (26)121997OAK
Calvin Johnson (22)122008DET
Calvin Johnson (24)122010DET
Calvin Johnson (27)122013DET
Steve Largent+ (29)121984SEA
Louis Lipps (23)121985PIT
Brandon Marshall (29)122013CHI
Nat Moore (25)121977MIA
Stanley Morgan (24)121979NWE
Dave Parks (23)121965SFO
Carl Pickens (26)121996CIN
Art Powell (28)121965OAK
Sonny Randle (27)121963STL
Lance Rentzel (25)121969DAL
Andre Rison (24)121991ATL
Ricky Sanders (27)121988WAS
Sterling Sharpe (24)121989GNB
Bob Shaw (29)121950CRD
Del Shofner (27)121962NYG
Jerry Smith (24)121967WAS
Rod Smith (27)121997DEN
Steve Smith (26)122005CAR
Charley Taylor+ (24)121966WAS
Hugh Taylor (29)121952WAS
Lionel Taylor (25)121960DEN
Julius Thomas (25)122013DEN
Julius Thomas (26)122014DEN
Javon Walker (25)122004GNB
Wesley Walker (31)121986NYJ
Wesley Walls (33)121999CAR
Hines Ward (26)122002PIT
Paul Warfield+ (25)121968CLE
Gene Washington (23)121970SFO
Gene Washington (25)121972SFO
Reggie Wayne (25)122004IND
182Lance Alworth+ (23)111963SDG
Miles Austin (25)112009DAL
Drew Bennett (26)112004TEN
Anquan Boldin (27)112008ARI
Cloyce Box (27)111950DET
Bill Brooks (31)111995BUF
Tim Brown+ (34)112000OAK
Harold Carmichael (29)111979PHI
Roger Carr (24)111976BAL
Cris Carter+ (23)111989PHI
Chris Chambers (25)112003MIA
Chris Chambers (27)112005MIA
Dallas Clark (28)112007IND
Paul Coffman (27)111983GNB
Gary Collins (29)111969CLE
Marques Colston (24)112007NOR
Eric Decker (26)112013DEN
Al Denson (25)111967DEN
Mark Duper (27)111986MIA
Irving Fryar (33)111996PHI
Tony Gonzalez+ (23)111999KAN
Jimmy Graham (24)112011NOR
Mel Gray (26)111975STL
A.J. Green (24)112012CIN
A.J. Green (25)112013CIN
Rob Gronkowski (23)112012NWE
Rob Gronkowski (26)112015NWE
Marvin Harrison+ (30)112002IND
Michael Haynes (25)111991ATL
Harlon Hill (24)111956CHI
DeAndre Hopkins (23)112015HOU
DeAndre Hopkins (26)112018HOU
Joe Horn (32)112004NOR
Don Hutson+ (30)111943GNB
Roy Jefferson (24)111968PIT
Steve Largent+ (28)111983SEA
Brandon Lloyd (29)112010DEN
Brandon Marshall (28)112012CHI
Terance Mathis (27)111994ATL
Terance Mathis (31)111998ATL
Bobby Mitchell+ (27)111962WAS
Herman Moore (24)111994DET
Randy Moss+ (22)111999MIN
Randy Moss+ (31)112008NWE
Hakeem Nicks (22)112010NYG
Karl Noonan (24)111968MIA
Jimmy Orr (26)111962BAL
Stephone Paige (24)111986KAN
Carl Pickens (24)111994CIN
Pete Pihos+ (24)111948PHI
Art Powell (27)111964OAK
Art Powell (29)111966OAK
Mike Quick (26)111985PHI
Mike Quick (28)111987PHI
Jordan Reed (25)112015WAS
Jerry Reichow (27)111961MIN
Andre Rison (25)111992ATL
Laurent Robinson (26)112011DAL
Sterling Sharpe (28)111993GNB
Visanthe Shiancoe (29)112009MIN
Del Shofner (26)111961NYG
Rod Smith (31)112001DEN
Torrey Smith (25)112014BAL
John Stallworth+ (32)111984PIT
Lynn Swann+ (23)111975PIT
Lynn Swann+ (26)111978PIT
Otis Taylor (25)111967KAN
Demaryius Thomas (26)112014DEN
Bobby Walston (25)111954PHI
Hines Ward (29)112005PIT
Paul Warfield+ (28)111971MIA
Paul Warfield+ (30)111973MIA
Warren Wells (25)111968OAK
Warren Wells (27)111970OAK
Roddy White (27)112009ATL
Mike Williams (23)112010TAM
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