NFL Receiving Yards per Game Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Y/G Year Tm
1Wes Chandler (26)129.01982SDG
2Charley Hennigan (26)124.71961HOU
3Elroy Hirsch+ (28)124.61951RAM
4Calvin Johnson (26)122.82012DET
5Jim Benton (28)118.61945RAM
6Josh Gordon (22)117.62013CLE
7Julio Jones (26)116.92015ATL
8Jerry Rice+ (32)115.51995SFO
9Antonio Brown (27)114.62015PIT
10Lance Alworth+ (25)114.41965SDG
11Isaac Bruce+ (22)111.31995STL
12Charley Hennigan (29)110.41964HOU
13Don Hutson+ (29)110.11942GNB
14Antonio Brown (29)109.52017PIT
15Odell Beckham (21)108.82014NYG
16Raymond Berry+ (27)108.21960BAL
17Michael Thomas (26)107.82019NOR
18Marvin Harrison+ (30)107.62002IND
19Calvin Johnson (27)106.62013DET
20Lance Alworth+ (26)106.41966SDG
21Julio Jones (25)106.22014ATL
22Antonio Brown (26)106.12014PIT
23Torry Holt (27)106.02003STL
24Herman Moore (25)105.41995DET
25Bill Groman (24)105.21960HOU
26Calvin Johnson (25)105.12011DET
27Julio Jones (29)104.82018ATL
28Marvin Harrison+ (27)103.91999IND
29Terrell Owens+ (26)103.62000SFO
30Lionel Taylor (25)102.91960DEN
31Billy Howton (22)102.61952GNB
Bobby Mitchell+ (28)102.61963WAS
33Don Maynard+ (32)102.41967NYJ
34Jimmy Smith (30)102.31999JAX
35Torry Holt (24)102.22000STL
36Randy Moss+ (26)102.02003MIN
37Steve Smith (29)101.52008CAR
38Dwight Clark (25)101.41982SFO
39Demaryius Thomas (26)101.22014DEN
40Bob Boyd (26)101.01954RAM
41Julio Jones (27)100.62016ATL
42Michael Irvin+ (29)100.21995DAL
43Anquan Boldin (24)100.12005ARI
Rod Smith (30)100.12000DEN
45David Boston (23)99.92001ARI
Andre Johnson (31)99.92012HOU
47Don Maynard+ (33)99.81968NYJ
48Billy Howton (26)99.01956GNB
Rob Moore (28)99.01997ARI
50Bobby Mitchell+ (27)98.91962WAS
51Henry Ellard (28)98.71989RAM
52Andre Johnson (27)98.42008HOU
53DeAndre Hopkins (26)98.32018HOU
54Jerry Rice+ (23)98.11986SFO
Andre Johnson (28)98.12009HOU
Wes Welker (30)98.12011NWE
57Steve Smith (26)97.72005CAR
58Art Powell (27)97.21964OAK
Roy Green (27)97.21984STL
60Odell Beckham (22)96.72015NYG
61A.J. Green (28)96.42016CIN
62Wes Welker (28)96.32009NWE
63Victor Cruz (24)96.02011NYG
Dave Parks (23)96.01965SFO
65Mike Evans (25)95.32018TAM
Marvin Harrison+ (29)95.32001IND
67Chris Godwin (23)95.22019TAM
Michael Irvin+ (25)95.21991DAL
69Torry Holt (29)95.12005STL
DeAndre Hopkins (23)95.12015HOU
71Lance Alworth+ (24)95.01964SDG
72Jordy Nelson (29)94.92014GNB
Antonio Freeman (26)94.91998GNB
74Andre Johnson (26)94.62007HOU
75Reggie Wayne (28)94.42007IND
76Brandon Marshall (28)94.32012CHI
77Harlon Hill (24)94.01956CHI
78Jerry Rice+ (30)93.91993SFO
Larry Fitzgerald (24)93.92007ARI
Brandon Marshall (31)93.92015NYJ
Jerry Rice+ (27)93.91990SFO
