NFL Pass Attempts Single-Season Leaders

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses
Leaders Table
Rank Player Att Year Tm
1Matthew Stafford (24)7272012DET
2Drew Bledsoe (22)6911994NWE
3Peyton Manning (34)6792010IND
4Ben Roethlisberger (36)6752018PIT
5Drew Brees (37)6732016NOR
6Joe Flacco (31)6722016BAL
7Drew Brees (33)6702012NOR
8Matthew Stafford (23)6632011DET
9Philip Rivers (33)6612015SDG
10Drew Brees (35)6592014NOR
Peyton Manning (37)6592013DEN
12Drew Brees (31)6582010NOR
13Drew Brees (32)6572011NOR
14Warren Moon+ (34)6551991HOU
15Drew Brees (28)6522007NOR
16Matt Ryan (28)6512013ATL
17Drew Brees (34)6502013NOR
18Tony Romo (32)6482012DAL
19Andrew Luck (28)6392018IND
20Tom Brady (35)6372012NWE
21Drew Bledsoe (23)6361995NWE
22Drew Brees (29)6352008NOR
23Matthew Stafford (25)6342013DET
24Tom Brady (36)6282013NWE
Matt Ryan (29)6282014ATL
26Drew Brees (36)6272015NOR
Andrew Luck (22)6272012IND
28Blake Bortles (24)6252016JAX
29Tom Brady (38)6242015NWE
30Drew Bledsoe (24)6231996NWE
Dan Marino+ (24)6231986MIA
32Rich Gannon (36)6182002OAK
Eli Manning (34)6182015NYG
34Jay Cutler (25)6162008DEN
Andrew Luck (24)6162014IND
36Dan Marino+ (32)6151994MIA
Matt Ryan (27)6152012ATL
38Joe Flacco (28)6142013BAL
Matt Ryan (30)6142015ATL
40Brett Favre+ (36)6132006GNB
41Tom Brady (34)6112011NWE
42Drew Bledsoe (30)6102002BUF
Aaron Rodgers (32)6102016GNB
44Dan Fouts+ (30)6091981SDG
45Ben Roethlisberger (32)6082014PIT
Matt Ryan (33)6082018ATL
47Brett Favre+ (35)6072005GNB
Carson Wentz (23)6072016PHI
49Blake Bortles (23)6062015JAX
Kirk Cousins (28)6062016WAS
Kirk Cousins (30)6062018MIN
Dan Marino+ (26)6061988MIA
Warren Moon+ (38)6061995MIN
54John Elway+ (25)6051985DEN
55Bill Kenney (28)6031983KAN
56Matthew Stafford (26)6022014DET
57Tom Brady (25)6012002NWE
Eli Manning (33)6012014NYG
Warren Moon+ (37)6011994MIN
60Derek Carr (23)5992014OAK
Don Majkowski (25)5991989GNB
62Eli Manning (35)5982016NYG
Kurt Warner+ (37)5982008ARI
64Peyton Manning (38)5972014DEN
Carson Palmer (36)5972016ARI
Aaron Rodgers (34)5972018GNB
67Jon Kitna (33)5962006DET
68Brett Favre+ (29)5951999GNB
69Matthew Stafford (28)5942016DET
70Tommy Kramer (26)5931981MIN
71Matthew Stafford (27)5922015DET
72Peyton Manning (26)5912002IND
73Sam Bradford (22)5902010STL
Ryan Tannehill (26)5902014MIA
Vinny Testaverde (36)5902000NYJ
76Dan Fouts+ (29)5891980SDG
Eli Manning (30)5892011NYG
78Marc Bulger (29)5882006STL
Ryan Tannehill (25)5882013MIA
80Andy Dalton (25)5862013CIN
Case Keenum (30)5862018DEN
Carson Palmer (30)5862010CIN
Ryan Tannehill (27)5862015MIA
84Warren Moon+ (33)5841990HOU
Ben Roethlisberger (31)5842013PIT
86Peyton Manning (36)5832012DEN
Scott Mitchell (27)5831995DET
Matt Schaub (28)5832009HOU
89Tom Brady (37)5822014NWE
Brett Favre+ (24)5821994GNB
Philip Rivers (29)5822011SDG
92Tom Brady (40)5812017NWE
Jon Kitna (28)5812001CIN
94Brett Favre+ (30)5802000GNB
Patrick Mahomes (22)5802018KAN
96Tom Brady (30)5782007NWE
Steve DeBerg (25)5781979SFO
Philip Rivers (34)5782016SDG
99Eli Manning (37)5762018NYG
100Peyton Manning (22)5751998IND
Carson Palmer (27)5752007CIN
Philip Rivers (35)5752017LAC
103Matt Schaub (29)5742010HOU
104Derek Carr (24)5732015OAK
105Carson Palmer (33)5722013ARI
Aaron Rodgers (31)5722015GNB
Fran Tarkenton+ (38)5721978MIN
108Steve Beuerlein (34)5711999CAR
Eli Manning (36)5712017NYG
Peyton Manning (24)5712000IND
Peyton Manning (33)5712009IND
Donovan McNabb (31)5712008PHI
Matt Ryan (25)5712010ATL
114Tom Brady (41)5702018NWE
Brett Favre+ (25)5701995GNB
Brad Johnson (34)5702003TAM
Andrew Luck (23)5702013IND
Philip Rivers (32)5702014SDG
119Ryan Fitzpatrick (28)5692011BUF
Donovan McNabb (23)5692000PHI
121Kerry Collins (28)5682001NYG
122Jeff Blake (24)5671995CIN
Jim Everett (32)5671995NOR
Dan Marino+ (23)5671985MIA
Brian Sipe (32)5671981CLE
Jameis Winston (22)5672016TAM
127Tommy Kramer (24)5661979MIN
Peyton Manning (27)5662003IND
Matt Ryan (26)5662011ATL
130Tom Brady (32)5652009NWE
Kerry Collins (32)5652005OAK
Carson Palmer (32)5652012OAK
Matthew Stafford (29)5652017DET
134Dan Marino+ (22)5641984MIA
135Andy Dalton (28)5632016CIN
136Ryan Fitzpatrick (32)5622015NYJ
Matt Hasselbeck (31)5622007SEA
138Jay Cutler (31)5612014CHI
Jeff Garcia (30)5612000SFO
Jared Goff (23)5612018LAR
Jon Kitna (34)5612007DET
Ben Roethlisberger (35)5612017PIT
143Derek Carr (25)5602016OAK
Randall Cunningham (25)5601988PHI
Neil Lomax (25)5601984STL
146Brad Johnson (32)5592001TAM
147Aaron Brooks (25)5582001NOR
Josh Freeman (24)5582012TAM
149Mark Brunell (25)5571996JAX
Jeff George (27)5571995ATL
Eli Manning (24)5572005NYG
Peyton Manning (30)5572006IND
153Trent Green (34)5562004KAN
154Jay Cutler (26)5552009CHI
Peyton Manning (32)5552008IND
Matthew Stafford (30)5552018DET
157Drew Brees (27)5542006NOR
Jim Everett (27)5541990RAM
Joe Flacco (29)5542014BAL
Joey Harrington (24)5542003DET
Dan Marino+ (30)5541992MIA
Brian Sipe (31)5541980CLE
163Derek Carr (27)5532018OAK
Russell Wilson (28)5532017SEA
165Sam Bradford (28)5522016MIN
Aaron Rodgers (28)5522012GNB
167Sam Bradford (24)5512012STL
John Elway+ (33)5511993DEN
Brett Favre+ (28)5511998GNB
Brett Favre+ (32)5512002GNB
Josh Freeman (23)5512011TAM
Eli Manning (32)5512013NYG
173Dan Marino+ (27)5501989MIA
Tony Romo (29)5502009DAL
175Jeff Blake (25)5491996CIN
Daunte Culpepper (25)5492002MIN
Joe Flacco (32)5492017BAL
Rich Gannon (35)5492001OAK
Dan Marino+ (29)5491991MIA
Vinny Testaverde (32)5491996BAL
181Daunte Culpepper (27)5482004MIN
Dan Marino+ (35)5481997MIA
183Elvis Grbac (30)5472000KAN
Peyton Manning (25)5472001IND
Jake Plummer (23)5471998ARI
186Kurt Warner+ (30)5462001STL
Russell Wilson (27)5462016SEA
188Kerry Collins (29)5452002NYG
Andrew Luck (26)5452016IND
190Philip Rivers (31)5442013SDG
Matt Schaub (31)5442012HOU
192Kirk Cousins (27)5432015WAS
Brett Favre+ (26)5431996GNB
Mark Sanchez (24)5432011NYJ
195Aaron Brooks (28)5422004NOR
John Elway+ (35)5421995DEN
Joe Flacco (26)5422011BAL
198Kyle Orton (26)5412009DEN
Philip Rivers (28)5412010SDG
Aaron Rodgers (25)5412009GNB
Jay Schroeder (25)5411986WAS
202Kirk Cousins (29)5402017WAS
Jim Everett (31)5401994NOR
Brett Favre+ (34)5402004GNB
Chris Weinke (29)5402001CAR
206Drew Bledsoe (27)5391999NWE
Eli Manning (29)5392010NYG
208Dan Marino+ (36)5371998MIA
Carson Palmer (35)5372015ARI
210Drew Brees (38)5362017NOR
Eli Manning (31)5362012NYG
Aaron Rodgers (24)5362008GNB
213Brett Favre+ (37)5352007GNB
David Garrard (30)5352008JAX
Tony Romo (33)5352013DAL
Brian Sipe (30)5351979CLE
Jameis Winston (21)5352015TAM
218Matt Ryan (31)5342016ATL
219Steve Bartkowski (28)5331981ATL
Steve Beuerlein (35)5332000CAR
Jake Delhomme (29)5332004CAR
Peyton Manning (23)5331999IND
Phil Simms (28)5331984NYG
Danny White (31)5331983DAL
225Sam Bradford (27)5322015PHI
Marc Bulger (26)5322003STL
Randall Cunningham (26)5321989PHI
Dave Krieg (26)5321985SEA
229Drew Bledsoe (28)5312000NWE
Brett Favre+ (39)5312009MIN
Joe Flacco (27)5312012BAL
Bernie Kosar (22)5311986CLE
Dan Marino+ (28)5311990MIA
234Tom Brady (28)5302005NWE
Dan Fouts+ (28)5301979SDG
Jake Plummer (27)5302002ARI
237Kerry Collins (27)5292000NYG
Eli Manning (26)5292007NYG
Matt Ryan (32)5292017ATL
240Aaron Brooks (26)5282002NOR
Andy Dalton (24)5282012CIN
Jeff Garcia (32)5282002SFO
Warren Moon+ (40)5281997SEA
244Derek Anderson (24)5272007CLE
Tom Brady (26)5272003NWE
Philip Rivers (30)5272012SDG
247Drew Brees (23)5262002SDG
Chris Miller (24)5261989ATL
Dak Prescott (25)5262018DAL
250Jake Plummer (26)5252001ARI
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