82Lance Alworth+ (28)93.71968SDG
Antonio Brown (25)93.72013PIT
Jerry Rice+ (31)93.71994SFO
Harlon Hill (22)93.71954CHI
86Robert Brooks (25)93.61995GNB
87Andre Johnson (29)93.52010HOU
88Randy Moss+ (30)93.32007NWE
89Stanley Morgan (31)93.21986NWE
90Art Powell (26)93.11963OAK
91Tom Fears+ (27)93.01950RAM
Brett Perriman (29)93.01995DET
93Julio Jones (30)92.92019ATL
Terrell Owens+ (28)92.92002SFO
95Santana Moss (26)92.72005WAS
Jerry Rice+ (26)92.71989SFO
97Otis Taylor (24)92.61966KAN
Mark Clayton (23)92.61984MIA
99Buddy Dial (26)92.51963PIT
100Tyreek Hill (24)92.42018KAN
Davante Adams (25)92.42018GNB
102Isaac Bruce+ (27)91.92000STL
DeAndre Hopkins (25)91.92017HOU
104Lance Alworth+ (27)91.81967SDG
105Del Shofner (23)91.41958RAM
106Sterling Sharpe (27)91.31992GNB
107T.Y. Hilton (28)90.72018IND
108Keenan Allen (23)90.62015SDG
109T.Y. Hilton (26)90.52016IND
Brandon Lloyd (29)90.52010DEN
111Pat Studstill (28)90.41966DET
Ben Hawkins (23)90.41967PHI
Don Maynard+ (25)90.41960NYT
114Terrell Owens+ (33)90.32007DAL
Julio Jones (28)90.32017ATL
116Chad Johnson (29)90.02007CIN
Warren Wells (26)90.01969OAK
118Jerry Rice+ (24)89.81987SFO
Randy Moss+ (23)89.82000MIN
120T.Y. Hilton (24)89.72014IND
Alshon Jeffery (25)89.72015CHI
122Demaryius Thomas (24)89.62012DEN
123Rod Smith (31)89.52001DEN
Chad Johnson (27)89.52005CIN
125Larry Fitzgerald (25)89.42008ARI
Demaryius Thomas (25)89.42013DEN
127Jim Benton (29)89.21946RAM
128A.J. Green (25)89.12013CIN
JuJu Smith-Schuster (21)89.12018PIT
130Mike Evans (26)89.02019TAM
131Sterling Sharpe (24)88.91989GNB
Mark Carrier (23)88.91989TAM
133Gary Clark (25)88.81987WAS
Alshon Jeffery (23)88.82013CHI
135Henry Ellard (27)88.41988RAM
136Marvin Harrison+ (28)88.32000IND
Randy Moss+ (22)88.31999MIN
Terrell Owens+ (27)88.32001SFO
139Larry Fitzgerald (28)88.22011ARI
140Larry Fitzgerald (22)88.12005ARI
Mike Quick (24)88.11983PHI
142Tim Brown+ (31)88.01997OAK
Bob Hayes+ (23)88.01966DAL
144Andre Johnson (32)87.92013HOU
145Muhsin Muhammad (31)87.82004CAR
Michael Thomas (25)87.82018NOR
Emmanuel Sanders (27)87.82014DEN
148Odell Beckham (25)87.72018NYG
149Allen Robinson (22)87.52015JAX
Marcus Robinson (24)87.51999CHI
Michael Irvin+ (30)87.51996DAL
152Joe Horn (32)87.42004NOR
Pete Pihos+ (29)87.41953PHI
Yancey Thigpen (28)87.41997PIT
155Henry Ellard (33)87.31994WAS
Michael Irvin+ (26)87.31992DAL
157John Stallworth+ (32)87.21984PIT
Del Shofner (27)87.21962NYG
159Steve Smith (32)87.12011CAR
Keenan Allen (25)87.12017LAC
161Carlos Carson (28)87.01987KAN
Don Maynard+ (30)87.01965NYJ
163Derrick Alexander (28)86.92000KAN
Frank Clarke (28)86.91962DAL
165Roddy White (28)86.82010ATL
166Don Hutson+ (31)86.61944GNB
167Anquan Boldin (27)86.52008ARI
Vincent Jackson (29)86.52012TAM
Antonio Brown (30)86.52018PIT
170J.T. Smith (33)86.41989PHO
Dez Bryant (23)86.42012DAL
Javon Walker (25)86.42004GNB
Roddy White (26)86.42008ATL
Homer Jones (26)86.41967NYG
175Henry Ellard (29)86.31990RAM
176Lance Alworth+ (23)86.11963SDG
Jackie Smith+ (27)86.11967STL
Anquan Boldin (22)86.12003ARI
George Kittle (24)86.12018SFO
180Jimmy Smith (32)85.82001JAX
Adam Thielen (28)85.82018MIN
Torry Holt (28)85.82004STL
Art Monk+ (26)85.81984WAS
184Johnny Morris (28)85.71964CHI
Terrell Owens+ (30)85.72004PHI
Cris Carter+ (29)85.71995MIN
Mac Speedie+ (29)85.71949CLE
188Antonio Brown (28)85.62016PIT
Chad Johnson (28)85.62006CIN
190Eric Moulds (25)85.51998BUF
191Odell Beckham (23)85.42016NYG
Marvin Harrison+ (34)85.42006IND
193Don Maynard+ (34)85.31969NYJ
194Torry Holt (25)85.22001STL
195James Lofton+ (28)85.11984GNB
196Pete Retzlaff (34)85.01965PHI
197George Sauer (23)84.91967NYJ
Alfred Jenkins (29)84.91981ATL
199Marvin Harrison+ (31)84.82003IND
200Chad Johnson (25)84.72003CIN
Reggie Wayne (31)84.72010IND
Reggie Wayne (33)84.72012IND
203Wes Welker (31)84.62012NWE
Gene Washington (23)84.61970SFO
205Bob Mann (25)84.51949DET
206Carlos Carson (24)84.41983KAN
Roddy White (30)84.42012ATL
Tom Fears+ (26)84.41949RAM
Keyshawn Johnson (29)84.42001TAM
A.J. Green (24)84.42012CIN
Del Shofner (28)84.41963NYG
212Gary Clark (24)84.31986WAS
Brandon Marshall (24)84.32008DEN
214Randy Moss+ (25)84.22002MIN
215Pierre Garcon (27)84.12013WAS
Cloyce Box (27)84.11950DET
217Tim Brown+ (33)84.01999OAK
Lionel Taylor (26)84.01961DEN
219Amani Toomer (28)83.92002NYG
Bill Groman (25)83.91961HOU
Tim Brown+ (29)83.91995OAK
Terance Mathis (27)83.91994ATL
223Gary Clark (29)83.81991WAS
Joe Horn (28)83.82000NOR
John Jefferson (24)83.81980SDG
226Isaac Bruce+ (23)83.61996STL
Germane Crowell (22)83.61999DET
228Muhsin Muhammad (26)83.51999CAR
Travis Kelce (28)83.52018KAN
230Don Hutson+ (32)83.41945GNB
Art Powell (23)83.41960NYT
232Steve Smith (27)83.32006CAR
DeSean Jackson (26)83.32013PHI
234Calvin Johnson (22)83.22008DET
Golden Tate (26)83.22014DET
236Michael Irvin+ (27)83.11993DAL
Davante Adams (26)83.12019GNB
Bud Grant+ (25)83.11952PHI
Hines Ward (26)83.12002PIT
240Rob Gronkowski (22)82.92011NWE
Eric Moulds (27)82.92000BUF
242Calvin Johnson (28)82.82014DET
Plaxico Burress (25)82.82002PIT
Brandon Marshall (23)82.82007DEN
Jimmy Smith (28)82.81997JAX
246Sonny Randle (26)82.71962STL
247Mike Evans (23)82.62016TAM
248Miles Austin (25)82.52009DAL
Dez Bryant (25)82.52014DAL
Jake Reed (28)82.51996MIN
Charley Taylor+ (25)82.51967WAS
Steve Largent+ (24)82.51979SEA